Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 12

It's raining, it's pouring, and what happened to spring in California?  Only one more week left until spring break, but it sure doesn't feel like it.  There's a winter storm warning in full effect! Even if the weather doesn't cooperate I'm still looking forward to the break from school.  The kids and I can use some down time, and it will be here before we know it because this week will fly by as we're preparing for Justin's birthday bash Saturday.  Lots of Angry Birds fun coming our way and still lots for me to do.  Yikes!

Enough of that--have a look at last week's pictures: 

Day 78- Sunday, 3/18/12
It is March isn't it?  Aside from all the rain we also had a hail storm or two move through this afternoon.  You should have seen the hail hit the pool--it looked like he had piranhas feeding in there.  This proves it's not only wet but still very cold in California.

Day 79- Monday, 3/19/12
I hit my 20 lb mark today!  I've been using this fitness app since Oct and have been slowly dropping the weight.  It feels good to have it gone and be back to where I should be.  Now to tone up my arms and core a bit before summer.

Day 80- Tuesday, 3/20/12
Today the sun came out and it warmed up to feel like spring!  Too bad it won't last.  There is more rain predicted for the weekend but I'll enjoy the sunshine while I can.  This is my spring to life shot with pretty spring flowers in bloom by our pool.

Day 81- Wednesday, 3/21/12
Justin was happy to be passing out his birthday invitations this week.  It's his year for a big party so we're doing laser tag and Angry Birds.  He's super excited and has been planning, list making, plotting, and scheming pretty much since right after Christmas!

Day 82- Thursday, 3/22/12
There were lots of time-out huddles in Tyler's basketball game today as his team tried to come from behind.  Unfortunately they did not make it and ended up loosing but still did well enough this season to make the playoffs next week.

Day 83- Friday, 3/23/12
I'm lucky enough to have a really flexible job so I can still go on field trips with my kids, and today I'm heading to San Francisco with Brandon's 2nd grade class to hit up the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  This was my fun and extremely cute group of 4.  They all said it was "the best trip ever!" :0)

Day 84- Saturday, 3/24/12
It's couples night out, and John and I were invited by Sharon and Richie to try Crush 29 for dinner (photo courtesy of their website).  I took a different picture earlier today but didn't care for it much and wanted to remember our night more so I snagged this shot.  We had a fun and yummy night! It was great to get out for some adult time.  Good food and good friends--what more could we ask for?

That's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday!


Naptime Momtog

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 11

Well I didn't get to "escape" to Yosemite this past weekend :0(  Blasted weather did not cooperate.  There was a big winter storm with lots of rain and even snow and hail so we had to cancel.  I bet Yosemite is gorgeous covered in snow, but it would have been too cold and we would have been cooped up not able to enjoy it--not my idea of a good escape.  I'll have to find some where else to escape to with my kids over spring break in just a couple weeks.  Not sure where yet, but we'll find something.

Now for what we did get to do last week:

Day 71- Sunday, 3/11/12
I crack up every time I see this in the pantry.  Obviously Justin could have used a little help getting into this box of cereal.  Guess he couldn't wait.  It looks like a bear or some kind of wild animal tried to rip it open.  LOL!

Day 72- Monday, 3/12/12
Tyler's class was selling school shirts to make money for their class trip and the order came in today.  I set them on the chair so I could cut the tags and wash them a little later but then found them in a pile on top of an adventurous little boy ;0)  Not sure what he was doing but he was having fun and thought he was cute.

Day 73- Tuesday, 3/13/12
This is Tyler's karate class for teens and adults.  They focus more on self defense and sparring than the younger class.  He actually got promoted tonight and looks great in his new gee that is a perfect fit.  The one we just replaced was lost on him.  His arms and legs stuck out about 4 in., and it was way too short in the torso--he's growing so fast these days.  They ordered him one they thought would be a couple sizes too big and told me I'd have to hem it, but no hemming required--it's just right!  Now how long will it last?

Day 74- Wednesday, 3/14/12
It's Survivor night and it's a cold and rainy night so we have the fire on.  Bella knows exactly where to lay.  We really haven't used it much this winter until now.  Crazy!  This type of weather should have come in January not March.

Day 75- Thursday, 3/15/12 
John is out of town for March Madness so I have morning duty which I usually miss starting work at 6am.  Here are the boys on their bunks.  Justin looks down below to Brandon as they banter back and forth.  They both say they want their own room but can't sleep alone when one or the other is gone.  I think it will be awhile before they actually separate.

Day 76- Friday, 3/16/12
Yep--still raining!  I just picked up the boys from school and dropped them off before heading to the store to stock up on food so we can hunker down and hibernate all weekend.  What happened to spring?  This is exactly why we did not go to Yosemite.

Day 77- Saturday, 3/17/12
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  It may be cold and rainy out but it's never too cold for a shamrock shake on St. Patty's day.  We needed to get out of the house for a bit and this seemed like as good a reason as any. It was the first time my boys tried the shake and they all loved it even Brandon who is not a fan of mint--go figure!

That's wraps up another week.  Thanks for stopping by.  See you next Tuesday!

Naptime Momtog

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 10

Welcome back!  It's Tuesday and I'm looking forward to the end of the week because the kids and I are heading to Yosemite for the weekend which is not really something I saw myself doing this time of year, but the opportunity came up so off we'll go.  Now I just need to make it through the rest of this rainy week, and you know how my weeks are--insanely busy so it should go fast!  At least I have an escape to look forward to.  "Escape!" Isn't that my word for the year?   Yes, it is, and I plan to escape as often as I can.  It really does help especially when you can escape and get back to nature ;0)

Now for last week's photos:
Day 64- Sunday, 3/4/12
It's a lazy Sunday and we were out past midnight last night so Brandon is sleeping in.  He's the only one of my boys that will sleep in after being up late, but he's also the only one that REALLY needs it.  Look how he sleeps at the foot of his bed because he does not like the "cave" at the front.  Instead he houses ALL his stuffed animals in there and sleeps this way--whatever works!

Day 65- Monday, 3/5/12
I finally got a new curling iron and decided to try it out today by wearing my hair down.  It's a rare thing during the week as working in a lab does not lend itself well to long, flowy hair, but I do like to mix it up every now and then. 

Day 66- Tuesday, 3/6/12
Justin has been having a great time these past couple weeks playing with our neighbor, Amanda, after homework.  It's wonderful that she knocks on our door almost everyday to encourage him to come outside and play. He need this outlet to blow off some steam after working so hard and being cooped up inside.

Day 67- Wednesday, 3/7/12
I just sent my friend Wendy a text message to wish her happy birthday.  She is the one who arranged our upcoming trip to Yosemite.  It should be fun and amazing, but I hope the weather isn't too bad.

Day 68- Thursday, 3/8/12
This afternoon we are watching Tyler play in his 3rd basketball game.  He is number 14 and actually played an entire quarter this game.  It's nice when the starters can get a huge enough lead in the first half so the other players can have some quality time on the court later.  The best part is that the second and third string were able to maintain and even add to their lead so they all did well.

Day 69- Friday, 3/9/12
My two younger boys have discovered the Spiderwick Chronicles.  Tyler read them a few years ago just before the movie came out, but these two didn't know anything about them until recently.  The field guide is a huge hit especially with Justin who has essentially been creating his own field guide for years of creatures from the world inside his wonderfully creative head.  He literally has binders full of drawings with elaborate notes on features and characteristics to creature he's dreamed up.

Day 70- Saturday 3/10/12
I just finished making lunch for the boys.  We try to make healthy choices and enforce good eating habits.  My boys have been raised on multi-grain bread and lots of fresh fruit.  To them this is an ideal lunch and I'm happy with that.

That's it for now.  I hope to see you next week.

Naptime Momtog

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 9

After March coming in like a lion with a winter storm in full force we're now enjoying some wonderful spring weather.  This past weekend was amazingly beautiful.  It's a bit windy and cloudy today so it didn't last but should be nice again by the end of the week.  As long as I can have nice weekends I'm good.  Work has been crazy busy and home isn't much better.  I'm not sure how I'm managing these days, but somehow I make it through and just keep plugging along.  Only one month until spring break and then 2 more until schools out for the summer--can't wait!

Enough day dreaming of slower days.  Here's the blur from last week:

Day 57- Sunday, 2/26/12
John was kind enough to change the oil in my car as well as his.  It's great he can save us some money by doing this himself.  Love that he's handy that way.

Day 58- Monday, 2/27/12
It warms my soul to see the first signs of spring.  These are blooms that just popped up on the tree out front.  There are many other trees in the neighborhood with the same pink flowers and more with pretty white ones.  It's a welcome sight!

Day 59- Tuesday, 2/28/12
It's Tuesday which means it must be karate night.  Justin is getting some one-on-one time with Sensei as Brandon practices his kata in the background.  Tyler's class is up next.

Day 60- Wednesday, 2/29/12
OK, this is a totally fun picture.  Happy leap day!  I had the boys leap for me, and it was funny to see each one's interpretation.  LOL!  Next leap year Tyler will be a senior in high school, Justin will be wrapping up middle school, and Brandon will be looking forward to 6th grade!  Crazy to even think about.

Day 61- Thursday, 3/1/12
Here's my hoopster ready and dressed for his next game.  Seems only fitting for him to hold my monthly marker since March means basketball with March Madness playing a big role this month.

Day 62- Friday, 3/2/12
Just another sign of my busy week.  I had a really LONG day at work and came home to dirty dishes left from last night because there was no time to get them done.  The dishwasher is also full of clean dishes and needs to be emptied before this mess can be dealt with.  Ugh!  I just want to relax and do nothing except nurse my headache.  At least the doorbell rang later delivering a wine-club shipment so I eventually did get to relax and unwind with a great glass of wine.  TGIF!

Day 63- Saturday, 3/3/12
Another tennis ball bites the dust.  This dog is hard on her toys, but at least its her toys and not our shoes or furniture or anything else too important.  Good thing her birthday is coming up so we can replenish all the Christmas toys she's now rendered obsolete.

That's all folks.  Thanks for stopping by and
see you next Tuesday!


Naptime Momtog