Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Week 8

Welcome back and happy Tuesday! After all this cold it's nice to finally see some wet weather.  We even had a huge hailstorm yesterday which made my commute home interesting. Hopefully it will continue be a wet spring so we can catch up on our rain totals. Last week was a short work week but it seemed really long. We're counting down the days until spring break. It can't get here fast enough even though I'm still figuring out exactly what we'll be doing aside from celebrating Justin's birthday and enjoying having Tyler home. I'm thinking maybe a road trip.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 50- Monday, 2/19/18
We're all home for Presidents' Day so it seemed like the perfect time to see the new Marvel movie at the new theater near Golden 1 Center.  Good flick.  I particularly liked all the strong women characters especially the smart and sassy one who works in the lab ;0)

Day 51- Tuesday, 2/20/18
My day started with enjoying these beautiful Daffodils set out in the break room at work and then ended with me needing a lemon from the lemon tree at home and finding that some vermin destroyed all the fruit within reach.  Such a waste!

Day 52- Wednesday, 2/21/18
LOL!  Brandon and I were playing around with the Lays chip face bags.  He looks so strange with facial hair like that but it totally made us laugh.  Later Justin came home sporting a bead lei one of his friends brought back for him from Hawaii.

Day 53- Thursday, 2/22/18
I'm going to miss my kitty cuddles once this cold snap is over.  He makes it hard for me to actually get other things done, but I have to savor this time since I know he'll have nothing to do with cuddles once it heats up.  Cats!  It's all on their terms.

Day 54- Friday, 2/23/18
It's a red and pink kind of day.  Our tree out front is blooming and is very colorful.  Spring has sprung with so many trees in the neighborhood sporting blossoms.  Then for dinner prep the more I cut into this red onion the more a heart revealed itself.  Love that.

Day 55- Saturday, 2/24/18
Justin volunteered at the shelter today.  It's been a couple months because he's been so busy, but this weekend he was ready to help out again, worked hard, and then came home hungry needing a snack.  Peanut-butter anything is his go-to lately.  Meanwhile Brandon continues playing basketball.  He has one more game next week on this team and then switches to a teen league which will be a step up.  After that it's summer basketball camp.  He's trying to get as much playtime in and improve his skills as much as possible so he can make the high school team next year.

Day 56- Sunday, 2/25/18
It's Girl Scout cookie time again.  John order some a couple week's ago and they were delivered today so the boys sampled a few.

Wait!   One more:

February's Family Photo

Taken Sunday just before sitting down to a family fun meal including fresh-made tacos.  Justin put away 7 of them!  Growing teen boys are eating us out of house and home. 

Now I'm done.  Check back next week to see how we start the new month.  Yep--It's already almost March--yikes!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Week 7

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  We had a nice long 4-day weekend here.  It was a good break in our busy life but now we hit the ground running again.  How can February almost be over already? Crazy times.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 43- Monday 2/12/18
We have a new tree behind our pool and it recently bloomed these pretty lantern like flowers for the first time.  The hummingbirds will be so happy.  It's our second tree like this and a good fit for our yard.

Day 44- Tuesday, 2/13/18
After rushing to a double doctor's appointment with these two after school I was happy to be picking up Chipotle for dinner as a Boosters' fundraiser.

Day 45- Wednesday, 2/14/18
Happy Valentine's Day!  John brought home Woodstock's pizza for dinner (something we had often dating) and Brandon helped me bake heart shaped brownies for dessert.

Day 46- Thursday, 2/15/18
We've been having fun watching the Winter Olympics taking place in South Korea this week.  Snowboarding, skiing and ice-skating are our favorites.  In other news, it's Justin's turn to pick his classes for the next school year.  See that 12 on his sheet?  He'll be a senior!  Wow-just wow!!  I'm not sure I'm ready for another senior year.

Day 47- Friday, 2/16/18
Another Friday, another date night.  This one is our real dinner out to celebrate Valentine's Day since it was near impossible to do on a Wednesday.  We went for Mexican and it was yummy.  The blackberry margarita wasn't half bad either ;0)

Day 48- Saturday, 2/17/18
This kid is fighting a cold and had a bad migraine episode last night so it was a quiet recovery day for him. Building Legos is perfect for that because it helps reduce his screen time.  He likes theses architectural kits and I think they are pretty cool too.  Now I miss London and want to visit again.

Day 49- Sunday, 2/18/18
With the long weekend the boys are enjoying a slower pace and a chance to catch up on things they've missed since school started back after winter break.  Justin is all about the video games today.

That's a wrap for another week.  Hope to see you back next week.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Week 6

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Last week was so warm it felt more like April than February, but things have cooled back down again.  Now if we could just get more rain with the cold--not wind, rain!  This year just started and I already feel like it's slipping away from me.  It's going to be a busy week too so that won't help but we do have the Presidents' day long weekend coming up to look forward to.  Hopefully that will help slow things down a bit. 

Here's a look at last week in pictures:

Day 36- Monday, 2/5/18
It's going to be a busy work week so better get to it and just get her done.

Day 37- Tuesday, 2/6/18
Brandon has minimum days all week for student led conferences so I'm home by lunch with him.  It's an antipasto kind of day and the dog is super interested.  I also got this cookie tin today from my boss who just got back from the UK so it was shared with the family.

Day 38- Wednesday, 2/7/18
The barista at our work coffee place made me a nice design this morning which brightened the start to my day.  Later, back at home, Brandon filled out the form to pick his high-school classes for next year.  No!  Not my baby.  It's hard to believe he'll be in high school soon and we'll have no more ties to the k-8 school we've been at for 12 years.

Day 39- Thursday, 2/8/18
This kid has switched gears from tennis to track so he can be with more of his friends and he's liking it but is also super tired from the practices each evening.  Rusty is here to help support him when he gets home.  Meanwhile it's a beautiful, warm evening out at twilight for walking the dog, but dang if those bugs aren't eating us alive.

Day 40- Friday, 2/9/18
TGIF and here's to date night!  Dinner and a movie just because we can ;0)

Day 41- Saturday, 2/10/18
This was a good game.  Sadly they lost but put up a good fight.  You can find us in the gym watching Brandon's games most Saturday nights now and likely through May.

Day 42- Sunday, 2/11/18
It's cinnamon roll Sunday again which is perfect because our nice warm weather is gone so it's super cold out and these yummy morning treats help warm us from the inside out.  Also look at that Smokey the Bear shirt.  Smokey is back!  Justin has a different one too and I love it.  It's cool for me see because as a Forest Service brat I grew up with Smokey being very present in my life.

That's it for now.  Check back next week for more crazy fun.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Week 5

It's Tuesday again and now we're in a new month.  I swear I blinked and January was done.  What a week!  It started out slow and quiet and then "bam" hit hard.  It would be nice if we could have a do over but we'll power through.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 29- Monday, 1/29/18
After all the rain hese mushrooms are growing like crazy in the bark of our side yard.

Day 30- Tuesday, 1/30/18
John's away on business so I get to do morning duty which includes feeding the dog.  When you have a dog that eats her kibble in under a second you find creative ways to make her slow it down.

Day 31- Wednesday, 1/31/18
This is my after-work friend.  He gives me about 20 minutes to settle in before he decides it's time to join me for a little attention which is fine until I have to get up to do something.

Day 32- Thursday, 2/1/18
This goofball is posing with my monthly marker.  It was black-out spirit day at school for a homecoming and just to be funny he wore the brightest thing in his closet.  Such a jokester.

Day 33- Friday, 2/2/18
This a great way to end the week.  We just got out of Brandon's awards assembly and his hard work is paying off.  It's also pretty warm out so an ICEE hit the spot.

Day 34- Saturday, 2/3/18
For a weekend day this one was pretty packed.  First I went to a local UCLA parent's coffee social which is always fun and informative (tall people on the back).  Then Justin went to the winter homecoming dance with some friends after having food and fun in Old Sac.  He asked Haley to be his date.  Right after they all left the house the rest of us headed across town to watch one of Brandon's basketball games.  Whew!  I'm beat and hungry.  Time to chill at home.

Day 35- Sunday, 2/4/18
Today is much more mellow and relaxing.  Rusty took up residence in Brandon's bed cave for a nice long nap.  He resurfaced just before dinner.  Speaking of dinner, we had a lot of good party-type food while watching the big game and we were happy to see the underdogs win.

All done with this week and happy to be moving on.  Hope to see you next time.