Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week 34

It's been a busy and exciting week.  I feel like I never get to see my oldest son anymore between school and water polo, but he's having fun, and the rest are adjusting.  Plus we have a new family member so we're getting used to fitting him in our routine.  The timing is not the best, but it is what it is.  Never a dull moment in the Packham house!

Enjoy last week's pictures:

Day 232- Sunday, 8/19/12
We finally have some ripe tomatoes.  They are not very big but at least they're red.  There are a bunch on the vine but for some reason they aren't turning well this year.

 Day 233- Monday, 8/20/12
Justin is entering middle school and got his class schedule today.  He'll be switching classes now which is fun and scary all in one.  As soon as we got home with the list he called his friend Adrian to see if they are in any classes together and thankfully they have a few.

 Day 234- Tuesday, 8/21/12
Today is the last day of summer break so I treated the boys to summer goodies at McDonald's.  They were impressed with the options there and all got something a little different.

 First day back to school with Tyler in high school, Justin in middle school and Brandon in 3rd grade.  Tyler no longer has to wear a uniform.

 Day 235- Wednesday, 8/22/12
Today is also our 20th!!! wedding anniversary so after we sent the kids off to school and John wrapped up a conference call we went out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  It was sooo good and they even had one of our favorite drinks from our European trip--Blended Bellinis.  Totally meant to be ;0)

 Day 236- Thursday, 8/23/12
Here he is!  Meet Rusty our new family member.  I've been looking for an orange, tabby, short hair, male kitten and just last week my boss found an abandoned litter on her property so we rescued this little guy.  He's 6 wks old and oh so small but tons of fun and making himself right at home.

 Day 237- Friday, 8/24/12
The boys are happy its Friday and they can play with the cat not having to worry about homework and school the next day.  Bella is slowly getting used to having a kitten around.  She really just wants to play with him, but he's so small and she is so big that we have to be careful having them together.

 Day 238- Saturday, 8/25/12
I love that this boy is still young enough to want to wear a super hero cape and play with his sidekick super hero dog.

Wait one more! 

August's Family Photo

This was really taken late July, but I just got it framed and hung and wanted to include it in our family photo series because it's fun!  John and I have a picture like this of us from before kids in our bedroom, and the boys always ask about it so we've been meaning to take a picture with all of us and finally got around to it at the State Fair.  We've got a perfect outlaw looking family ;0)

OK, all done! 
See you next week and thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 33

It's the beginning of the end for summer break--school starts tomorrow!  After being home for a week with no camp, I think my kids are ready.  Even though we've packed some fun things in there and gone out and about they still seem a bit stir crazy.  Maybe it's the heat?  Whatever the reason, I'm glad they're ready to go, and I look forward to a good academic year.  I'll have one starting high school, one starting middle school, and one in 3rd grade.  Lot's change this year but also exciting times.

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 225- Sunday, 8/12/12
I went upstairs and found Justin all sacked out after the swim team awards.  He's sleeping with his trophy in hand--too cute but strange.  This child never naps.  He's been that was since he was born.  I'm not sure what came over him, but he must need it so I'll let him sleep.

Day 226- Monday, 8/13/12
Today is National Left Handed Day so I had to take a picture of my lefty.  I always wanted to be left handed when I was younger because I had a best friend who was, and I thought it was so cool.  As much as I practiced that never happened but I did end up with a left handed child.  My youngest son Brandon is a lefty and proud of it.

Day 227- Tuesday, 8/14/12
We took the kids to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today for some family fun.  The boys and I are ready to ride Brandon's first big coaster, Roar.  He was thrilled to be tall enough for at least one of the bigger rides and this is what he conquered.

Day 228- Wednesday, 8/15/12
I finally got around to the dreaded back-to-school shopping, but this is only for 2 of my kids.  I'm not sure what my high school freshman needs yet.  So much for a free education.

Day 229- Thursday, 8/16/12
I made it to Michael's today.  They were having a frame sale, and I have a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to frame, but I can never seem to find the time.  Since I'm off most of this week and half of next week now is as good a time as any.  Once school starts and I'm back to work forget it.

Day 230- Friday, 8/17/12
Tyler had his freshman orientation this morning.  He got his class schedule, PE lock, and PE clothes.  I still can't believe he's starting high school next week.  Because of water polo and early dismissals for games we already had to put in a request to change his schedule, but it was done quickly and now he has one that will work better.  They switched his biology and PE class times so instead of missing honors biology which would not be wise he'll be missing some PE.

Day 231- Saturday, 8/18/12
I spent most of the day finishing the younger boys' room.  They've had their new comforters for awhile now, and I've been collecting stuff to change out the safari animal theme to a shark/ocean theme for months but haven't gotten around to getting the wall art up until today.  Brandon is thrilled and Justin is impressed but says he needs some jellyfish and a spiny puffer fish added before he'll be completely happy.  I'm working on it!
That's all for now.  Check back next week to see how we're handling school and a crazy schedule that has 3 kids going in 3 different directions.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 32

I'm looking forward to this week because it's the last week of summer, and I get to spend most of it with my boys before they go off to school.  I can't abandon work altogether, but I'll try to be there as little as possible.  Today even John is off from work to join as we take the boys on a surprise visit to Six Flags.  They'll be so happy since they've been asking to go for the past few years.  I'm looking forward to a great day with my family.

Before that let's look at last week's pictures-

Day 218- Sunday, 8/5/12
In preparation for the new school year Tyler and John hit up Fry's for a new computer the boys can use.  They've had hand-me downs for the past couple years which were really slow and are all dead now so with one going into high school and another going into middle school it was time for something a little more powerful and reliable.

Day 219- Monday, 8/6/12
This picture was actually taken yesterday, but I'm posting for today to show how John is now riding his new bike to work.  He bought the used bike Saturday and is super excited.  Hopefully it will save on gas money although this is a bad week to start riding because it's going to get too hot real fast.

Day 220- Tuesday, 8/7/12
Poor Tyler got a flat tire on the way to water polo practice.  He made it there ok, but John had to leave work to pick him and the bike up afterward and then later they worked together to change the tube since he'll need it for the rest of the week.  Now days he's crippled without his bike.


Day 221- Wednesday, 8/8/12
Ugh!  The heat and lack of water at summer camp triggered one of Brandon's migraines which ended in a vomiting episode :0(  Bella doesn't like it when one of her kids is sick.  She's staying close and watching over him--such a good nursemate.  I'll have to make sure Brandon stays really hydrated this week.

Day 222- Thursday, 8/9/12
Speaking of the heat, here is our forecast today and for the next few days.  Nothing but triple digits. 

Day 223- Friday, 8/10/12
Those hot August nights make for great night swim weather.  Both Brandon and Justin were so excited and happy to be able to swim after dark tonight.  The water was perfect and so refreshing.  Tyler just wrapped up water polo "hell week" (5+ hrs of practice every day) so he passed on more pool time.  LOL!  Can't say I blame him!

Day 224- Saturday, 8/11/12
How about a summer picnic?  This was so much fun!  John and I went with friends to a local winery mall (The Old Sugar Mill), tasted a bunch of fabulous wines, and picnicked on the grounds.  It was the perfect way to end the week.

OK, we're one week closer to the start of school :0( 
Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 31

Sadly summer is winding down.  This is the last week of summer camp for my two younger kids and the first week of high school sports for my oldest.  Hopefully we can squeeze in a few more fun things before they're back to school for good.  They have all of next week off at home which means forced vacation for me ;0)  Wish I could really take the whole week off, but John and I will have to tag team and also rely on Tyler to help watch his brothers.  Work is just too busy for me to completely check out. 

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 211- Sunday, 7/29/12
We had a small family party to celebrate Brandon's 8th birthday.  His real birthday is on Tuesday and its near impossible to have the whole family together for a party then so we did it a little early.  He didn't mind one bit!

Day 212- Monday, 7/30/12
At work I'm spending 3-5 hrs a day in the hood taking care of these cultures.  We're expanding some hybridomas in hopes of getting the perfect monoclonal.  Cool stuff, but a lot of work which doesn't leave time for much else.

Day 213- Tuesday, 7/31/12
Happy Birthday Brandon!  I took the day off from my cultures and surprised him with a day at home.  He was thrilled and had a pretty great day starting with donuts, squeezing in a few more presents, and ending with ice-cream just before Tyler and I ran off to sports physical night. 

Day 214- Wednesday, 8/1/12
Seriously?  Not August already!  I wouldn't mind going back to June and prolonging the summer.  Tyler and Bella were happy to help with my monthly marker.

Day 215- Thursday, 8/2/12
We've been watching a lot of Olympics.  It's fun to see the games, but I wish some of the more popular events weren't on so late.  Go USA!

Day 216- Friday, 8/3/12
Justin made this cute little porcupine at camp today.  He's had a good summer there and is making lots of new friends.  He even told me the other day that he wished I didn't pick him up so early--usually its why are you so late?

Day 217- Saturday, 8/4/12
We had a Groupon for dinner and drinks at the Graduate in Davis which was a favorite place of ours when we were dating so John and I had Grad Burgers and Tahiti Tea tonight.  Yum!  It was nice to get away.

That's all folks!
Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.