Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 16

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Here we are in the last week of April which means only one more month until school is out for summer.  We all can't wait!  Let's just hope things warm up so it can actually feeling like the start of summer. 

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 106- Sunday, 4/16/17
Happy Easter!  It feels weird to celebrate without Tyler, but we did our best and sent him this picture of Bella and Brandon for fun.  Our morning was nice and sunny just before the rain moved in around lunch time.  At least our feast was indoors with the oven on to cook a ham and warm the house.  I miss our sunny and dry spring days and hopefully they will come in full force soon.

Day 107- Monday, 4/17/17
Back to the grind.  Spring break is over so it's time for work and we have a couple big projects lined up that will take me well into the fall months.

Day 108- Tuesday, 4/18/17
Yay--sunshine!  We finally have a nice day today and are expecting the rest of the week to be like this.  There are all kinds of pretty flowers around the pool in bloom and just as many weeds.  Yikes!  As long as the weather holds we'll deal with that them coming weekend.

Day 109- Wednesday, 4/19/17
Another nice day and great day for tennis.  Justin practices with the team but hasn't really been competing so I don't have many pictures of him playing this year.  That knee still bothers him so this season is pretty much a wash. Hopefully next year he'll be better and can really get back to it.

Day 110- Thursday, 4/20/17
Forget the unicorn frappuccino!  I'll stick with my usual no-whip iced mocha especially to get me through a meeting or two.  Those unicorn drinks make my tummy hurt just looking at pictures of them. Yuck!

Day 111- Friday, 4/21/17
Here's a good way to spend a nice Friday afternoon.  The boys got large bubble wands in their Easter baskets and Brandon enjoyed trying his out after school today.

Day 112- Saturday, 4/22/17
Happy Earth Day!  It was a nice day to be outside all day.  I spent most the morning in the yard weeding and pruning.  That pretty orange flower is a weed that was quickly plucked after I snapped this picture ;0) There was a whole carpet of them invading my flower beds out front.  Later we took a trip to the local nursery and picked up a couple new trees to replace ones we lost in the drought.  It was a great way to spend Earth Day and important to get it done before the next storm system hits--yep, more rain in the forecast  : /

That's it for now.  See you next week.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 15

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  I hope everyone had a blessed Easter.  We had a nice spring break last week aside from some not so great weather and now are adjusting to getting back to a normal schedule with even more bad weather.  I'm so sick of the rain and am so ready for a warm and sunny spring.  Please make it stop.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 99- Sunday, 4/9/17
Sunshine is a rare thing these days so when it does appear the pets and people gravitate to it.

Day 100- Monday, 4/10/17
The boys love to help me take the pets to the vet's so I usually schedule their appointments when the boys are home.  This made for a perfect spring break field trip.

Day 101- Tuesday, 4/11/17
Justin was out and about today so Brandon and I worked together making homemade pizza for dinner-oh so good!

Day 102- Wednesday, 4/12/17
Today we got to escape and get away for some real fun.  We went to Great America to ride some rides.  It rained the whole 3 hr drive down, but then, just before we arrived, the skies cleared and the sun came out so it turned into a great weather day. There were also very little people which meant no lines--yay!  It was a super fun day and we stayed the night so no rush to go home.

Day 103- Thursday, 4/13/17
We may be back home but were still officially on break so drinks for a Thursday it is!

Day 104- Friday, 4/14/17
Justin wanted a pull up bar for his birthday and John was able to install it today so he gave it a try.  He's the only one home right now that can even do 1.  LOL!  This will be good for all of us.

Day 105- Saturday, 4/15/17
Justin is at the animal shelter working his first 4 hr shift as an independent volunteer now that he is 16.  Before he had to work with the teen group or with an adult so this is a step up.  Brandon was home with me coloring eggs and he did a great job.  We can't wait for Easter tomorrow.

Wait one more!  

April's Family Photo

We actually got it done early this month thanks to the slower pace of spring break and the Great America photographers.

That's all folks!  Hope to see you back next week.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 14

It's Tuesday yet again although it doesn't feel like it because we are on spring break.  WooHoo!  It's so nice to have a break from school and work.  I did come into work this morning for a bit but I'm off most the rest of the week to spend time with the family.  We have a quick overnight escape planned but otherwise we'll be getting things done at home that just can't be done during busier weeks.  Both the yard and the house need some spring cleaning.  Now, if only the weather would cooperate.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 92- Sunday 4/2/17
After 3 hours of working together printing and taping and organizing their board is done! Brandon and Freddy did a good job and are ready for the science fair set for Thursday.  They are happy to be done early because working after school mid-week on this would be nearly impossible with their different schedules.

Day 93- Monday, 4/3/17
John is a happy boy!  His favorite college team, North Carolina, wins the NCAA basketball tournament.  They were close last year but lost at the very end so this year makes for sweet redemption.  All I can say is thank goodness March Madness is finally over!

Day 94- Tuesday, 4/4/17
It doesn't take long for Justin to comfortably move back into Tyler's room once he's back at school.  Tyler left Sunday and ever since Justin has been using his room as a secluded study space.  It actually works out well because Justin shares a room with Brandon but needs to stay up later to do homework so he does that in Tyler's room and then heads to his own room when he's ready to sleep. 

Day 95- Wednesday, 4/5/17
Brandon had a minimum day so we took advantage of the extra time and headed to Petco picking out a couple gifts for Bella's upcoming birthday.  He loves shopping for the pets.

Day 96- Thursday, 4/6/17
Rain, rain, rain again!  Blah--I'm ready for it to end.  It rained a lot yesterday and today and is supposed to rain again tomorrow.  I'm ready for a dry warm spring but more rain is expected late next week too so maybe we'll have a dry spring in May. *sigh*

Day 97- Friday, 4/7/17
Today is John's actual birthday and Bella's too.  It's a big one for him and he wears it well.  We're all a little sick of cake here so a simple cupcake worked perfectly. Bella is now 8 and considered an older dog but she's young at heart and certainly doesn't act older ;0)

Day 98- Saturday, 4/8/17
There's my college boy back at school.  The Pultiz family is on spring break in the LA area and visited Tyler for a personal tour to check out the campus for Nick, a fellow water polo and swim friend.  Laura, his mom, kindly asked me if I had anything I wanted her to deliver to Tyler from home so I sent a care package of snacks and Easter treats.  They had a fun time with Tyler and he was happy with his package plus they sent me a picture--yay!  Back here at home we went out to dinner to celebrate John's birthday.  He's happy Lobster Fest is always around his birthday so he got his lobster fix.

That's it for now.  See you next Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 13

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  This is our last work and school week before spring break, and we can't wait.  We have no huge plans but will still find a few fun things to do.  I just hope we can keep this nice, sunny, spring weather and avoid the rain although I heard more is coming.  Enough already!  Last week was great with Tyler home but now he's back in LA working to finish up his first college year before we get him home again during the summer months mid June.  That seems so far away, but I bet it will go fast.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 85- Sunday, 3/26/17
It's nice to see these two play together.  Justin really wanted to make the most of his time with Tyler while he was home which is great because they weren't always close.

Day 86- Monday, 3/27/17
The weather is nice enough to open windows and let the breeze in.  Rusty is a huge fan of that.  He not only likes the fresh air but he also likes the sound of the birds and the sight of bugs buzzing by.

Day 87- Tuesday, 3/28/17
It's time to start working on the science fair project display board.  We're taking baby steps getting a little done here and there and will make a big push with his partner over the weekend.  Today Brandon cut out his clever title.

Day 88- Wednesday, 3/29/17
One of Tyler's favorite home-cooked meals is tacos with fresh fried shells so we made sure to feed him some of his favorites while he was home.  I don't think he stopped smiling during this entire meal ;0)

Day 89- Thursday, 3/30/17
It's a beautiful sunny day with gorgeous flowers in bloom and an inviting pool that shimmers in the bright sun.  The pool may look inviting on these warm spring days, but the water is still super cold.  Soon we'll put the solar blanket on to help with that and get it ready for Memorial Day weekend.  Tyler and John also went out for sushi today. It's their thing when he's home from school and I love that they have a thing.

Day 90- Friday, 3/31/17
What?!  Justin had a great day turning 16!!  Morning donuts, burgers for dinner, presents and a chocolate peanut butter cake for dessert. Tomorrow he'll have a friend sleep over and we'll all take in a movie.  Happy Birthday Justin!

Day 91- Saturday, 4/1/17
No fooling around here.  This is Tyler's last day at home before heading back to UCLA tomorrow morning.  He misses this dog when he's away and was happy to spend some good time with her over break.  He was also kind enough to take my monthly marker shot with her especially since her birthday is in April.  How did we get to April already?  Later we saw that movie I mentioned.  Justin and his friend really wanted to see Kong and it was a good choice.  We all enjoyed it.

Wait!  One more-

March's Family Photo

Yay!--another family shot with the full group.  It's been so fun having Tyler home and we'll miss him when he heads back but we'll also be busy wrapping up the school year here so it will go by quick.

OK-- all done.  See you next week without Tyler ;0(