Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Week 48

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We're into December now which means prepping for Christmas, starting basketball season, wrapping up the 1st part of school with finals and enjoying more family time.  I can't wait to start a new year.  This one has been quite interesting and I think we can all use a fresh start.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 330- Sunday, 11/26/17
It's time for Tyler to head south back to school for a few more weeks until winter break.  He's saying his final good-bye to Bella before making his way to the airport.

Day 331- Monday, 11/27/17
This is the only Christmas decoration I have out so far but soon it begins.  Time to deck the halls.

Day 332- Tuesday, 11/28/17
LOL! Here is one wiped kid.  He's just now realizing how hard it can be to work for a living.   It will get easier as he adjusts.

Day 333- Wednesday, 11/29/17
It's boot season, the temps are dropping, and the leaves are mostly on the ground now.  Winter is upon us!

Day 334- Thursday, 11/30/17
It's also time for high-school basketball season which means more snack-bar duty.  This is my second day this week volunteering to help the Boosters earn money for sports.   The good news is that I only have 1 or 2 more shift to work before I've met my hours for the year.

Day 335- Friday, 12/1/17
Hello December, and look who is back--Scout, our friendly Christmas elf.  Brandon is happy to pose with my monthly marker because he's excited to kick off this holiday season.

Day 336- Saturday, 12/2/17
Today I put up lights inside and John put up lights outside.  I think I got the better end of the deal.  Outside lights are no joke and a lot of work but they look great.

That's all folks.  See you next week.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Week 47

Hello Tuesday!  We're all back at school and work after a nice fall break.  Hopefully you also had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Now it's time to start prepping for Christmas.  How can that be?  I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet, but give me a few days and I'll find that holiday spirit.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 323- Sunday, 11/19/17
John spent most the day working on his bike and little did we know it would soon turn into a week long project.

Day 324- Monday, 11/20/17
I'm home with the boys all week so Brandon and I decided to bake some pumpkin bread to kick things off right.

Day 325- Tuesday, 11/21/17
Justin is my shopping helper.  He made the list for me and helped me pick out everything for our up-coming feast.  Plus Tyler is coming home so we'll need some extra milk.

Day 326- Wednesday- 11/22/17
It's prep day in the kitchen.  We prepared the turkey brine, the cornbread for stuffing, and made a couple pies.  Later in the evening Tyler flew in from LA and is ready to enjoy some time at home.  It's great to have him back.

Day 327- Thursday, 11/23/17
Happy Thanksgiving!  We enjoyed a nice relaxing day at home and finished it off with an amazing dinner.  John did a great job with the turkey and ham while I worked on pulling the side dishes together.  It was a good team effort and so yummy.  Best part is all wonderful leftovers to enjoy for the next week.

Day 328- Friday, 11/24/17
Today we met up with the Wong family for dinner and some playing at TopGolf.  This time we went at night which was extra fun with the music and lights.

Day 329- Saturday, 11/25/17
It's a big day for Justin.  He was recently offered a job at Target and had his orientation today which is exciting.  Then when he got home his official driver's license card came in the mail and was waiting for him to open.  Bye-Bye paper copy!  Later for one last family activity before Tyler leaves tomorrow we took in a movie.  You can't go wrong with a Marvel movie in this house.

Wait!  One more-

November's Family Photo

This one was obviously taken at Thanksgiving dinner.  Time to eat!

That's it.  See you next week.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Week 46

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It's Thanksgiving week so we're on school break and Tyler comes home late tomorrow.  Now all the prep work starts.  I can't wait to have everyone home to enjoy this family time together and I hope everyone else out there has a great turkey day as well.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 316- Sunday, 11/12/17
Dark and dreary Subdays are perfect for naps and Rusty knows that best.  Lately he's been napping here on this pillow in the loft.   We call it his throne ;0)

Day 317- Monday, 11/13/17
Time for new glasses.  We should have done this at the beginning of the school year but it just didn't happen then so now is as good a time as any.  He's not happy with needing to change frames but it is necessary so he'll just have to adjust. He swears these are not the ones he picked out but they are. *sigh*

Day 318- Tuesday, 11/14/17
Who says California doesn't have seasons?  We actually get some good fall color here and I'm loving every minute of it.  It's only a matter of time before all these colorful trees are bare for winter.

Day 319- Wednesday, 11/15/17
Today I got my first seasonal Starbucks cup filled with a peppermint mocha.  The holiday season is upon us and just in time for the rain.  We had two good solid days of rain this week so it was wet and cold.

Day 320- Thursday, 11/16/17
Big day for Justin-- he just passed his behind-the-wheel driving test and is now an official licensed driver.  It was a brutal day for the test too with lots of on and off rain but despite the added stress he pulled through and now never wants to drive again.  LOL!  He's not a fan but will some day come to realize how much freedom driving can give him.

Day 321- Friday, 11/17/17
All that rain cleared away just in time for an outdoor field trip.  I went with Brandon's class as a chaperone to Chico State for a college tour.  It's time to get these 8th graders thinking about their future.  It was a great sunny day on a great campus and in a great town.  This was my group of 7 boys and they were a lot of crazy fun.

Day 322- Saturday, 11/18/17
Time to relax and settle into our fall break.  It's chilly out so the cat is happy to snuggle on my lap for warmth and he likes to watch the fish on my Fishdom game swim around the aquariums.

That's it.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Enjoy your time with family and your fall feast. I'll see you on the flip side next week.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Week 45

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We're getting excited about Thanksgiving break coming up and Tyler coming home.  Good thing this is a busy and full week to make it feel like the days will go by fast.  There is so much happening this week that having the following week off to decompress with family sound perfect and will help get me through.

Here's a peek at highlights from last week:

Day 309- Sunday, 11/5/17
He earned his lunch driving around Davis practicing where he'll be taking his behind-the-wheel test soon.

Day 310- Monday, 11/6/17
Our evening walks are now completely in the dark.  I can't wait for some holiday lights to help brighten things up.

Day 311- Tuesday, 11/7/17
Homework now happens in the dark as well.  This is normal for Justin but not so much for Brandon.  At least he still gets to color some ;0)

Day 312- Wednesday, 11/8/17
At work on Wednesday early in the morning of this super busy week.  It's the calm before the storm.  Today was insane but at least it ended with a rainbow.

Day 313- Thursday, 11//9/17
Typical teenager.  He's got a lot more time on his hands now that cross country is over.  Enjoy it buddy because tennis condition starts after the holidays.

Day 314- Friday, 11/10/17
I was super happy to receive a surprise, totally unsolicited, picture from Tyler today.  He's happy it's a 3-day weekend and had fun exchanging gifts with his big brother during a fraternity meeting this week.  There's that smile I miss.  At home we had the day off too so in the afternoon we took the dog on a long walk up the levee and down past the wetlands in our area.  Thank you to all veteran's for serving to protect our beautiful country.

Day 315- Saturday, 11/11/17
John made us a nice tri-tip dinner with all the fixings.  Love our weekend time and family meals.

That's it!  Can't wait to finish this current week and start prepping for the big feast.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Week 44

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Boy that time change is rough and especially messes with the pets' schedules.  I don't like the early dark evenings either but we'll all adjust. November is super packed with things to be done and I just know Thanksgiving is going to creep up on us fast.  At least we'll get to have Tyler home for a long weekend then.

Here's a look at how we wrapped up October and kicked off this new month:

Day 302-  Sunday, 10/29/17
Today was a fun family day full of enjoying fall treats and carving pumpkins.  Everyone did a fabulous job with their creations.

Day 303- Monday, 10/30/17
Rusty, our orange kitty, is ready for the big day and very curious about all the decorative pumpkins in our house.

Day 304- Tuesday, 10/31/17
Happy Halloween!  Brandon dressed as an alien and looks pretty creepy in that mask.  Justin wore his pumpkin head from last year to help pass out candy, and our pumpkins looked great all lit up outside.  It was a fun night as we watched the Shinning in between tending to the door.

Day 305- Wednesday, 11/1/17
A new day, a new month.  Bring on November.  Brandon collected these fall leaves around the neighborhood to hold in my monthly marker picture, and I'm loving those rich fall colors.

Day 306- Thursday, 11/2/17
Pick your music well and study hard--test tomorrow.  Me, I'm off to bed.  Gone are the days for my late night studying.

Day 307- Friday, 11/3/17
Time for a Warren Miller ski movie at the Crest to get us prepped for a new ski season.  It's even snowing in the mountains right now.  Yep November brings in the rain and snow.  We had dinner at Pizza Rock and then walked across the street for our show.

Day 308- Saturday, 11/4/17
Look at us out 2 nights in a row!  We drove to the Santa Rosa area for a birthday dinner with friends and got there a little early so we had a couple drinks on our own before joining the group.  Happy Birthday Loren!

Ok!  That's it.  See you next week.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Week 43

Welcome back, happy Tuesday, and happy Halloween!  Can you believe it's November tomorrow? We have that cold chill in the air which is normal for us right around Halloween.  This may be the end of shorts and flip-flops and the start of sweaters and boots.  Where has the year gone?

Before we leave fall for winter take a look at last week's pictures:

Day 295- Sunday, 10/22/17
A day to relax and just chill.  He looks so comfy and content.  Now get back to your chores son!

Day 296- Monday, 10/23/17
This tree in our yard changes colors in an interesting way.  The leaves turn yellow but also get this brown veining effect.  It's different but in a cool way.

Day 297- Tuesday, 10/24/17
She wants something from me.  Oh yeah--her evening walk.  It's getting dark earlier now so the walk tonight was highlighted by a beautiful fall dusk sky.

Day 298- Wednesday, 10/25/17
Finally my last post-op appointment and all is good.  I'm so glad to put this chapter of my life behind me and be free of that mess.

Day 299- Thursday, 10/26/17
Today I'm in Tahoe for a work event.  It's a beautiful fall day up here but sadly I only saw the great outdoors during lunch.  It was a good and interesting meeting though so I'm glad I had the opportunity to go and also reconnect with so many of my past colleagues.

Day 300- Friday, 10/27/17
TGIF!  Now it's time for Brandon to relax.  The first thing he did when he got home from school was crash on the couch with a warm blanket and his phone of course.

Day 301- Saturday, 10/28/17
Now John is in Tahoe with the guys so it's just me and boys going out for burgers. Yum!  Actually Justin went rogue and had ham and cheese.

Wait!  One more-

October's Family Photo

Sadly we're missing the oldest this month but he'll be around for Nov, Dec, and January's photo.  This one was taken just before carving our pumpkins.  Look how tall my other boys are getting.  It won't be long before I'm the shortest of them all.

Now that's it!  See you in November ;0)