Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Week 41

Welcome back!  It's Tuesday again and life keeps going on faster than you can imagine.  I'm deeming 2017 the year of disasters--political, natural, man-made, you name it.  How much more we can take? Thank goodness this year is almost over and maybe the next will bring nothing but good.  

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 281- Sunday, 10/8/17
It's cinnamon roll Sunday which is perfect for a cool fall morning.  I like to bake and have the oven on when it's cold out plus you can't beat the smell of cinnamon that fills the house.  Justin even thanked me 3 times for this warm comforting start to his day :0)  Sadly it's been awhile.

Day 282- Monday, 10/9/17
Our skies are filled with smoke as the sun sets behind our house from fires that took over Sonoma and Napa counties last night.  We are a good 100 miles away so safe, but our hearts break for those who lost so much.  Many of us here in the Sacramento area visit these places often and have family, friends, or colleagues who live there so it makes it a bit more personal.  We even vacationed in the Santa Rosa area just a couple months ago before school started so it was especially hard to see and hear about parts being destroyed.  I pulled the last 2 pictures from the internet.  Photo credits go to the Golden Gate CHP and LA Times respectively.  So much devastation and loss as the fires continue to burn--over 20 in our great state :0(

Day 281- Tuesday, 10/10/17
We're getting ready for Halloween around here.  Brandon picked out an Alien costume to wear on the big day and Justin has decided not to dress up this year and watch movies at a friend's house instead.  I continue to decorate and love seeing all my pumpkins out again.

Day 283- Wednesday, 10/11/17
It's Wednesday at work and me at the microscope.  We are testing literally thousands of sheep and goat samples for antibodies to one of our parasites so I'll be spending a lot of time on the scope.  I learned how to read slides with this scope over 20 years ago and it's still here with me as I make my way through reading many more.

Day 284- Thursday, 10/12/17
Finally Justin can relax.  Midterms are over and he has a 3-day weekend ahead with no school tomorrow and no homework or commitments.  Lucky guy!

Day 285- Friday, 10/13/17
It's a beautiful fall day and an unexpected day off for teacher development so we ran a couple errands, grabbed lunch, and then hit up the local pumpkin patch.  We may have even grubbed on some fresh made apple cider donuts.  Yum!

Day 286- Saturday, 10/14/17
John's turn to have some fun.  He's headed out for a nice fall ride up in the foothills today.

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Week 40

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  How are we already into October?  Fall is here and it's time to get ready for Halloween.  We broke out the decorations and started some planning.  Maybe we'll even pick out our pumpkins next week and do some baking.  This is the perfect time of year where it's not too hot or too cold and we can just enjoy the change in seasons.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 274- Sunday, 10/1/17
Bella posed with my monthly marker and one of my new pumpkins.  Welcome to October!

Day 275- Monday, 10/2/17
Today is my first day back at work in the lab.  I think my bugs missed me.

Day 276- Tuesday, 10/3/17
Somebody is hungry and can't wait for his dinner bowl to be placed on the floor.

Day 277- Wednesday, 10/4/17
We love the seasonal pumpkin donuts from Entenmann's and this year they also have apple cider ones so of course we had to to give them a try.  Yum!

Day 278- Thursday, 10/5/17
These golden sun kissed plants greet me every morning as I head to coffee with a friend.  The sight of their warm glow helps kick start my work day or is it the coffee?  I'd say both ;0)

Day 279- Friday, 10/6/17
Tyler asked me to send him my old O-Chem model kit.  I kept it from my college days and I think it's pretty cool my son is now using it in his college days.  He received it in the mail today and made a simple carbon bonded to 4 hydrogens for me.  Nope!  I don't miss chemistry class at all.

Day 280- Saturday, 10/7/17
Yesterday was the River City High School homecoming game and today is the dance.  Justin went with a group of cross country friends and had a super fun time.  It was the perfect way to unwind after taking his SAT all morning.

That's it!  See you next week.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 39

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It actually feels like fall around here which is nice except for the wind.  Things are about to get real with all the activities and holidays coming up plus I'm back to work which adds to the juggling act.  My head is spinning thinking about it so let's not go there just yet.

Instead enjoy last week's pictures:

Day 267- Sunday, 9/24/17
We are starting to see fall color around the neighborhood and can feel the crispness in the air.  Bring it on!  I'm happy to be home spending some time with these two after dropping Tyler at school. They help keep my mind off missing their brother.  John is at the track today on his bike so it's just us goofing around.

Day 268- Monday, 9/25/17
I have an extensive to-do list going right now trying to get things done at home before heading back to work next week.  It seemed like I had so much time in the beginning of my leave and now it seems there's not enough time to finish all I imagined doing.  Regardless I'm ready to go back soon.  Once the kids got home from school Brandon requested Penne pasta for dinner which is his favorite.

Day 269- Tuesday, 9/26/17
It's going to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood and it's starting out with a colorful sunrise.  Time for my morning walk.

Day 270- Wednesday, 9/27/17
Justin was happy to find a pudding cup left over from Tyler's soft-food diet when he had his wisdom teeth out.  We don't usually have pudding around so this was a huge score for him.

Day 271- Thursday, 9/28/17
These two--their favorite time of day is right after school when they can spend some quality time together and just hang out. In other news, the doctor signed my papers to allow me to return to work Monday.  Yay!

Day 272- Friday, 9/29/17
TGIF!  John and I tried a new burger place, Flaming Grill Cafe, for dinner tonight and it was really good.  He also liked the craft beers on tap.  Great way to kick off the weekend.

Day 273- Saturday, 9/30/17
Justin had an optional cross country meet today but is fighting a chest cold, not good for running,  so he decided to opt out and volunteer at the animal shelter instead.  There were over 20 kittens to play with which he really enjoyed.  He also worked up a huge thirst doing other chores there so we made a quick stop to pick up an orange Fanta and stuff for dinner on the way home.

That's it for now.  See you next week.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Week 38

Welcome back to Tuesday.  It was a super busy week last week but also fun to get out and away from home on an adventure with my oldest son.  He's now back in school starting his second year at UCLA and while the drive is long and boring I do love visiting the beautiful campus and the charming Westwood Village. Hopefully this is my last week at home and I'll be able to go back to work soon.  I feel ready but need the doctor to sign off first, and I see her later this week so fingers crossed.

Until then, here are last week's pictures:

Day 260- Sunday, 9/17/17
This morning I found this big green dragonfly on a wall in the front entry which is a cool way to start the day.  Most of the ones around here are blue so it was refreshing to see one of a different color.  Later we had an early birthday celebration for Tyler since he'll be leaving to head back to college before his actual birthday.  That cake is full of 19 candles and pretty much lit on fire ;0)

Day 261- Monday, 9/18/17
We had a couple over-ripe bananas today so right after Brandon got home from school I decided to use them to make banana bread which all the boys loved.  It also made the house smell yummy and felt good to be off the couch and in the kitchen baking.

Day 262- Tuesday, 9/19/17
Speaking of the couch--after hitting up Target to stock the house and get a few last minute things for Tyler's move the cat and I  parked it here to binge watch Big Little Lies on HBO.  It was a much cooler week so Rusty was happy to have a warm blanket and body to curl up with.

Day 263- Wednesday, 9/20/17
Back to Target to find a horses head. You just never know what is next with these kids. Justin texted me this morning from school saying he needed one for a group skit in Spanish tomorrow.  Thank goodness the Halloween costumes are out so I could easily find what he needed.

Day 264- Thursday, 9/21/17
Time to travel south and head to LA with Tyler.  We grabbed a quick drink and hit the road.  Six hours later we checked into the hotel and then spent the evening in Westwood where we had dinner, grabbed a Diddy Riese ice-cream cookie sandwich for dessert and then caught a movie.  We were actually brave enough to see IT. This FOX movie theater reminds me so much of the small town one I grew up with back home.  It was like stepping back in time when I walked in which is perfect because the movie was set in the late 80's when I was growing up there.

Day 265- Friday, 9/22/17
It's Tyler's move in day at UCLA.  He's in a much nicer dorm this year with a much bigger room that has a better view, a better location, air conditioning, and a private bathroom.  Score!  After we got him settled and ate some lunch we made a quick trip to urgent care to have a rash and one of his wisdom tooth wounds checked out before parting ways. Thankfully all is good and I left him happy and ready to take on a new year. 

Day 266- Saturday, 9/23/17
One more visit with this kid.  He's not getting rid of me yet ;0)  Today is Tyler's actual birthday so I had to meet up with him to enjoy a birthday breakfast before hitting the road.  Happy 19th Birthday kiddo!  Of course there was tons of traffic heading out of LA for at least the first 100 miles.  I thought I was never getting out of there, but then it finally cleared and was smooth sailing after the Grapevine.  Driving back alone is no fun so I couldn't wait to get home and see the rest of my family.

Wait!  One more-

September's Family Photo

We made sure to get this one in before Tyler left for school and I hate the thought of missing him in our October shot but I'm also excited for him to continue working on his future goals.

All done!  See you next week hopefully back at work.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Week 37

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  There are so many things happening around here as we prepare to send Tyler back to school.  He's ready and we're ready and it will be a great second year.  He and I spent a good deal of time pulling things together and taking care of last minute details and of course there are still a few more things to cross of the list but we're close and almost ready to leave for LA Thursday. It's been a good summer for him and us.

Here's a peek at last week in pictures:

Day 253- Sunday, 9/10/17
Tyler and John traditionally go out to sushi each time before Tyler heads back to school and this time Justin joined them.  Brandon is still not a fan.  We were also all watching the progress of Irma today as it made it's way through Florida.  Thankfully everyone we know there fared well.  Such a crazy hurricane season this year.

Day 254- Monday, 9/11/17
One nice thing about being home on leave while everyone else is at school or work is that I can actually watch girly movies which is not something I usually do in this house full of boys.  Today I watched Beauty and the Beast and enjoyed every minute of it.

Day 255- Tuesday, 9/12/17
Freedom!  I can now safely drive and it feels great to get out of the house for short periods of time even if it is just to run a small errand or two.  I also took in a polo game this afternoon and was able to catch up with the polo parents I don't really see anymore.

Day 256- Wednesday, 9/13/17
Justin had a cross country meet this afternoon and I'm so thankful for the pictures that others take and share since I haven't been able to go yet.  He's doing well and has made so many good friends on this team.  A group of them are all planning to go to the homecoming dance together including him.  They are bringing him out of his shell which is wonderful to see.

Day 257- Thursday, 9/14/17
You'd never know that this kid had his wisdom teeth pulled out this morning.  He's always smiling.  Obviously it went well.  I was expecting a grump afterwards but he's been very positive all day and even went with me to another polo game this afternoon.  Thank goodness it went well.  I was more nervous than him.

Day 258- Friday, 9/15/17
TGIF!  These two are celebrating with drumsticks for dessert.  It's cloudy ot but overcast so super muggy and still hot.  The ice-cream helps ;0)

Day 259- Saturday, 9/16/17
Back at Target!  This place--I can't get away.  Now that I'm driving again I was here pretty much everyday and not intentionally.  Things just kept coming up and today was no exception.

OK--That's it!  See you next week.