Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 8

I tell you, my weeks are a blur!  It really is a good thing I have these pictures to look back on and help me remember what went on.  This week will be no exception as I try to keep up with 3 kids and no tag-team partner.  John is in Boston on work, and I'm going to have to drop a few balls in my juggling act.  It's impossible to be in so many places all at once!  At least the week will fly by, and we'll be back to normal real quick or so I hope!

Here's what last week looked like:

Day 49- Monday, 2/18/13
We are home for President's Day.  John doesn't officially have the day off, but he took a vacation day so he could join us.  He and Justin went on an early-morning, secret mission and returned with donuts which of course made everyone's day.

Day 50- Tuesday, 2/19/13
It's been awhile since I took a work picture, and I really want to try and get at least one in a month because it's such a big part of my life.  Today I did my first ever squash smears on a hamster spleen and liver.  The staining patterns turned out pretty cool (like mini works of art), and I even saw what I needed to see--parasites in the cells.

Day 51- Wednesday, 2/20/13
It was windy and cold today, but the sun was shining bright and Brandon was out of sorts after school so I suggested he go outside to play.  That did the trick!  He perked right up and had a blast just being a kid.

Day 52- Thursday, 2/21/13
Tyler had his first high school swim meet which will be one of the few I can attend.  Almost all of them are on Wednesdays at the exact same time I have to be at the Mind Institute with Justin.  At least I could be at this one and was able to help time races.  Here Tyler is getting ready to swim the backstroke.  It was nice out but got really cold once the sun started to go down.  The meet went longer than expected which meant we got to see this beautiful sunset over the pool. 

Day 53- Friday, 2/22/13
Happy National Margarita Day!  I love it when Facebook keeps me informed of these important events ;0)  It's also nice having a husband that loves to mix drinks.  This was the perfect way to end the week.  

Day 54- Saturday, 2/23/13
Big day here! We found Rusty's fish.  He loves this fish (had it since day one) and it's been missing for over a month now.  I kind of knew it was somewhere under the couch, but our sectional is not easy to look under.  For some reason I was on a mission this morning to find that fish.  Brandon helped me, and with flashlight in hand and a few contortion moves we did it!  We found the fish, a stuffed mouse, 2 crinkle balls, and 5 Nerf darts all under the couch.  It was a happy day for Rusty.  He played with his fish and carted it around all weekend.  Let's just hope it doesn't end up back under the couch anytime soon.

Day 55- Sunday, 2/24/13
Justin loves wasting his weekend away on the computer.  I don't let him use it for anything but school related work during the week so he makes up for lost time on the weekends.  Crazy kid loves those headphones too.

Wait one more!  February's Family Photo around the dinner table.  It's taco night!

The lighting isn't that great in this shot, but I like having one of us around the dinner table eating a meal we all made together.  We can't eat like this every night, but we do try to at least come together for a family meal on the weekends.

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 7

Happy Tuesday!  It was so nice to have a long weekend after a couple busy weeks in a row.  I was finally able to catch up on some stuff at home and also able to enjoy my family and friends without having too many other commitments get in the way.  I'm back to the grind today though.  There is a lot on my plate at work and unfortunately that will only get worse before it gets better.

At any rate, here is how last week looked:

Day 42- Monday, 2/11/13
Justin had his awards ceremony at school today, and since it was in the afternoon I was able to attend. He's doing well (awards for honor roll, perfect attendance, and citizenship) and was surprised to see me there since he knows I can't always make it because of work.

Day 43- Tuesday, 2/12/13
Today was a super long work day.  I was at work from 6 am until after 6 pm, and by the time I got home there was no one here but the cat.  At least he was happy to see me and get some snuggle time in which gave me a good excuse to put my feet up for a few minutes at least.

Day 44- Wednesday, 2/13/13
Brandon is the only kid filling out Valentine's for his class this year, and he didn't want to do it either, but his whole third-grade class was asked to bring something in for everyone.  He was afraid he'd get teased for giving a card to girls so we picked up m&m's that had a "to" and "from" spot to write on instead of mushy cards to give out.  At least he felt better about that.

Day 45- Thursday, 2/14/13
Happy Valentine's Day!  John surprised me with a pizza dinner from Woodstock's Pizza in Davis which is a place we used to frequent when we were dating.  It was perfect especially after come home late from being at the pool with Tyler.  I also got 3 more charms for my Pandora bracelet, a box of See's chocolates and some Orange Moscato Champagne to go with dinner--Yumm!  I gave my sweetheart a red Nike basketball shirt and some chocolates.  The boys also got some goodies and they all surprised me with a handmade note or card.  Everyone was feeling the love today.

Day 46- Friday, 2/15/13
The kids were off from school, and it was gorgeous out so we decided to take a bike ride.  The weather is perfect but it was a bit buggy out.

Day 47- Saturday, 2/16/13
Today we headed out with friends to the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksberg for a Port and Chocolate Lovers' event.  Lots of wine tasting and chocolate sampling.  Afterward everyone gathered at our house for a nice steak dinner.  Good food and good company!

Day 48- Sunday, 2/17/13
It's a lazy Sunday.  Tyler has been working on writing his own D&D campaign and is just about done but wanted to do a little more research to see if he could jazz it up a bit so he spent a good amount of time pouring over D&D books today--always with his phone by his side ;0) 

That's all for now.  We have a cold front moving in after enjoying a couple weeks of spring-like weather so I hope everyone stays warm.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 6

Wow! Last week was busy with extremely long days.  This week I look forward to a long 4-day weekend thanks to the school taking both Friday and Monday off for President's Day.  I tell ya it's coming at just the right time.  I need a couple extra weekend days just to catch up on stuff at home.  Today will be another super long day.  I have a huge work meeting that I'm in charge of running and won't get home until after my kids and husband have already left for karate so I won't be seeing my family today until after 7pm ;0(  Thankfully those days are few and far between because I really hate that.  Time to regroup and head into that meeting.  It goes from 8 am to 6 pm--blah!

In the meantime take a look at pictures from last week:

Day 35- Monday, 2/4/13
I caught a beautiful sunset on my walk with the dog this evening.  I'm so happy the days are getting longer and it's staying light later.  Walking the dog in the dark is no fun after the Christmas lights come down.

Day 36- Tuesday, 2/5/13
Rusty is addicted to Pounce treats and the boys enjoy taking turns indulging him.  He's so excited for his treat he doesn't even realize his tail is wrapped in the drawer pull.  He's gotten so big and long.  I love those tabby stripes.

Day 37- Wednesday, 2/6/13
This afternoon we were in and out of the car multiple times.  It was one of those really long days.  Justin had his conferences after school, then off to the Mind, and finally a late ending Boosters' meeting.  Long days are not my friend especially since I start my days at 4:30 am.

Day 38- Thursday, 2/7/13
Brandon had his conference today and then after we had to make a Target run for fresh fruit, milk, cereal and snacks to get us through the rest of the week.  All my kids are doing great in school.

Day 39- Friday, 2/8/13
What's my husband always say?  "It's Friday night on the ones and twos!"  This is how he unwinds from his week.  He just can't get enough of his music.

Day 40- Saturday, 2/9/13
It's the end of winter water polo.  Today was their last tournament and the end to a great season.  Now all focus will turn to the high school swim team.  Practice has already started.  Not sure how Tyler does it, but he really enjoys it and loves having the extra time with his friends so that's great!

Day 41- Sunday, 2/10/13
Here's my Bella girl waiting for someone to play with her.  These are just a few of her favorite toys.  The green octopus is the only one that has stood the test of time (almost 4 yrs) but even that has seen better days.  I'm hoping to find another one soon before this one gets completely destroyed.  The rubber chicken in the foreground has only been here a little over a month and is now missing its head and legs.

That wraps up another week in 2013!   
Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 5

I'm so sad the 49ers did not win on Super Bowl Sunday :0(  Oh well, I still love them and look forward to a win next year!  Can you believe we are into February already?  I swear each year zooms by faster and faster.  I could really use a remote control for my life to speed through the bad and slow to enjoy the good.  Wouldn't that be awesome!

Speaking of awesome, check out our last week in pictures:

Day 28- Monday, 1/28/13
Finally! Brandon mastered tying his shoes today.  This used to be a kindergarten standard that they don't really teach anymore which is such a shame because it's a life skill they need to know.  This past weekend I got fed up with having to tie his shoes and decided it was high time he learned.  Luckily he's a quick study and picked it right up.  I should have forced the issue sooner.  He's so proud too and now interested in learning to tie more knots.

Day 29- Tuesday, 1/29/13
We're waiting for Tyler's karate class to end, and Justin forgot his reading book so he decided to entertain us with silly faces.

Day 30- Wednesday, 1/30/13
Tonight was open house at the high school.  This is Tyler's bio-medical sciences class and instead of passing out a syllabus the teacher passed out gloves and let us play with a pig's heart and lungs.  Tyler's really excited about this class and was beaming the whole time we were there.

Day 31- Thursday, 1/31/13
Time to squeeze in a quick workout before heading off to volunteer at the Booster's snack bar.  I must tone this body before summer hits.  Look at the lady on the TV cheering me on and the cat wondering why the camera is going off on it's own.  LOL!  Oh, by the way, he totally monopolizes the dog's bed when she's not around--squatter!

Day 32- Friday, 2/1/12
It's February!  Justin and Brandon are showing some brotherly love for my monthly marker.

Day 33- Saturday, 2/2/12
I made these cute pudding-cup snacks for the boys in honor of Groundhog Day.  Looks like we are in for an early spring.  Bring it on!

Day 34- Sunday, 2/3/12
I was hoping to post a picture of us winning the Super Bowl but that didn't happen so instead here is a tender moment between Justin and Rusty right before the game.  He such a great cuddle cat and the boys are all thrilled when he chooses to cuddle with them.

It was a pretty simple week.  Nothing Earth shattering or super exciting happened--just life but it's our life ;0)  Hope to see you next Tuesday.