Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Week 45

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Hopefully if all goes well we'll only have one more week left in the remodel (phase 1 anyway).  If anything holds us up it will be delivery of appliances.  We have a delivery date for Monday the 19th but there is no guarantee so keep your fingers crossed.  Otherwise life goes on as usual and we're staying busy and trying to be as comfortable as we can in our deconstructed home--thank goodness for a second living space upstairs.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 309- Monday, 11/5/18
It's hard for us to let Bella inside right now so she hangs out in the garage with John as he watches sports and plays music to keep her company.  The new floors are starting to go in and they look great--way better than the orange ones the old owner put in the dining and kitchen area.  We'll have these new floors all throughout the downstairs replacing the carpet as well.

Day 310- Tuesday, 11/6/18
It's election day and both John and I voted by mail.  Tyler also voted but in person on campus and thankfully the lines this time around weren't as bad as they were for the primary.  Rusty is happy to be able to come out at night.  We have to keep him locked in the master bedroom all day while the workers are here.  It's stressful for him with all the noise so he's happy when they are gone and can seek comfort with his people.

Day 311- Wednesday, 11/7/18
As you can imagine dinners can be challenging but we have done pretty well with not eating out too much.  Tonight, however, was a night where we had a lot going on and needed to pick up something to eat.  Little did I know we have 2 Chipotle fundraiser coming up next week or I would have chosen a different place.  Oh well!  We're just trying to make do the best we can.

Day 312- Thursday, 11/8/18
Sadly this pretty sunrise is the result of a tragic fire just north east of us.  The "Camp Fire" near Chico has destroyed so many lives and the entire town of Paradise.  Turns out there is also a fire in Malibu that is just as tragic.  Our poor state just can't catch a break.  On a good note my wine fridge which will go in our new kitchen has arrived and I can't wait to put it good use.  Hopefully it's one of the many things that makes the headache of a remodel worth it in the end.

Day 313- Friday, 11/9/18
We have the start of new cabinets going in the kitchen and I love the color.  The countertops should go in next week and then they can finish the floorsThis evening we decided to try letting the dog upstairs where the rest of us have been hanging out in the loft area.  We have a couch there and the TV.  It's kind of a tight space but cozy and at least it's a place different from the garage where we can all hang together.  Bella was super happy but Rusty wasn't so sure. Normally the dog is not allowed upstairs so this is his safe space away from her,  but she was good and left him alone so it all worked out well.

Day 314- Saturday, 11/10/18
The freshman basketball team had their first scrimmage and they did well.  It will be a good season but busy.  Their schedule over the next few months is insane and something I will have to get used to.  Later we all went out to dinner at a local Chinese place and took home a lot of leftovers which will come in handy over the next couple days.

Day 315- Sunday, 11/11/18
Our air quality is super bad due to the fires that are still burning.  They are a couple hours away but the smoke funnels right into our valley.  It's eerie out because it looks like fog but it's really smoke and the sun can barely shine but hey, if smoke is all we are dealing with, we are the lucky ones.  Our hearts go out to those who lost so much in these terrible fires.

Ok all done!  Hope to see you next week.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Week 44

Hello there and happy Tuesday!  We survived the first week of the remodel and only have two more weeks to go.  It was not easy, but we are adjusting and finding a temporary new normal that's not too bad.  Demo is complete and now the fun stuff happens. We are starting to see progress and can start to imagine how it will all come together.  My head is spinning with all the little details and decisions we had to make, but I think we're pretty much past that phase too.  Hopefully the rest is a piece of cake.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 302- Monday, 10/29/18
Justin and his friend Walter spent a lot of time the past week working on this AP Stats project for Casino Day that happened in class today.  It was fun, they learned a lot, worked well as a team, and got an excellent grade on it.

Day 303- Tuesday, 10/30/18
Yikes!  It's super windy out and there is a brush fire right behind our building.  Thankfully the university fire fighters put it out quickly before it spread too fast, but one employee in the building behind us did loose her car as it was engulfed by flames.  Not something we all want to see given our recent history of fires in this state.  Back home, as I was avoiding the chaos inside my house, I found this pretty fall leaf in our pool which helped me find some peace.  We're packing up the downstairs like crazy and it's stressful but nature is very therapeutic so when I need a break I just head outside.

Day 304- Wednesday, 10/31/18
Speaking of that chaos--it's demo day, and my kitchen is being ripped apart, and I've made a million and one trips to Lowe's and Home Depot.  Oh and it's also Halloween and we live in a very active treating area so no relaxing tonight.  The boys did decide last minute to dress up and head out for some fun--not too bad for last minute costumes.

Day 305- Thursday, 11/1/18
Happy November!  As you can see my boys are thrilled to be eating dinner in the garage where we set up a makeshift kitchen.  Rusty is also less than thrilled with all the commotion and has decided to hold up in my closet.  On a happier note my task for the day was to order appliances and Home Depot has an excellent Black Friday sale going on just for this so I saved a couple thousand dollars which will come in handy for the overage on your countertops.  We're trying really hard not to bust the budget here.

Day 306- Friday, 11/2/18
TGIF!  What a week.  Brandon just got home from a short day at school but will be heading back in about an hour for the last day of basketball tryouts (second cuts happening tonight).  Then the Wongs came over to take us out for a much needed fun night.  While we were having dinner Brandon texted and told us he made the freshman high school basketball team!  Yay--so excited for him, and now I officially start my journey as a basketball mom :0)  Cheers!

Day 307- Saturday, 11/3/18
My cherry tomato plant is still producing like crazy and the color on the fruit is so pretty.  The larger plant gave us a couple more tomatoes but is officially done now.  While Brandon is at basketball practice and I run more house errands Justin is out at his last ever cross country meet.  These are the varsity boys just after their run.  That wraps up high school sports for him.  He's decided not to do track in the spring but may help Coach Dave with running the tennis program.

Day 308- Sunday, 11/4/18
It's such a nice weekend with no wind and mild temps.  I took the dog on a long walk this afternoon to soak in the sunshine and all the fall color plus enjoy the fresh pleasant air outside of the dusty mess in my house.  Then we gathered for a nice BBQ dinner outside instead of eating in the dreary garage.  This was a good end to our very full and chaotic week.

That's it!  See you all next week hopefully with some pictures of progress and no more destruction.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Week 43

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  I can't believe it's Halloween tomorrow and also it's demo day in my house!!  Things are about to get real.  I'm not sure how we'll survive without a kitchen, laundry, or main living space for at least 2 weeks but somehow we'll manage. Deep breaths.

For now here are last week's pictures:

Day 295- Monday, 10/22/18
This afternoon was beautiful out and I was putzing about in the yard with my sidekick who always enjoys the opportunity to explore out back free from her dog run.

Day 296- Tuesday, 10/23/18
Brandon got this 3D skull puzzle for his birthday over the summer and had it mostly complete but got stuck and abandoned it for awhile.  With Halloween coming up he felt inspired to try again and got it all done this time.  It's pretty cool but hard to photograph the details with all the layered pieces refracting light.

Day 297- Wednesday, 10/24/18
Another beautiful fall sunrise up on the 5th floor of VM3A were I work.  I even caught a huge bird in there this time.  I'm pretty sure it's a raptor of some sort looking to hunt rodents out and about at dawn.

Day 298- Thursday, 10/25/18
Justin is taunting Bella with a treat and she is sitting there perfectly still, pretty, and waiting.  What you can't see is the drool dripping from her mouth in anticipation, and I'll for sure make him mop up the puddle after ;0)

Day 299- Friday, 10/26/18
 TGIF!  It's been a long week and we just decided to pull the trigger and sign a contract to get our remodel started in hopes it will be done before Thanksgiving.  Hold on tight--it's going to be a wild ride and it starts tomorrow with shopping for appliances, but tonight we relax and enjoy each other's company.

Day 300- Saturday, 10/27/18
I had pretty much all the other Halloween decorations up and out except for my huge hanging spider so after we spent the morning driving around deciding on remodel stuff I put him up in all his glory.  I also begged Tyler for a few random pictures and this is what I got.  LOL!  He's a total college boy tailgating at a football game and partaking in some frat ceremony.  That's ok-- I'll take what I can get.

Day 301- Sunday, 10/28/18
While John is away at a motorcycle class I worked on out picking tile for bathroom floors and the kitchen backsplash, and the boys worked on carving pumpkins.  It's great they are so self-sufficient and didn't really need any help from me except for setup and cleanup.  I'm trying to keep some sort of normalcy for them while I pack stuff away but there's no doubt they'll feel pretty out of sorts without the true comforts of home in the coming days.

Wait!  One more:

October's Family Photo

This was taken Saturday on one last, fine, fall day in October before the winds picked up and the chill set in.  We're sad to be missing Tyler here but he'll be home in a few weeks for Thanksgiving so we'll get him in the November family photo for sure and the December one as well.

That's it. See you next week in November!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Week 42

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  There was a big beautiful harvest moon to gaze at on my drive in this morning. That's the upside and the downside is that full moons bring out the crazies so traffic before 6am heading into Davis was insane with 2 truck breakdowns and 1 multi-car accident causing major slow ups. Sadly I'm not sure being up and out early enough to experience that moon was worth it. Halloween is fast approaching and I'm in the final stages of prepping for that, but I'm not even sure my boys are going to participate this year which marks another transition into having nearly grown kids. They can at least help pass out candy for me.  It's a new phase for us in terms of holidays. Mine still like all the traditions but without all the magical excitement and it's sad, but I'll be ok.  I'll just roll with it and take what I can get from them.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 288- Monday, 10/15/18
Today was the day of Brandon's bike accident while riding to school.  He was struck by a large pickup truck on his left side just after it turned right at a stop. Thankfully there was not much momentum or speed so he was not terribly hurt.  He has a few road rash scrapes, his shoulder is sore, and he's shaken up, but he also learned some good lessons and thankfully will be ok.  This afternoon he rests quietly with his faithful dog by his side.  I have to give props to the EMT, West Sac Police, school staff, and community members who stepped up to help take care of and comfort him until I could get there and even after.  He was in good hands.  His bike was thoroughly checked out and is unharmed but could use a little air in the tires.  Since John is traveling for work Justin pitched in to do that for his brother.  It really does take a village and I'm glad I have that here for me and mine.

Day 289- Tuesday, 10/16/18
Moving on to a new day with a good start.  The barista at our work coffee joint put a cute touch of fall on my mocha today which made me smile and helped me kick off my morning.  Then this afternoon I caught the sun beaming through some fall leaves in the backyard as I check on our tomatoes trying to ripening up for the last harvest.

Day 290- Wednesday, 10/17/18
Justin just got home from a cross country meet that he said he rocked and he's happy to be sporting a new jacket.  He's very picky so it took me awhile to find one that he approved of--it must have several pockets with zippers, a hood, and can't be too heavy or too light.  Luckily this one fits the bill.  I think the hood is a little weird but he likes weird so we're good.

Day 291- Thursday, 10/18/18 
Now that it's fall and the temps have dropped I have my lap cat back.  He's seeking out human warmth again which is fine by me because I've missed my cat cuddles all summer long.  I'm enjoying seeing all the new fall colors popping up too, and I like that my cat is a pretty fall color as well.

Day 292- Friday, 10/19/18
Yep- it truly is fall as you can tell on my walk with the dog.  There are so many colorful fallen leaves littering the sidewalks.  When we return I find Justin stealing one of the boxes I just brought home for packing things up to start the remodel.  He has an AP Stats project he's working on with a friend and needs a box or two.  How convenient for him that there just so happens to be a new pile of boxes in the garage.  Oh well--saves me a trip to find one last minute.  It's always easy come, easy go with these kids.

Day 293- Saturday, 10/20/18
It was a busy day.  Justin had another XC meet that I was hoping to go to, but Brandon's shoulder and now his back are still bothering him so I decided it was best to get an x-ray and make sure it's just normal healing pain and nothing more serious.  We spent 2 hours in urgent care but got it done and there may be a slight dislocation and a muscle contusion but nothing major that won't heal on it's own with time and rest so we'll just be patient.  After that was done and Justin had returned and also put in more time on his AP Stats project the boys and I went out to dinner and a movie.  John is back from his work trip but is now up in Tahoe on a guys trip for the weekend so it's just us and a Marvel movie.

Day 294- Sunday, 10/21/18
It's been awhile but worth the wait because the weather is perfect now for Cinnamon Roll Sunday.  These ones have an orange icing that we all love.  It's the perfectly yummy way to end a full fall week.

That's it.  See you next week just before Halloween!