Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week 2

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  It was so nice to have a 3-day weekend right after the first week back to school and work.  The kids needed the slower start to get them back into a routine.  It's been nice for us to have rain but not good for those near fire damage.  The poor Santa Barbara area with the mudslides.  Our hearts go out to them.  I was hoping with the new year we could leave the disasters behind us, but I guess it's just part of our life now.  Maybe moving forward 2018 will prove better in that sense and I sure hope so.  Thankfully we here had a pretty uneventful week aside from a little rain and fog.

Take a look at last week's pictures:

Day 8- Monday, 1/8/18
We're starting the week with a whole lot of rain so I'm here for a rainy day school pick-up.  Justin wanted to ride his bike but it was way too wet.  Later he received a late Christmas present in the mail and this light-up Pokeball helped brighten his day and mood.

Day 9- Tuesday, 1/9/18
It's another cold and wet day so I made Brandon an after school cup of cocoa to help him warm up from the inside out.

Day 10- Wednesday, 1/10/18
The neighborhood trees are dripping wet and shine in the streetlights on our evening walk.  It's not so much from rain today as it is from late wet fog.  And this is how the cat copes with the change in weather.  He's decided to do a face plant and just sleep through it.  LOL!  Good thing he's not a mid-west or east-coast cat.  They are way colder than us right now.

Day 11- Thursday, 1/11/18
Brandon's city basketball practices have started and will be every Thursday night for the next couple months.

Day 12- Friday, 1/12/18 
More thick fog.  It's ruining my view and always makes for an interesting drive in.  At 9 am all I can see is a white wall out the lab window which is actually kind of depressing.  Hopefully this afternoon will be better.  A good dose of sunshine would be nice.

Day 13- Saturday, 1/13/18
Today is the first game of the season and he just so happens to be #5 which was also Tyler's water polo number.  He was actually surprised to be starting and playing pretty much the entire game.  Time to step it up.

Day 14- Sunday, 1/14/18
It's actually a nice afternoon so our walk was good and in the park we found still some fall leaves but also some spring weeds.  The dandelion's are popping up everywhere.  Make a wish!

That's it.  Hope to see you back next week.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Week 1

Here we go with a brand new year.  I can't believe this will be my 9th year posting pictures of our everyday life.  Now that I'm so close I've got to at least make it through 10 years.  That's pretty cool to think I'll have a solid 10 year photo record of my family and our daily goings on soon.  I just need to keep it going and for now we'll start with 2018.

Here are the first week's pictures in our new year:

Day 1- Monday, 1/1/18
It's New Year's Day and we're spending it at home together.  Later we'll make tacos and enjoy yet another feast to celebrate.  My New Year's resolution is "no excuses!"  I'm too good about talking myself out of things and that needs to change.  What's something you'll work as we enter 2018?

Day 2- Tuesday, 1/2/18
I'm back at work this week, but the kids are still on break so after work today we went out together to spend some of their gift-card money.  Mine's the small non-frilly one ;0)

Day 3- Wednesday, 1/3/18
And the new year brings rain!  The storm door is finally opening here in California.  We have system after system lined up in the pacific that will bring rain through the middle or end of next week and it's about time!  I need snow in our mountains for my birthday trip and the only way to get that is having rain here.  A wet and cold day is a perfect day for a warm meal like beef stew so I used my new Instant Pot to make some.  Yum!

Day 4- Thursday, 1/4/18
Like I said rain here brings snow in the mountains so to prepare for that this week I ordered new ski jackets and snow boots for the younger boys who have out grown last year's gear.  Now we're almost all set for our ski trip in a couple weeks.  Note: I bought a size larger than they need since we're still in that crazy puberty growing stage. Teenagers!

Day 5- Friday, 1/5/18
Look at my friend.  It's been colder out so Rusty is seeking warmth. Usually he's sitting on my lap but this time he decided to sit up behind me and try to snuggle in my neck.  Maybe I should turn up the heat?

Day 6- Saturday, 1/6/18
Today was a super busy day.  I could have totally added a few more pictures but these are the most significant.  Justin went to the animal shelter this afternoon to have his volunteer papers signed and have the required picture taken for his school service project.  He mostly works in the cattery there and we're both happy that's finished for now.  Later I used the Instant Pot to make a baby-back rib dinner for Tyler's last home-cooked meal.  He heads back to school tomorrow morning. 

Day 7- Sunday, 1/7/18
We're sending him off once again.  It's time to head back to UCLA for winter quarter.  We've enjoyed having him for a good 3 weeks and look forward to seeing him again in late March for spring break.  This year his break is actually at the same time as his brothers' which will be an added bonus.

There you are--first week done!  I hope to see you back next week for more fun.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week 52

Welcome back, happy Tuesday, and happy New Year!  Here we go 2018!!  I hope it proves to be a good year for all.  I'm back at work this week but the kids are still on break for another week--lucky them! I wish I could join in but we're starting a new project that requires me to be available at least for a few days.  I'll see what I can figure out.  

Until then here's a look at how the last week in 2017 went down:

Day 358- Sunday, 12/24/17
Happy Christmas Eve!  We're big on traditions for today.  My boys love to deliver cookie plates to the neighbors made up of some of these treats. For dinner we always make homemade pizza and then after driving around to look at Christmas lights we open one gift before bed. Even with Justin working today he was still able to do all the things he loves about this day.

Day 359- Monday, 12/25/17
Merry Christmas to all!  Another full and fun day with my family.  The tree was in all it's glory early this morning waiting for the kids to wake up (takes longer and longer the older they get).  Then we took turns opening presents, enjoyed a grand prime-rib feast with delicious popovers and ended the day sharing a festive Christmas cake.

Day 360- Tuesday, 12/26/17
Today was a Lego building day for Brandon.  He was super excited to build this Ferrari and learned a lot about the car by doing so.  It amazes me how quickly he can put these sets together, and then after he relaxed by playing a new video game.  I'd say he's enjoying his break.

Day 361- Wednesday, 12/27/17 
I got a new winter vest for Christmas which is perfect for our current weather.  It's not cold enough for a full on winter jacket but still too cold for just a sweater or sweatshirt.  Given our long term forecast I'll get a lot of good use out of this vest.  Winner!

Day 362- Thursday, 12/28/17
Everyone else is either at work or out with friends so Brandon and I are enjoying each other's company by binge watching Stranger Things 2.  So good.

Day 363- Friday, 12/29/17
We had our annual family pictures done this morning and then went out to lunch after.  There we discussed plans for our upcoming New Year's Eve celebration.

Day 364- Saturday, 12/30/17
It's time to take down Christmas and get ready for the new year.  While I do this downstairs Tyler is happy to have a couple new video games to play on his break upstairs.  It's definitely something he misses while away at school.

Day 365- Sunday, 12/31/17
It was a lovely day out so I took the dog for a nice long walk. It felt great to take in some fresh air and stretch the legs before we settled in for the night and had fun ringing in the new year.  Happy New Year's Eve!  The boys enjoyed our traditional chocolate fondue dessert while John and I enjoyed the bubbly. Tyler was out celebrating with friends.  It's won't be long before the other two will be doing the same and it will just be me and him.

Wait!  One more:

December's Family Photo

Obviously this one was taken Christmas morning just before opening presents.  Happy Holidays!

OK, that wraps up another year.  2017 is officially done and in the books.  Check back next week to see how we kick off another crazy, fun-filled year.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Week 51

Hello all and happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with some special family time and a lot of holiday cheer.  We enjoyed ourselves and made the most of our time together.  There's at least another week off for us so we'll continue to find fun things to do as a family.  Too bad there's not any good snow for a quick ski trip.  Hopefully soon in the new year or at least in time for my birthday trip.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 351- Sunday, 12/17/17
I got a new snow globe and I'm wishing for a winter wonderland like this, but sadly I know that it will not happen this year since we are very dry here in California yet again.

Day 352- Monday, 12/18/17
We don't typically go to the movies on a Monday night but it was the only time we could get good seats before Christmas. Afterward we hit up Black Bear Dinner for dinner and as you can see Justin couldn't wait to dig in--not even for a picture.  LOL!  It was all great fun and a nice treat.

Day 353- Tuesday, 12/19/17
Scout is wishing for a snowy Christmas and good ski conditions as well.  We're all happy to see he enjoys skiing too.

Day 354- Wednesday, 12/20/17
At work on Wednesday I'm processing water samples for testing and trying to wrap things up for the holidays.  Only one more work day after this before my winter break.  In the evening we all settled down to watch the finale of yet another Survivor season.  Great twist at the end to determine the final three. 

Day 355- Thursday, 12/21/17
Justin is in a gift exchange with 7 of his close friends at school, and I helped him prepare some Christmas mix to give them in addition to the gifts he personally picked out for each one.

Day 356- Friday, 12/22/17
While the younger kids were still in school Tyler helped me bang out some wrapping, and Bella was sad that we didn't wrap anything for her although she thinks every gift bag is hers to open--a bad habit we must work on.

Day 357- Saturday, 12/23/17
On this gloomy and cold winter day I stayed inside with a warm oven and baked the day away while Tyler and Brandon worked together to decorate the gingerbread house.  Justin was working but happily came home to a nice family dinner and some yummy treats for dessert.

That's it for this week.  Check back next week for the last of 2017!  I think we're all ready for a new year.