Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Week 2

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Here we are ready to view week 2.  So far its been a soggy start to the new year with more to come but at least that means plenty of snow in the mountains.  Our upcoming ski trip should be great and I can't wait.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 7- Monday, 1/7/19
We're starting the week with more basketball and the boys just got new warm up shirts that they are wearing for the first time today.  Looking sharp!  Later Justin was having way too much fin cleaning up after dinner.  Love that smile.

Day 8- Tuesday, 1/8/19
The pets are dealing with the cold wet weather as best they can.  Rusty also misses Tyler so he found a nice warm comfy spot in Tyler's empty room for a nap.  Hmm, looks like the frat sweatshirt got accidentally left behind.  I'll have to send it in the next care package.  Now as for the other pet Justin was kind enough to offer to walk Bella in the rain and then made sure to towel her off when they returned.  She actually doesn't mind the rain or the rub down after ;0)

Day 9- Wednesday, 1/9/18
Wednesday at work I'm getting back into a groove.  It's always an adjustment after a long break but we have many good projects coming up so there is a lot to prep for and look forward to.  After work it was another basketball game--2nd one away from home in the week which means a lot of traveling and I hate traveling in the rain.  At least it wasn't too far.  We're at  McClatchy which is one of our biggest rival schools.  Tyler was intrigued by that so I was texting him about the game throughout.  Sadly we lost.  Ugh!

Day 10- Thursday, I/10/19
We get a break from the rain but had to deal with the fog and boy was it thick.  The first picture is at 8am looking out the lab window at a white wall of fog and then just an hr later things cleared up nicely and we can actually see the start of blue sky and sunshine.  The part I hated the most was driving to work in the thick of it.  Yikes!  I feel so lost when I can't see my landmarks.

Day 11- Friday, 1/11/19
TGIF! And guess where we spent it?  At a ball game of course.  Third one this week but at least it was finally at home.  Doesn't the bench look thrilled?  LOL!  We were losing by quite a bit here.  Thankfully they kicked it into high gear after this picture was taken so things turned around and we actually ended up winning.  This was cause for celebration so we had a late dinner afterward at In-N-Out.  I accidentally took this picture of the receipt while waiting on food so when I found it on my phone later I thought I'd include it.  Sign of the times for sure.

Day 12- Saturday, 1/12/19
John is up in the Sierras with the guys skiing and it's beautiful up there--a winter wonderland.  Thanks for the picture Darryl.  We have a couple more days of sunshine before the next big storm moves in to dump even more snow.  These are the kind of winters I remember from long ago.  It's about time to have them back.  Meanwhile, at home, the boys had their paperwork signed and a picture taken for volunteering at the shelter so they can turn in their service project at school. It feels great to have that done for the year and now Brandon can start working on next year's hours.  The school only require 8 hrs of service/yr but the shelter require 20 before they will sign the school's paperwork.  20 is hard to do in a pinch but if you work on it for the whole year it seems like nothing.

Day 13- Sunday, 1/13/19
I enjoy seeing all the bird nests revealed when the trees go bare for the winter. This one in the front yard caught my eye while outside on this nice, sunny, blue-skied day.  It was also nice enough out for John to grill some chicken wings for dinner.  So glad he's back hone from the mountains to help out and chill with us some before the weekend is completely over.

That's it!  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Week 1

Welcome to a new year in our family blog.  I can't believe this will be the 10th year.  That's pretty amazing and I'm so happy I have all those years recorded to look back on and who knows how much longer I'll keep it going.  It might get kind of boring once all the kids are out of the house in a few years so we'll see but for now I'm still in. This year we look forward to another high school graduation and are excited to find out where he'll end up heading off to college. We'll also continue to follow the oldest on his journey through college and the youngest navigating high school and being more involved in sports. On the home front we'd like to see the upstairs of our house remodeled and as a family or couple we hope to see more travel plans realized.  

Here's a look at the first week in 2019 which starts on a Tuesday so there are only 6 days for this post:

Day 1- Tuesday, 1/1/19
Happy New Year's Day!  I snapped my annual picture of the boys with a yearly marker and then we enjoyed having the Wong family over for a good meal and some fun games.  These guys are playing RISK.

Day 2- Wednesday, 1/2/19
A new plant for the new year which helps liven up our new space.  This was a lovely gift from the Wong family.

Day 3- Thursday, 1/3/19
We're still all on break here and I'm so enjoying these slow peaceful starts to the day.

Day 4- Friday, 1/4/19
This girl enjoys having everyone home to play with and get attention from.  It's also Friday and for her that means bone day which is why she is giving me this look.  She's hoping those perky ears and sweet puppy-dog eyes will inspire me to get up and give her a bone.  How could I say no to that face?

Day 5- Saturday, 1/5/19
Winter is in full force.  We have a few systems lined up to dump some serious rain our way.  I'm sitting in one of the systems here waiting on Brandon to get out of a basketball clinic and the parking lot is super full so I had to park pretty far out.  Poor thing will get soaked on his way to find me.

Day 6- Sunday, 1/6/19
This morning Tyler says goodbye and flies back to school.  LOL!  Brandon is still in his PJs so I guess he's enjoying those slow starts too and Tyler has pretty much lived in his new UCLA sweatshirt since he got it for Christmas.  Justin is big on joining us on the drive to the airport to see his brother off which is why he's all dressed and I think that's super sweet.  We've had a great break with the whole family home and look forward to the end of March when it happens again.

That's it!  We're off to a good start I think and even though next week gets us back to the crazy at least we had a week to ease in.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Week 52

Welcome and happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I'm grateful I could spend it with family and friends. Now that all the festivities are done we can relax a bit and enjoy a few lazy days before heading back to school and work. There aren't even any basketball games which is a welcomed treat so that means even more free time to chill. It's also time to get back to healthy eating and normal schedules. We had so many good meals and treats over the holidays which was great especially since they were enjoyed with family and friends, but I'm ready for a break from all that too.

Here are the pictures of the last week in 2018:

Day 358- Monday, 12/24/18
Happy Christmas Eve!  I think my kids enjoy Christmas Eve just as much as Christmas itself because they know it means creating cookie plates for the neighbors, enjoying homemade pizza before driving around to look at lights, and opening one gift before bed.  Sweet dreams boys! 

Day 359- Tuesday, 12/25/18
Merry Christmas!  We started the day with our traditional eggnog french-toast breakfast, then opened presents after getting dressed and taking a family picture, and ended the day enjoying a yule-log cake after an amazing prime-rib dinner.

Day 360- Wednesday, 12/26/18
Today was mostly spent enjoying presents received.  It took most of yesterday for Tyler to download the updates needed for the new game he is finally getting to play today.  It's a Call of Duty and it just seems so crazy that you can't play it right away.  A couple other games needed downloads too but they didn't take nearly as long as this one.

Day 361- Thursday, 12/27/18
After day one of a 3-day tournament for Brandon we took in a movie and ate dinner out since all of us are sick of cooking.  LOL!  More good eats and treats at Sauced.  Aquaman was a fun movie to watch.  I loved all the underwater scenes with the amazing visual effects.

Day 362- Friday, 12/28/18
Day 2 of the basketball tournament and the coach is preparing Brandon to go in.  We're in Roseville for all these games this time around.

Day 363- Saturday, 12/29/18
We had a later game start today for day 3 of basketball so we were able to de-Christmas our house before that and then spent the cold evening in our back-to-normal home by the fire watching all the college games. 'Tis the season!

Day 364- Sunday, 12/30/18
Tonight Tyler helped us make tacos for dinner and they were so good.  He also helped cook the bacon for breakfast a couple days this past week which is great.  I loving having my kids help in the kitchen.

Day 365- Monday, 12/31/18
Happy New Year's Eve!  We celebrated at home tonight with a finger-food type dinner and our traditional chocolate fondue for dessert while watching the ball drop on TV.  Just before midnight John prepped the sparking cider for the boys and the sparkling wine for us to toast in the new year.  Good-bye 2018!

That's it!  I've wrapped up another year in pictures and now it's time to start making new memories for the new year.  Here's to hoping you all have a great 2019.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Week 51

Welcome back and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We've had some great family time the past few days and are looking forward to more as we prepare for the new year.  I'm ready for a fresh start and can feel that 2019 will be a good one for that.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 351- Monday. 12/17/18
Justin got his first college acceptance letter today from the University of Pacific with a scholarship and grant money.  He's happy about it but also bit concerned because it's the most expensive of all the schools he applied to..  No worries though there will be more offers soon.

Day 352- Tuesday, 12/18/18
Tyler was able to come to Brandon's home game tonight.  Too bad it was a close one that they lost so Brandon did not play because of that.  Hopefully there will be another game Tyler can catch where his brother actually plays.

Day 353- Wednesday, 12/19/18
The pool/bar room is finally all unpacked and set back up.  Christmas decorations kind of took priority over it for a few days.  Also John's car was hit in the parking lot while he was out to lunch.  Thankfully it was not a hit and run, but now he has to deal with repairs over the holidays.  No fun!

Day 354- Thursday, 12/20/18
I banged out a good chunk of wrapping today, and then when I picked up Brandon from practice he was sporting a new team sweatshirt.  Nice! I like them a lot and so does he.  The team will look sharp in them for sure.

Day 355- Friday, 12/21/18
TGIF and cheers to the start of our holiday break.  We're both pretty much off for the next couple weeks and are looking forward to some good family time. The kids also just finished finals for their first semester and even the pets are ready for all the holiday fun to begin.

Day 356- Saturday, 12/22/18
Not too fast--we're here in Sacramento at the second game of the week and Brandon did play but Tyler couldn't make it today.  Such is life.  While we were out John and Justin worked together to finally get the outside of our house decorated.  It's a minimalist version but hey it's done and we appreciate their hard work on top of everything else they had to do this week.

Day 357- Sunday, 12/23/18
Justin and I started the holiday baking this morning and will finish up tomorrow.  We're breaking in that new kitchen and so far loving how it all works.  We're also dreaming of all the magical moments sure to come over the next couple days.  It is the most wonderful time of the year after all!

Wait!  One more-

December's Family Photo

Us in front of the tree of course.  Happy Holidays!

That's it for now.  Less than a week left in this year and I can't hardly believe it!  See you next year--wow!!