Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Week 28

Hi there and welcome back!  It's been HOT and busy lately and there's no end in sight for either.  We have a lot going on with many moving parts and it feels like school is looming just around the corner.  Only 1 month left so we better make the most out of these last few weeks.  Thank goodness we have one more family trip planned to escape for a bit and just enjoy ourselves.  I wish it were happening tomorrow.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 190- Monday, 7/9/18
I spend a lot of time in the sports pick-up lines.  This evening its for Brandon at basketball.  They are doing hard core conditioning so as soon as we got home he pretty much just crashed. 

 Day 191- Tuesday, 7/10/18
The best way to deal with the insane heat is to cool down with an ice-cold treat.  We're having It's It ice-cream sandwiches tonight in 3 different flavors.  I chose mint and the other two chose the new chocolate flavor--yum!  The original vanilla lost out but I'm sure Tyler will grub on that when he gets home from work.

Day 192- Wednesday, 7/11/18
What it is about these stairs?  This is where Justin chose to park it and watch videos on his phone. He was there for a good hour. So random and doesn't even look comfortable but also so him!   Rusty was on the stairs too rolling around and trying to express how much he's over this heat.

Day 193- Thursday, 7/12/18
Heat wave or not we have to walk.  Bella and I went to stroll around the park where we found some pretty, lollipop, pinkish flowers in the lawn that matched my shirt.  We sought out as much shade as possible but it didn't really matter.  Once it's over 100 it's hot everywhere even in the shade! Look--her panting tongue matches my shirt too.

Day 194- Friday, 7/13/18
Time for another college tour.  Justin and I went to a "Summer Roar" event at the University of Pacific for prospective students.  It's a really nice, small, private school but that also means big dollars.  At least they give decent financial aid packages and have a lot of good perks.  That building there was in the first Indian Jones film where you see Indy near the beginning as a college professor.  It's just one of many movies filmed here which was neat to learn about.

Day 195- Saturday, 7/14/18
John has been traveling all week so we've missed him, but he's home now and today helped Justin make 3 kinds of salsa with all the tomatoes that ripened during his absence.  Later we had a big Mexican feast so everyone could try them out and they were a big hit.

Day 196- Sunday, 7/15/18
John worked on his bike today and also went for a short ride since it was a slow Sunday.  For dinner we headed to Davis to meet up with some college friends at the Graduate.  We all got our animal science degrees together just over 25 years ago.  Boy how time flies and it was great fun to reminisce with them about the good old days.

That's it!  Stay cool and I hope to see you next week.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Week 27

Hi there!  It's Tuesday again and the weeks just keep flying by.  It's been super smokey and hot lately.  We had a big wildfire dumping smoke into the valley so it was not easy to be outside because it hurt our eyes and throat.  You could smell it in the air too even though the fire wasn't really close to us.  It made for pretty skies at dawn and dusk but otherwise not healthy to breathe at all--good reason to stay inside with the ac on!

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 183- Monday, 7/2/18
We're prepping for the 4th.  John and the kids picked out some fireworks yesterday and Justin showed them to me today.  He's super excited.  I also pulled out our handheld flag we use each year.  It will be a fun holiday.

Day 184- Tuesday, 7/3/18
It's not time to celebrate just yet--work as usual at least for one more day.  The first part of each month I have to fill these tanks so I'm getting that done today.  We have three of them so it take awhile and a lot of LN2.

Day 185- Wednesday, 7/4/18
Happy 4th of July! We had a nice quiet day relaxing and eating BBQ and then enjoyed the fireworks on our street after dark.  Sadly it was windy and colder than usual so no pool time this year.

Day 186- Thursday, 7/5/18
Today it was back to the DMV and thankfully I had a pleasant walk by a community garden to get there because parking was so bad.  It was a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to stop and enjoy the sunflowers before entering the insanity.  Yet another 3+ hour ordeal at the DMV even with an appointment.  I just don't get it and hope I don't have to go back anytime soon.  Ack!

Day 187- Friday, 7/6/18
It's Friday and miraculously enough all 3 boys are home for dinner at the same time.  They all look so big eating there at the island now--my mostly grown boys.  Where did the time go?  I remember like yesterday when they were so little and barely able get up on those stools.  The years really do go by fast and here sets another day.  The sky is lit up pink from the fires and from the smoke coming into the valley but at least it looks pretty.

Day 188- Saturday, 7/7/18
Justin is working on a birthday gift for a friend so he printed up a bunch of pictures off his phone and is planning to make a big poster card.  I love it when the kids ask to use my creative tools.  Later we went together for an appointment to have his senior pictures taken--wow!  How can that be?!  I'll have a second one leaving the nest soon so we'll have to enjoy as many treats together as we can this next year starting now ;0)

Day 189- Sunday, 7/8/18
Our tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen.  I picked the first one this morning and there will be more to pick next week which is perfect for that homemade salsa they boys are waiting on.  Then, just after lunch, we all went to the movies and watched the dinosaurs wreak havoc on the world.  Good times!

That's it for now.  See you next week.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Week 26

Welcome back, happy Tuesday, and happy July! I feel like summer is slipping away already.  July will be a month where we get things done and then in August we'll be rewarded with a get away vacation just before school starts again.  It's been super hot here too so we're making good use of the pool and looking forward to celebrating the 4th tomorrow.

Here are last week's pictures:
Day 176- Monday, 6/25/18
 We managed to squeeze in a short camping trip this week.  Midweek is best to avoid crowds especially in the Tahoe area where we were.  Today we traveled up there, set up camp and then enjoyed each other's company while roasting s'mores around the campfire.  Just after 3 of us went to bed a bear joined John and Justin by the fire but was quickly scared away.  Apparently they are not aggressive but very active and roaming about a lot lately.

Day 177- Tuesday, 6/26/18
We had a full day hiking and chasing waterfalls near Emerald Bay shown in the first picture behind Brandon.  Right across the street from this vista is Upper Eagle Falls and then down below near lake level is Lower Eagle Falls that empties into the bay.  It's the one pictured above and was refreshing and impressive to stand by.  After lunch we made our way to the beach at Meek's Bay to enjoy playing in and around the lake.  Later at our nightly campfire we were all still up when another bear came right into our campsite so everyone got to see a bear up close and personal today.  It was pretty cool, very fluffy, and seemed sad as it slowly meandered off after we made noise to shew it away.  

Day 178- Wednesday, 6/27/18
Sadly it's time to head home.  We enjoyed the morning sunrise, packed the car and made the journey back down to the valley.  I think we wore Brandon out ;0)  That was a fun trip but camping sure is a lot of work and we barely had enough room in the car for all our stuff and the kids.

Day 179- Thursday, 6/28/18
Back to reality and back to basketball.  It was another late game in Elk Grove but this is the last one for this summer league.  Now they just continue practice and maybe play in a couple tournaments which is fine because they are close to home and much earlier in the day which keeps Brandon busy while we work.

Day 180- Friday, 6/29/18
I'm waiting on boys getting sports physicals for the new school year.  At least I can check that off my list.  Afterward it's time to start the weekend with a cool refreshing drink.  John has these neat ice-cube trays that make perfectly round ice-cubes which add even more fun to the drinks.

Day 181- Saturday, 6/30/18
Time to continue working on that to-do list.  Tyler needs yet another live-scan finger printing.  This will be his 7th one over the past 5 yrs.  I thought we were done prepping for an EMT job but turns out he needs to get an ambulance driving certificate first from the DMV who requires a separate live-scan from one he just had over spring break to get his EMT card. Hopefully after he takes the written DMV test next week he can finally apply for jobs. What a process!

Day 182- Sunday, 7/1/18
Enough with the errands, it's Sunday and the 1st of July so my July baby is posing with the monthly marker while enjoying the cool pool in the summer heat.  This is what weekends are really for.

Wait!  One more:

June's Family Photo

I'm so happy to be able to get this photo while out camping with the whole family and have Tyler back in the mix.  Too bad one of the bears didn't photo bomb ;0)

OK!  Now that is it.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th.  See you next week.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Week 25

Welcome back and happy Friday!  That's right, I'm a few days late because we were enjoying a camping trip in the Tahoe area so I was off the grid for a few days and am still trying to play catch-up since my return.  It was great fun though and a good way to just escape and enjoy being a complete family again.  We didn't get to camp last year so this was at the top of the summer bucket list for the kids this year.  Thankfully we squeezed it in first thing.  Now let's get back to last week's happenings.

Here's a look at those pictures:

Day 169- Monday 6/18/18
Brandon started basketball camp in Davis led by the college team there so he'll be my fellow commuter all week which also means my hours have to change a bit. 

Day 170- Tuesday, 6/19/18
It's taco Tuesday and the vultures are circling--even the cat is in there hoping to find an opportunistic drop or two.

Day 171- Wednesday, 6/20/18
Some how it became all about the pets today.  I can't get over how white the fur on Bella's paw is now, but it makes a cool design especially when seen from across the room.  Later I bent down to pet Rusty laid out on the stairs and he was intrigued by the ties on my shirt.  Even in this heat he can muster up some playfulness which is impressive for a lazy cat and fun to see.

Day 172- Thursday, 6/21/18
After being at camp for 7 hrs in Davis I had Brandon grabbed a quick dinner and then we headed to Elk Grove for a late basketball game with his West Sac team.  While waiting for him to finish with the coaches after-game talk I took a selfie for national selfie day.  This is one tired mama waiting for one tired kid so we can end this super long day.  I think we finally got home just after 9 pm.

Day 173- Friday, 6/22/18
TGIF!  Justin helped out at tennis for the younger kids today and got a new shirt from last summer's tennis club.  He said it was nice to see coach Dave and may do it again next week. Then John made Tahiti Tea drinks to help kick off the weekend and fondly remember our time in the Tahitian islands exactly one year ago.  I can't believe it's already been a year and I wish I was back there again right now!

Day 174- Saturday, 6/23/18
We were well over the 100 degree mark today and it was HOT!  At least it made for a perfect night swim.  The boys love this part of summer.

Day 175- Sunday, 6/24/18
I'm hoping today will be cooler so I started my day with a donut and ice coffee by the pool to help me think cool thoughts and it worked because a good breeze blew in and we had a much better day.  The plants are all happy about that too especially some of my newer plants that are just babies like this little lily.  It's small flowers are fragile and will just fry in the summer sun which gratefully did not happen today.  It looks fresh and happy with a new sprinkle of water.  

That's it for now.  Check back next week to see out camping fun and for the start of a new month. Where did June go?!