Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 2

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It was so nice to have a 3-day weekend and be able to decompress a bit after being back to the crazy work and school schedules for a couple weeks.  We're slowly getting back to a new normal and also looking forward to an upcoming ski trip.  Let's just hope we can actually make it to the mountains without road closures.  It's been a crazy wet and wild winter for a change.

Here are the pictures from last week:

Day 8- Sunday, 1/8/17
We had a nice big Sunday breakfast today to help send off Tyler right.  He flew back shortly after to UCLA so he can start his second quarter and was eager and ready to get back to his studies.

Day 9- Monday, 1/9/17
Over the weekend Brandon built one of the Lego sets he got for Christmas and had time after to school to play with it a bit.  He's the only one that's still building these days which is kind of sad--almost the end of an era in this house.

Day 10- Tuesday, 1/10/17
Rain, rain, rain!  And in this cold, windy, wet weather Target is the last place I want to be, but we're pretty much out of all the essentials so there is no avoiding it.  It's time to restock and now that Tyler is gone again hopefully things will last longer.  In his absence it was easy to get used to less trips to the store.

Day 11- Wednesday, 1/11/17
It's time for high school finals and Justin is planning to put in some long hours tonight mostly studying for honors chemistry. He's got his tunes and a cup of cocoa in his special night owl mug to help.  Good luck kiddo!

Day 12- Thursday, 1/12/17
There is no more karate on Tuesdays but now we have basketball on Thursdays.  Brandon's team is starting to take shape and may actually be ready for their first game this weekend.

Day 13- Friday, 1/13/17
School just let out for the day so it's officially the start of the weekend and Brandon is eager to jump into building another large Lego set.  He has the long weekend but I'm pretty sure he'll be finished by early tomorrow.  The Star Wars sets never disappoint.

Day 14- Saturday, 1/14/17
Time for a girl's wine trip.  We went to Julietta Winery not far from my house for a tasting and a nice long lunch.  The girls helped Elaine and I celebrate our upcoming January birthdays.  We had a foggy start but eventually the sun came out and made for a nice day.  It was a lot of fun with some good company.  The wine and barrel photo credits go to the winery and thanks to Gene for taking the pictures of our group.

That's it.  January is already flying by.  Thanks for stopping in and hopefully we'll see you next week.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 1

It's time to start a new year on this blog with a new cover photo and all.  I sure hope 2017 brings us great and wonderful experiences. I know we have a big summer trip planned and some milestones to reach plus some goals to set and achieve.  Are you ready?  We are ready so let's go!

Here are the pictures from our first week in 2017-

Day 1- Sunday, 1/1/17
Happy New Year!  We had a nice relaxing day at home for the first day of the year and ended it with a wonderful feast and a yummy chocolate roll cake.  You can find the recipe for the cake here- http://bellyfull.net/2014/11/25/chocolate-peppermint-roll-cake-recipe/  We skipped the peppermint part since a couple people in our family are not fans, but the cake is fantastic otherwise.

Day 2- Monday, 1/2/17
We were all home for one last day of our winter break today, and it was a rainy day perfect for cozy cat naps.  Then the sun came out in the afternoon and treated us to a beautiful rainbow.

Day 3- Tuesday, 1/3/17
It's back to reality.  John and I went back to work and the younger boys went back to school while Tyler slept another vacation day away ;0)  He's home for one more week before his reality check.  Lucky bum!

Day 4- Wednesday, 1/4/17
Brandon got this new book for Christmas and was happy to discover he can use it as one of his reading counts books in school.  He finished it all in one day too.  Meanwhile the pup waits for him to put the book down so he can play with her and her many toys.  They just aren't as fun without the boy.

Day 5- Thursday, 1/5/17
After some dark, foggy, and rainy days it's nice to see the sun shine again.  I even walked the dog early so I could enjoy the light and the warmth.  Once that sun sets the temps drop considerably and the walks are much less desirable.

Day 6- Friday, 1/6/17
We managed to get Tyler out of the house for one last family activity before leaving.  It was time to attend a Kings basketball game in their brand new Golden One Stadium.  What a nice place! It's very high tech, really open, and has a lot of great food options.  It was a lot easier to get in and out of than I expected too, but the seating is super tight and really steep. I kept getting this weird feeling like I was going to fall. At least the height makes for a good bird's eye view.  Bottom line is we all had a fun night together enjoying a super close game and checking the new place out.

Day 7- Saturday, 1/7/17
Justin is finally done with his service project for the year.  He had 2 other appointments with Janice, his supervisor, to get the paperwork signed and a required picture taken but she kept canceling on him so we were happy it actually happened today.  He's enjoyed his time at the Front Street shelter and is excited to move from the teen group program to actual individual shelter work once he turns 16 in March.

OK--done with week one and that's a pretty good start to the new year I'd say.  As you can see, this year I'll be doing my weeks Sun-Sat because that's how the year started.  Thanks for checking in and I hope to see you back next week.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 52 part 2

Happy Tuesday and Happy New Year! We are all ready to start a new year here, but first we need to finish up the last week of 2016. The first week of last year was super short with just a few days so I ended up with a 53rd week but I'm calling it "Week 52 part 2".  Our family had a nice relaxing end to the year happily spending it at home together.

Take a look at how our last week in 2016 went down-

Day 361- Monday, 12/26/16
Today I worked on taking down the tree.  Bella's bed is right next to where I was working so the lights piled up next to her as they came off the tree and I couldn't resist adding a hat and snapping a picture.  She's such a good sport or at least willing do anything for a treat.  And then there's what the house looks like as I'm trying to put Christmas away and plan for a ski trip all at the same time. It's a process for sure.

Day 362- Tuesday, 12/27/16
The sun is shining bright but it's still really cold out.  We've had frost most mornings over the holidays.  Brandon helped me walk the dog in the afternoon sun while we still had light.  I can't wait for the longer daylight days to come back.  Once that sun goes down theses walks are even colder and not nearly as fun.

Day 363- Wednesday, 12/28/16
So far this fall and winter season has been great for rain and snow which means we get a quick ski trip over winter break.  We just went up for the day but made the most of it. We had perfect sunny weather with no wind and the snow was really nice and not icy at all.  Perfect conditions make for a perfect day ;0)  We can't wait to go again in a few weeks for my birthday.  More snow please!

Day 364- Thursday, 12/29/16
Justin's been working on some stuff for school today realizing he only has a few days left in his break to get it done.  He likes to work in his bed and with earbuds on playing music to help him "get in a grove."  No worries though because he's also had plenty of time to play.  The boys got gaming chairs for Christmas and have put them to good use during their break.

Day 365- Friday, 12/30/16
Everyone got Starbucks gift cards for Christmas so today we went out for pastries and drinks after dropping a load of stuff at Goodwill.  It was perfect because they were going stir crazy and needed to get out of the house plus they were a great help unloading my car at the donation center so it made for a nice reward.  That's Tyler's "I'm sick of pictures" face.  LOL! Poor thing. One more week of pictures and then he can have a 2 month break from me and my camera. 

Day 366- Saturday, 12/31/16
It's New Year's Eve!  We had a busy day getting our family pictures done in the morning and then going out to lunch at the new Burgers and Brews place in West Sacramento.  We all enjoyed our lunch but John was especially impressed.  Later we stayed home for the night watching Marvel movies, eating yummy finger food, and ringing in the new year together.  Tyler was with us until about 9 pm and then headed to a party with friends which was sad for us but fun for him.  He's really enjoyed reconnecting with everyone while being home over the holidays.  It was a long day but a great day for all.  Bring on 2017!

We'll save Sunday for next week to start off the New Year right with week 1 and day 1 all in the same post.

That means were done for now.  Another year finished and on the blog.  See you next week and happy 2017!  I hope it's a good one for us all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 52

It's Tuesday but it feels more like a Monday.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had a really nice Christmas week spending good quality time with family and friends. I'm grateful to have another week off so we can finish the year together having even more fun.

Here is a look at how our Christmas week went:

Day 354- Monday, 12/19/16
Scout found a good spot to hang out near my Christmas plate and winking Santa mug.  It wouldn't be the holidays without them.  Sadly we had a busy morning with a super long doctor's appointment and errands to run, but we ended on a yummy note.  I taught the boys how to make Christmas Chex mix which of course was a huge hit and greatly enjoyed throughout the week.

Day 355- Tuesday, 12/20/16
It's time for the boys to work together wrapping gifts.  Their wrapping skills have come a long way.  I'm impressed and glad they all know how to do this.  Even Bella wanted to help, but she started to sulk once I told her to stay out of the presents.  She thinks all things in gift bags are for her to open.

Day 356- Wednesday, 12/21/16
Unfortunately I could not avoid a trip to the mall this week, but we made sure to get there early and get out as quickly as possible.  Justin joined me and we treated ourselves to some Cinnabon to help make the trip worth it.  Funny thing is that was the only line we actually had to stand in.  Once we got home the younger two worked on decorating a ginger bread house.  It's so nice I don't even have to help at all anymore.  They did well and it turned out great.  It puts a smile on my face every time I see it on the table and it smells good too.

Day 357- Thursday, 12/22/16
Today was a full baking day.  We made sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, buckeyes, fudge and chocolate chip shortbread snowball cookies.  The boys helped here and there and worked nicely together decorating the sugar cookies.  Of course their favorite job today was quality control tasting samples to make sure they turned out ok ;0)

Day 358- Friday, 12/23/16
John is now officially on vacation with us so we took some time this morning to all see the latest Star Wars movie together.  It was a great day to be inside too because it poured rain and was windy most the day.  The skies did clear and the sun came out just in time for the boys to deliver cookie plates to some neighbors.  It's something they both look forward to every year, and it warms my heart that they enjoy it so much.

Day 359- Saturday, 12/24/16
Happy Christmas Eve!  We made our traditional homemade pizza pies for dinner, cruised around the neighborhood looking at lights, and then let the boys open one gift before sending them to bed.

Day 360- Sunday, 12/25/16
Merry Christmas!  This morning we had a special eggnog french toast breakfast, opened gifts, enjoyed time together and then in the afternoon we headed to the Wong family home for dinner and holiday cheer.  What a great day we all had!

Wait!  Time for one more--

December's Family Photo

It's a traditional one on Christmas morning just before opening gifts.  I'm so happy to have another monthly family photo with Tyler in it.  We only missed him one month this year.  Sadly next year we won't be so lucky.

That's it for this week.  I'll catch you again in the new year.  Bring on 2017!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 51

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It's Christmas week and I'm still not ready yet.  I am super close to getting there but also stressing about what still needs to be done.  At least I'm off this week so hopefully I bang it all out quickly and just enjoy the rest of my holiday with the family.  The kids are all out of school now too so we are feeling happy and excited for some good family fun.

Take a look at how we spent last week:

Day 347- Monday, 12/12/16
One of Brandon's favorite parts of the day during this time of year is blowing out the advent candles after dinner.  Two weeks down and two to go.

Day 348- Tuesday, 12/13/16
I have a work Christmas party tomorrow.  The department is providing lunch and we're supposed to bring dessert so I'm baking some brownies to take because they are quick and simple.

Day 349- Wednesday, 12/14/16
My Survivor fans are watching the finale together tonight.  Tyler missed most the season while away at school but caught up over Thanksgiving break and now gets to see how it all ends.  He's a crazy LA kid wearing shorts while it's freezing here in West Sac.

Day 350- Thursday, 12/15/16
Rain, rain, rain!  The rain was super heavy and non-stop today.  I even had my wipers on the fastest high speed driving Brandon home from school and he was laughing because he'd never seen them move like that before.  It's been awhile and the river is looking full and there is snow in the mountains.  We may kick this drought yet.

Day 351- Friday, 12/16/16
After yesterday we are all happy to see the sun shine bright today.  The sun may be out but it's still really cold.  It's nice to see though.  It looks inviting and lifts the spirits even in the cold.

Day 352- Saturday, 12/17/16
Tick-tock--running out of time!  I spent the majority of the day sorting through ordered gifts and wrapping presents to put under the tree.  Most of these are from my parents and sister who send money for me to buy for the family.  Next week we'll have the boys wrap their brother gifts and gifts from them to us.  It's so nice to see what a difference a few wrapped presents makes to the the look of a tree.

Day 353- Sunday, 12/18/16
Cheers to the holidays.  We had Mexican for dinner so we enjoyed some Margaritas to go with that.

That's i.t See you next week after Christmas and just before the new year!  Have a blessed holiday everyone.