Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 24

Happy Tuesday!  I'm running late but better late than never.  I need to make this short because we are packing and getting ready to head out to the French Polynesian islands for vacation.  My Parents flew in yesterday and will be keeping an eye on the house, kids, and pets while John and I play.  So much to do and so little time but we're almost ready to go.

Take a look at last week's pictures:

Day 162- Sunday, 6/11/17
Rusty's bird is back tormenting him again for the summer.  This bird is super aggressive and here most mornings and evenings squawking at the poor cat. 

Day 163- Monday, 6/12/17
The Warriors win this year redeeming themselves after last year by bringing the championship title back home.

Day 164- Tuesday, 6/13/17
The boys enjoy fresh summer fruit with dinner most nights.

Day 165- Wednesday, 6/14/17
I drove 6 hrs to UCLA so I could help Tyler pack up and head home for the summer.  We couldn't leave without enjoying one last Diddy Riese ice-cream cookie sandwhich first though. Yum!

Day 166- Thursday, 6/15/17
Tyler is home and now we have to figure out what to do with the extra stuff for the next 3 months.  I guess I need to pick up some storage bins soon.  It's great to have the brothers three together again.

Day 167- Friday, 6/16/17
Prepare for the heatwave.  It starts today topping out at around 100 degrees and ends Wednesday or Thursday of next week peaking to about 110!  Now I like the heat but this is a bit much especially after just having some cold winter like days with snow in the mountains and all.  Justin knows it's best to spend these hot summer afternoons inside playing new video games.  He just picked up the Arms game for Nintendo.

Day 168- Saturday, 6/17/17
Brandon and I are prepping for Father's Day by making brownies that we will use in the Father's Day dessert.  

Wait!  One more:

June's Family Photo

It's the full family back together again for the next 3 months.  Yay!

That's it!  John and I are so excited to be heading out to some beautiful islands for a much needed break.  You won't see a post next Tuesday because I'll be unplugged but we can catch up the week after ;0)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 23

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  This is the week Tyler comes home for the summer.  I'm driving down tomorrow to help move him out and then we're heading home Thursday.  Yay!  I'm not looking forward to the drive but will be happy to have him home.  

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 155- Sunday, 6/4/17
It's a beautiful day out and after spending time working in the house sitting poolside this afternoon was the perfect way to relax.  Then these two watched some basketball together and are hoping the Warriors can win it all this year.

Day 156- Monday, 6/5/17
They're all set with their summer reading books.  Justin's are mostly for classes at school (AP classes give summer homework) and Brandon's is just for fun.

Day 157- Tuesday, 6/6/17
It's clouding up out there but this flower is still reaching for what little sun it can find.

Day 158- Wednesday, 6/7/17
.   .  .  and here comes the rain!  We woke up to a full on rain storm this morning and it's cold out like winter cold.  It is June, right?  Rusty took his weather anger out on the dog's toy.  He gets frisky when the weather is like this and poor Brandon gets a migraine :0(

Day 159- Thursday, 6/8/17
Today the weather has improved and this kid is feeling much better.  Look at those pretty new shoes.  He likes them because they are Warriors colors, but how can he be wearing that size?  They look huge. He's a growing boy and now at age 12 wears the same size shoe as his dad! Where did my baby go?

Day 160- Friday, 6/9/17
Cheers to the weekend.  It's been a long and busy work week.  One more until our vacation though so bring it on.

Day 161- Saturday, 6/10/17
Here's an exciting group.  We just got back from a fun but busy graduation party so they are all decompressing while the dog sits there patiently waiting for one of them to muster up enough energy  to walk her ;0)

That's all for now.  John and I are super excited about our French Polynesian trip coming up and can't hardly wait.  See you next week.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 22

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Summer has officially started here and we are so happy about that. It's time to start some new adventures and work through our summer bucket list.  The kids had a great last week of school and are looking forward to their freedom. 

Check out how it all went down-

Day 148- Sunday, 5/28/17
The pool is open for the season complete with a new hoop and Brandon is all about that.

Day 149- Monday, 5/29/17
Happy Memorial Day!  We're grateful for all those that gave their lives to help protect our country and happy to have the day off in their honor.  Cheers to the start of summer!

Day 150- Tuesday, 5/30/17
Sorry I missed this one.  He did so good too.  Sometimes the award events are in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon.  I can make the afternoon ones but not the mornings and this year 7th grade awards were in the morning.  Dang it!  The trials of being a working mom.  I'm still super proud of him though.  He not only got an award for straight A's but also received a high achievement award in history and math. Way to go Brandon! One more year of middle school.

Day 151- Wednesday, 5/31/17
I may not have been there yesterday for him but today we celebrate his success and the near end of the school year with frozen yogurt.  A welcomed cool treat on a warm sunny day.

Day 152- Thursday, 6/1/17
It's the last day of school and the first day of June.  Justin is ready for summer and was kind enough to pose with my monthly marker.  He's so happy school is over and is on the hunt for a summer job to keep him busy when he's not playing tennis.

Day 153- Friday, 6/2/17
This afternoon we took in a movie to kick off summer break.  It was a funny one but kind of weird to see an all new cast.  Meanwhile at UCLA Tyler was officially initiated into the fraternity he's been pledging all quarter--Theta Chi.  He's really liking the whole brotherhood connection thing. One more week of classes and then finals before he can come home.

Day 154- Saturday, 6/3/17
It's not really just all about fun this week.  The yard is in order so it's time to move on and work in the house.  We had some water damage that needed to be repaired from a roof leak last year.  The roof was fixed back then thankfully before this super wet season hit, but we never quite got to fixing the inside until now.  Thanks John for all your hard work on this.  The next home project we hope to tackle after summer will be replacing floors.  I'm really not a fan of this kind of stuff but it will all be worth it in the end.  Right?--Right!

Ok--that does it!  See you next week.