Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 42

Welcome back!  It's hard to believe it's Tuesday again already. The weeks just fly by.  I'm hoping things will slow down a bit after this week because it's the end of fall swim and water polo.  At least we'll have our relaxing evenings back.  We're still enjoying a nice Indian Summer but expecting a cool down real soon.  The temps usually drop right around Halloween for us and I'm ready!  I want it to feel more like fall.

Here are last week's pictures-

Day 288- Saturday, 10/15/11
Look--no training wheels!  Brandon learned to ride his bike today and did awesome.  He pretty much took off and never looked back.  I think he was the easiest of our 3 to train, and as an added bonus I got a good workout running along side trying to keep up and make sure he didn't fall.  Best part--no crashes.  Not even one!  Guess he was ready.

Day 289- Sunday, 10/16/11
I found a recipe online for Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay biscuits and had to give them a try.  They were super easy and a big hit along with John's grilled chicken.  That's what's for dinner tonight!  Sadly just after we ate, I checked facebook and found out a good friend of mine lost her 14 yr old daughter in a tragic car accident.  This hit me really hard.  My heart aches for her family.  Rest in peace Jorden.

Day 290- Monday, 10/17/11
I'm not sure why he looks so worried.  Brandon had his regular dental checkup after school today and his teeth look great-- no cavities!  He still hates going regardless, and I can't say that I blame him.  It's not my favorite way to spend an afternoon either.

Day 291- Tuesday, 10/18/11
I haven't been sleeping well thinking of Jorden and her family, but this morning when I got to work around 6 am there was an amazing sunrise that gave me some peace and set the tone for the rest of my day.  I had a really good day and even slept much better that night.   It was a sunrise of wonderful, bright colors and full of promise.  You've got to have a good day after a start like that, right?

Day 292- Wednesday, 10/19/11
Today was yet another minimum day at school and beautiful out so we headed to our local pumpkin patch to pick a few pumpkins.  I think the boys enjoyed the fresh air and room to run.  We brought home 3 perfect pumpkins and some dirty, smiling boys.

Day 293- Thursday, 10/20/11
Writing in cursive is a 5th grade standard and poor Justin does not have the best fine-motor skills so it's been really hard for him.  At the beginning of the school year the first paragraph he had to write in cursive took him well over an hour--no joke!  Thankfully with lots of patience, practice, and support he's getting used to it, and tonight's 3 paragraph essay only took 20 min.

Day 294- Friday, 10/21/11
Last night while waiting for water polo practice I had to run to Michael's to pick up a specialty item, and they had the Halloween decorations already on clearance so I picked up a small glittered pumpkin to add to my collection and a cute little stand for only a couple bucks.  Nice thing about decorating with pumpkins is that they can stay out all fall through Thanksgiving ;0)

That's it!  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 41

Happy Tuesday!  We are enjoying a really nice Indian Summer.  I'm loving this weather and this time of year.  The kids are outside playing, the trees are turning pretty colors, the sunsets are amazing, the moon is full, and there is a crispness to the air.  What more could you ask for?

How about last week's pictures-

Day 281- Saturday, 10/8/11
Tonight we went out with family and friends to Cattlemen's in Dixon to celebrate John's promotion.  I haven't eaten there in years and forgot how good their steaks really are--yum!  Even the kids were impressed.

Day 282- Sunday, 10/9/11
Tyler and John spent the day in San Francisco at the 49ers game.  It was a wonderful sunny day, and the Niner's even creamed the other team just for them ;0)  This was one of Tyler's birthday presents, and I think it will be one he never forgets.  Both him and John had a super fun day.

Day 283- Monday, 10/10/11
Tonight at swim practice I finished one book and started another.  That's the only time I get a chance to read these days--while I'm waiting for kids during their activities.  At least the weather has been really pleasant out.  It's actually quite nice to read outside in the evening while the sun is setting and the coolness creeps in.

Day 284- Tuesday 10/11/11
Justin lost yet another tooth.  Both him and Brandon are breaking the bank these days.  He actually thought he could manage not telling me, but one wide grin easily gave him away just before bed.  Caught ya!

Day 285- Wednesday, 10/12/11
The costumes are in and the kids are set for Halloween.  They love having the Halloween box out and trying on costumes from past years.  Can you guess what they will be this year?

Day 286- Thursday, 10/13/11
It was picture day at school which is why Tyler is out of uniform and has a fresh haircut.  He was playing with Bella this afternoon and sat next to her while they were resting.  I thought this made for a good picture especially since it's rare to see anyone near the dog without Brandon. Where is that kid anyway?  I better go check!

Day 287- Friday, 10/14/11
My new phone is also now my new fitness trainer.  I've got an app to help me keep track of calories consumed and burned as well as an app to help me find quick but effective workouts that I can fit into my busy day.  Mostly I like to workout in the afternoons while watching recorded episodes of TV I missed in the evenings when reading those books at various kid's activities.

 That's all folks! See you next Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 40

Fall is most certainly in the air.  We've had wet weekdays but beautiful sunny weekends which is always nice.  I busted out the fall decorations and I'm enjoying the season.  Now I want to bake some yummy fall treats, but I'm trying to cut a few pounds so I can't go crazy.  Maybe just a loaf of pumpkin bread or two.  The good thing is my boys love it as well and will have it mostly eaten before I get any!  As long as I can have that wonderful smell in my house I think I'll be good.

Now for last week's pictures-

Day 274- Saturday, 10/1/11
Happy October!  It seems only fitting to have our black lab pose for this month's marker.  She is also enjoying these nice fall days with cooler temps.  Stretching out on the grass is one of her favorite things to do in our backyard.

Day 275- Sunday, 10/2/11
John is putting our tomato crop to good use by making salsa.  When he's done he'll sit down with a big bowl of his creation and some chips to watch a football game or two.

Day 276- Monday, 10/3/11
What's for dinner tonight?  Oven-roasted chicken or as my kids affectionately call it "chicken on the bone."  They love chicken made this way and will save it as the last thing on their plate because they want to "save the best for last."

Day 277- Tuesday, 10/4/11
Yet another sign of fall--my orchid is in bloom.  I think this is the most flowers I've ever seen at one time.  Usually it's only two or three, but this year we have at least nine in the works.

Day 278- Wednesday, 10/5/11
They were predicting rain for today and rain it did!  We had thunder, lightening, and huge downpours.  It was raining so hard at times that you couldn't help but peek outside to watch in amazement.  Thank goodness swim was canceled for tonight.

Day 279- Thursday, 10/6/11
Yep! My 7yr old still wishes he was a dog.  It's not unusual to see him crawling around the house acting like one most afternoons.

Day 280- Friday, 10/7/11
I love this little pumpkin bowl I picked up at Nugget Market a couple years ago.  It's perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  My kids also enjoy the seasonal treats I fill it with.  Have you tried peanut butter m&m's with candy corn?  Such a gooood combination.  Now what was I saying before about losing a few pounds?  I think I started at the wrong time of year.

That wraps up last week.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 39

It's starting to feel like fall!  I love this time of year but I'm not ready--must get the kids some warmer clothes soon.  You feed them and water them and they grow like weeds!  Plus boys wear things out way too quickly.  I can't tell you how many pants with holes in the knees I've tossed.  Ugh!  Anyway happy fall.   

Now for last week's pictures-

Day 267- Saturday, 9/24/11
Tyler is sporting one of his favorite birthday gifts.  Now he can talk with his friends on-line as they play XBOX games.  He couldn't be happier!

Day 268- Sunday, 9/25/11
It's football season which means you'll see this flag flying at our house most Sundays.  Tyler and John are actually going to a game in San Francisico next Sunday (another birthday gift Tyler is way excited about--oh, and John too!)

Day 269- Monday, 9/26/11
Tyler freezing at fall swim.  They're plenty warm in the water but it's a bit chilly when they have to get out and wait in the cold night.

Day 270- Tuesday, 9/27/11
I got to see my little karate master in action tonight.  John has been taking them to Karate since he started so this was my first time seeing Brandon join the group and he's doing quite well--love his concentration.

Day 271- Wednesday, 9/28/11
Justin is the first to get his STAR test award.  Tyler gets his Friday and Brandon is still too young.  Justin is always surprised when he gets as gold medal--the kid needs more confidence.  His brain may work differently than most but it still works in amazing ways and he needs to trust in that.

Day 272- Thursday, 9/29/11
Earlier this morning Brandon was sedated for a brain MRI to make sure there is nothing obvious causing his migraine/vomiting episodes.  They gave him propofol which is all over the news lately because of Micheal Jackson's death trial so that was a little unnerving but Brandon had a great dr and did well aside from acting a little drunk for a couple hrs after.  We were told to keep him home and to choose a quiet activity as he recovered so I bought him he this lego-like Transformers set to build.  It worked perfectly as he happily sat quiet for a couple hrs creating his masterpiece.

Day 273- Friday, 9/30/11
We had a late start to our hot weather here which is needed to ripen tomatoes so we are just now starting to harvest from our plants.  There are about 20 more on the vine continuing to ripen.  John needs to get busy making salsa.

That's all for this week.  See you next Tuesday.