Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Week 15

Hello and welcome back. Happy Tuesday! We had been enjoying the spring weather and lack of rain until yesterday. Hopefully it's just a blip and more sunshine is to come as we're on spring break and would like to enjoy the great outdoors more. We're also enjoying our nice new carpet and can now slowly work on putting our house back together. What a process! But it's nice to finally be getting it done. We have no real plans for our break as we need to work on the house, but will try to fit in some fun family activities here and there. Now the only thing left is the upstairs bathroom renovation which will have to wait until after the summer craziness ends.

Here are last week's pictures which are a bit underwhelming because of the carpet install but such is life:

Day 98- Monday, 4/8/19
As we clear bedrooms for new carpet the pets and kids get displaced and have to find new places to do homework and hangout.  No one is happy about the changes but we all know it's just temporary.

Day 99- Tuesday, 4/9/19
In addition to working on the house, work in the lab must continue and of course just before I'm set to go on leave we get an emergency blood sample that must be set up in culture and tested for other possible processing.  As long as I can get it all started then hopefully, Brittany, our lab assistant can keep it going while I'm away.

Day 100- Wednesday, 4/10/19
All the bedrooms, hallways, and closets are cleared and now the stuff is either in our pool room or garage until the carpets are in.  Install day is tomorrow and after a couple weeks of packing here and there we are ready!

Day 101- Thursday, 4/11/19
It took 12+ hours but it's all done! We now have new carpet upstairs and in a few places downstairs.  The gold-like, smashed-flat carpet is the 17 year-old stuff that was removed and the beige-brown with grey undertones is the new stuff that went in.  It feels so much better on the bare feet. 

Day 102- Friday, 4/12/19
TGIF!  It's also the official start of spring break but the carpet installers left so late last night and we all had work and school today which means the rooms are not put back together so we're still all feeling super displaced.  Brandon is on his phone on the dog bed because his room is empty and our couch is buried in stuff that belongs in a the downstairs coat closet which just got new carpet.  Hopefully after tomorrow things will feel more back to normal.

Day 103- Saturday, 4/13/19
We made good progress working hard all day to get bedrooms set back up and our living space downstairs cleared from boxes so now we celebrate.  Cheers to a night out!  We so needed this after the week we had and what better way to enjoy than with good friends.

Day 104- Sunday, 4/14/19
Spring has sprung and my front yard is in full bloom.  When I feel overwhelmed with boxes inside I can just step outside and find peace in my yard.  Things are better and almost back in place  so everyone can be more relaxed including the pets who were just as affected by all this as we were.  Bella is happy to be able to come back inside and is enjoying the quiet afternoon on her bed with a couple new toys she got for her birthday last week

That's it!  See you next week after our spring break.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Week 14

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Finally we are looking at a week and maybe two without rain.  Yay!  I'm ready to ditch the sweaters and boots for tees and flip-flops.  Our house is a mess right now as we prepare for our carpet upstairs to be replaced.  It's time to clear some rooms and purge some stuff which is not a fun process but it will be worth it in the end.  At least this is will take only a couple days and then right after the younger kids will be on spring break so we can enjoy having it done and not having to suffer through it then.

Here's a look at last week:

Day 91- Monday, 4/1/19
Justin is holding the monthly marker for Bella since it's her birthday month.  She's turning 10 at the end of the week.

Day 92- Tuesday, 4/2/19
The rain and wind has knocked the blossoms from the trees in our neighborhood which means the streets and sidewalks are covered with nature's confetti.

Day 93- Wednesday, 4/3/19
Brandon made this basket in 3D art class.  It's so cute and looks like it was fun to put together.  Next they are working on ceramics.

Day 94- Thursday, 4/4/19
Justin and I braved the 10 hr (yes 10!) bus ride to Arcata for HSU's spring preview day.  This is how he would get to and from school on breaks so we wanted to try it out together first to see how it works.  Let's just say it was interesting and leave it at that.  We're on Greyhound and after reading some more reviews I think trying Amtrak as an alternative might be best.

Day 95- Friday, 4/5/19
We can't escape the rain especially here.  It rains a lot in Humboldt county but Justin is ok with that because he loves the rain.  We started out the day in the pouring rain touring campus but were prepared so it wasn't bad at all, and then by noon the sun broke through and it was gorgeous out.  It's really a beautiful place especially if you like nature.  The second picture is where the freshman dorms are, the third is at Founder's Hall, and the bio-dome in the middle of the last picture was the inspiration for Sandy's underwater lab in SpongeBob.  The creator graduated from here with a marine science degree.  Pretty cool!  We also met the chair of the wildlife department and turns out he knows my boss really well.  Small world!

Day 96- Saturday, 4/6/19
Today is another bus travel day headed home.  At least this journey was less eventful but still really long!  It's a great school but not easy to get to and from in a reasonable amount of time.  There is a tiny airport but flights are minimal and prices are through the roof.  Maybe ride-shares will be his best option?  We'll figure it out.

Day 97- Sunday, 4/7/19
Happy Birthday John!  We celebrated him and Bella today.  Sadly we were mostly packing stuff up in the house to prepare for a carpet install which is not a fun way to spend your birthday, but we did break away for a nice Red Lobster dinner and then had ice-cream cake to end on a high note.

Ok that's it for now.  Hope to see you back next week.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Week 13

Happy Tuesday! We had a wonderful sunny weekend that was a welcomed treat and we'd like more days like that but sadly it's raining again with more to come. At least our prayers about ending the drought have been answered. It's been great having Tyler home for his spring break but sad that the other kids don't have break until mid April so we couldn't really go anywhere fun. Maybe next year.  Busy times lie ahead for us. I'm having a hard time keeping it all straight and just need to focus on one day at a time.

For now here are last week's pictures:

Day 84- Monday, 3/25/19
Bella is so happy to have Tyler home.  He always spoils her with treats and is happy to take her on nice long evening walks.  He's pretty happy to be able to spend time with her as well.

Day 85- Tuesday, 3/26/19
It's cooler out again and we had a few over-ripe bananas in the house so it seemed like the perfect afternoon to bake a fresh loaf of banana bread.  Then, of course, as soon as it comes out of the oven the crowd assembles ;0)  This is one sure way to get them away from their electronics.

Day 86- Wednesday, 3/27/19
The rain is back in full force with scattered downpours--not showers but crazy insane downpours! Hopefully it will all end by mid May so we can open this pool and enjoy the outdoors more.

Day 87- Thursday, 3/28/19
After a morning at the DMV with this kid to get our Real IDs done we went to lunch together and got some important things done for him to start the next quarter at school.  It was a productive day so we earned that meal for sure.  And of course it rained and dumped some more.  At least the flowers like the rain.  Some of my roses are coming in bloom so their pop of color through the rain is nice to see.

Day 88- Friday, 3/29/19
The weekend in upon us and the sun is shining again!  Yay!!  These new green leaves on our tree out back are happy for that as are we.  It's supposed to be a very sunny and warm weekend.  Bring it on!  Bella is ready too.  She relaxing now after a nice long walk soaking it all in.  It's beautiful out.

Day 89- Saturday, 3/30/19
Our weekend days seem even busier than our mid-week days lately.  Today started with basketball for Brandon who went to the line a couple times and had some other great plays all while John took the older boys to Sushi for lunch.  Then after Brandon got back from a volunteer shift at the animal shelter we had an early birthday celebration for Justin who turns *18* tomorrow.  We celebrated today with presents, a nice dinner, and then ice-cream cake so Tyler could join in on the fun before returning to school tomorrow.

Day 90- Sunday, 3/31/19
Happy 18th Birthday Justin!  It's mind blowing that I have 2 adult children now. This morning we enjoyed a birthday brunch for Justin and a farewell brunch for Tyler who leaves to catch a plane in a couple hours.  Sadly I'm not sure when we'll see these 3 together again since it looks like Tyler will be staying in LA for the summer.

Wait!  One more:

March's Family Photo

We're so happy to have our full family here for this month's photo on this beautiful spring day.

Ok-- all done!  See you next week.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Week 12

Hello and happy Tuesday! Last week was crazy busy with a lot of moving parts, but it was also good because we have our oldest back so the house is full again which is never a bad thing except of course when it comes to the food bill. There is much more craziness to come and I'm afraid it won't settle down until the end if June when school lets out. These last couple months leading up to Justin's graduation are cram-packed with commitments.  Hold on tight--it's going to be a wild ride. I'm just hoping it will be more sunny and less wet really soon because that would help a lot.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 77- Monday, 3/18/19
Justin is trying to get some homework done but Rusty has other plans.  No worries though.  It's finals week and spending time with a furry friends helps reduce stress so I'm all for that.

Day 78- Tuesday, 3/19/19
Time to squeeze in a pretty spring picture before the rain kicks in again.  It's beautiful out now but the rain is supposed to start up again tonight.

Day 79- Wednesday, 3/20/19
Tyler is home on spring break!  It rained all morning and pretty much right up until we headed to the airport to pick him up and then the clouds parted and the sun came out just for him. Great welcome Id say.  It's so nice to have my three sons back together again.

Day 80- Thursday, 3/21/19
The younger boys had a minimum day at school so we took advantage of the free afternoon to see the latest Marvel movie and were excited to see that it features an orange tabby cat much like our own.  We loved "Goose" in the movie.  Right after that we had just enough time to run home, grab a quick bite, and then head to Brandon's end-of-season basketball banquet.  Full but fun day.

Day 81- Friday, 3/22/19
Yesterday turned out to be a really nice spring day but today the rain is back in at full force and will be on and off like this through the next week.  Blah!  Rusty has the right idea--when you just don't want to deal with it anymore you bury yourself in a nice warm blanket.  TGIF!

Day 82- Saturday, 3/23/19
It's another full day starting with basketball for Brandon and ending with the Senior Prom for Justin.  And, yes, he's rockin a Pac-Man suit which was a big hit.  Thank goodness there was a break in the storm systems for these kids so they could enjoy themselves without worrying about rain and wind.

Day 83 Sunday, 3/24/19
Now you see him, soon you won't!  John just got back yesterday afternoon from a March Madness trip to Reno and in about an hour he's off for a flight to LA on another work trip.  Thankfully that will be it for a couple months before he has to travel again.  We're lucky his April work trip to China got cancelled so we can have him home some more.  Something else that got cancelled--my jury duty for next week.  I was instructed to call tonight to see if I needed to report and turns out my entire group was is off the hook.  Yay!  I actually don't mind jury duty and have served on a trial before which was very interesting but the timing is just not right especially with John traveling and the courthouse being so far away from where my kids are with all their school activities and what not.  Summer service dates would work way better for me.

Ok that is it!  Hope to see you all next week.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Week 11

Happy Tuesday! Last week was such a good weather week. We really enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. It most certainly helps put a pep in your step especially when you finally have a weekend that is dry and pleasant out to enjoy.  Good thing we enjoyed it while it lasted because more rain is coming and expected on and off for the next couple weeks. No! I want more of the same dry sunshine.  In other better news Tyler wraps up finals today and flies home tomorrow!  Can't wait to see him.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 70- Monday, 3/11/19
 Our Monday was a bit gloomy looking but it was warm and never did rain so all was good.  Look how full the causeway is!  It's usually farm land with very little water if any at all.  Later Brandon was relaxing just before bed while hanging out with Bella.  His pajama bottoms have black labs on them and she likes that--too cute. They actually used to be Tyler's but he out grew them before he hardly had a chance to wear them so I've kept them all this time for Brandon.

Day 71- Tuesday, 3/12/19
You can see the sun is shining today even later in the day as we prep for dinner thanks to the recent time change.  It's Taco Tuesday so that's what's for dinner tonight.

Day 72- Wednesday, 3/13/19
It feels and looks so much like spring out and it's great to be out and about enjoying it.  It was even warm enough for some refreshing Shamrock Shakes--have to get them before their gone in a few days.

Day 73- Thursday, 3/14/19
. . . and today is Pi Day so of course we had pies.  Pizza pies for dinner and fruit or chocolate pie for dessert.  This made for another happy day especially since we were stuck at a doctor appointment all afternoon.  It was a nice treat to finally get home and just eat pie.

Day 74- Friday, 3/15/19
So I guess this is a foodie week.  TGIF!  We like to end the week with a nice drink, some finger food and a movie to watch while chillin at home.  This Friday it's "Instant Family" which was funny and touching--a great flick to help us kick off the weekend and forget the work week.

Day 75- Saturday, 3/16/19
On this beautiful weekend day we spent the morning at a basketball game.  Brandon randomly got number 10 which is also his HS basketball number so that's cool.  Then we were able to spend some time outside so we could soak in that sunshine.  Our yard is coming alive again with nice new leaves, pretty colorful flowers, and plenty of song birds.  Such a welcomed sight!  The only downside is the bugs--so many mosquitoes--swarms and swarms of mosquitoes!

Day 76- Sunday, 3/17/19
Happy St Patrick's Day!  Brandon thought Bella needed a little green bling too and she was actually ok with it.  John also made us some festive drinks that we could enjoy in our lush green yard and then we all sat down to a nice Sunday dinner but it was nothing Irish since most of us don't really like their traditional foods.  We had orange chicken instead--LOL!  It was our pot of gold ;0)

That's it.  Looking forward to tomorrow when we get our oldest back.  See you next week.