Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 23

We're back in the states!  What a wonderful trip we had to Europe.  I have over 1500 pictures to go through so this week's post will just be of photos where I left off with the week before we headed out and then hopefully next week I can do a double or tripple post to catch up including my 2 weeks in Europe.  What a whirlwind trip!  I'm looking forward to going through my pictures just to remember what all we saw--3 counties and 6 cities in 16 days.

Now for week 23 which was hetic and caotic enough in and of itself:

Day 155- Sunday, 6/3/12
Tyler has been given a new job at home and has learned to walk the dog so he can be the one responsible for this activity while we are gone.

Day 156- Monday, 6/4/12
The stand for our pool cover came, and John put it together and got it set up so my parents and the kids can use it while we're away.  It's supposed to make taking the cover on and off so much easier by rolling it up, but it's still a bit of a challenge that we'll all have to get used to.

Day 157- Tuesday, 6/5/12
Justin had an eye appointment today and is due for new glasses so he tried a few on before deciding on this pair.  They'll be ready for him next week.

Day 158- Wednesday, 6/6/12
I don't usually do laundry during the week, but I need to get a few loads done for our trip so we can pack, and also I don't want to leave my mom starting off here with dirty clothes for the boys.  Seems like my to do list never ends.

Day 159- Thursday, 6/7/12
It's the last day of school and Tyler's 8th grade promotion.  I still can't beleive he'll be in high school come fall.  As the kids came in to be seated they each had to step up to the microphone to introduce themselves telling what they want to be when they grow up.  Tyler wants to be a doctor specializing in hematology.

Day 160- Friday, 6/8/12
Time to get ready for his summer job.  Tyler's working for the city at the summer camps with kids so he had to be fingerprinted and get a TB test.  It was quite an adventure going to the police station.  We came a cross some interesting folks in the waiting room.  This nice lady was kind enough to move us into another room as quickly as possible.  I think he's set now and will be starting his training next week.

Day 161- Saturday, 6/9/12
Off we go!  My parents are here caring for my kids so they saw us off (Tyler was at a swim meet) as we headed out.  First stop London, England.

That's all I have for now.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 22

It's the last week of school, and John and I leave for Europe Saturday!  I'm super excited and am running around like crazy trying to get everything in order.  My parents come into town Thursday, and I have one day to get them oriented to the craziness that is my life.  I don't think they know what they are getting themselves into, but I'm sure happy they agreed to do it.  OMG!! I'm going to Europe this week.  I'll probably be out of touch for the next couple weeks but will catch you up at the end of June with a triple post ;0)

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 148- Sunday, 5/27/12
I noticed today that one of the new plants I put in the side yard late last year bloomed for the first time this week.  What a nice surprise.  I love the purple and yellow on white, and I even caught a little green bug in my shot who was also enjoying the flower.

Day 149- Monday, 5/28/12
Happy Memorial Day! We are so grateful for all those who died defending or serving our country. What better way to enjoy this first holiday of summer than in our pool.  It was kind of cold and windy out, but the new cover made the water in the pool warm so the boys had a grand time.

Day 150- Tuesday, 5/29/12
I stayed home today to get things done around the house.  While I worked on cleaning closets we had a crew here to work on cleaning our windows and blinds.  What a job that was, and I'm glad I paid someone else to do it.  The closets were bad enough, but the windows and blinds were 10x worse.  So happy to have that done!  It's been on my to do list FOREVER.

Day 151- Wednesday, 5/30/12
Justin is studying hard for a states and capitols test coming up Friday.  It's been some long nights with him trying to learn them all but he's getting there.  When all was said and done he ended up with a score of 48/50.  Not too bad considering where I thought he stood after each night's cram session.

Day 152- Thursday, 5/31/12
It's science fair night.  The 6-8th graders displayed their work this evening.  Tyler did a project on buoyancy--how the shape of a boat or the salinity of the water can effect the boat's ability to float and hold weight. He did a great job, and I really like how little he needed my help.  It's great to have an older more independent child.  Now if the other two would follow his lead.

Day 153- Friday, 6/1/12
June is finally here!  Seemed like it took forever to get here probably because I just want school to end and us to be out of here.  Not long now.  As you can see it is very bright and sunny out.  We almost hit triple digits today so I think we'll be spending a lot of time in the pool again this weekend.  Bella was kind enough to pose for me out back and promised not to squint like my boys do.

Day 154- Saturday, 6/2/12
Down time at a swim meet.  My boys and many of the other boys all like to play video games, lounge, and eat in between races.  It's a lot like camping except we don't stay the night. 

That's it for now.  I'll see you in a few weeks once I make it back to the states.