Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 26

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  This past week was filled with long days since I'm doing double duty.  It's hard being a single parent.  We are missing John and looking forward to his return Thursday just in time for the long 4th of July weekend.  Now if I can just make it through the next few days.

Take a look at last week:

Day 173- Monday, 6/22/15
Off to the university dairy for more test samples.  This was the best part of my day.  It's beautiful out and the cows are so curious and friendly.  You can't help but smile around them.  We even managed to see a calf being born as we left.  Unfortunately, the rest of the day was not so kind.  Poor Justin was all ready for his first day of tennis club, but his bike chain came off less than a block from home, and I was at work in Davis so I couldn't help.  He had to miss the first day which was totally disappointing to him, and now he has to ride my bike until John returns.  It should be an easy fix but I can't get the chain guard removed because of a stripped screw so my attempts to fix it after work were for not.  I've got the greased up fingers to prove that I tried though.  These things always happen when John is out of town.  Go figure!

Day 174- Tuesday, 6/23/15
Justin is so happy and excited to be doing tennis club this summer to occupy his time.  On Tuesdays they have matches with other city clubs and today was his first match event.  He was nervous and didn't really want to do a match.  He doesn't mind practicing or playing for fun but he's not big on competing. Thankfully they play doubles and he had two good partners so he ended up winning both his matches which really helped his confidence.  He's also sporting new sunglasses (another casualty of Santa Cruz).  I tell ya this kid has the worst luck.  He did make it to practice this morning and the match this afternoon on my bike without incident though so thank you for that!

Day 175- Wednesday, 6/24/15
He's so cute!  Brandon is modeling the hat that just came in for John so we could send a picture of one of his Father's Day gifts that was on order.  I bet he can't wait to come home and try it on himself.

Day 176- Thursday, 6/25/15
It's super hot again this week breaking 100 over several days which of course makes you feel lazy and not wanting to do anything, but we still must get out there and walk this beast or she'll go stir crazy especially since she's missing her master.

Day 177- Friday, 6/26/15
John's last gift came in today and Justin modeled it for his dad this time.  At least we can send him happy mail pictures and he's liking what he sees.  We were also able to facetime here and there which is an added bonus.

Day 178- Saturday, 6/2715
Awe the California life!  We are here for a swim meet today in the lap pool and Tyler just so happens to be working a shift at the kiddie pool.  It's probably the most I saw of him all week.  He's such a busy guy and is having a great summer tooling around in his truck.

Day 179- Sunday, 6/28/15
Brandon has been working hard on summer worksheets that he didn't want to do from the start but has stepped up and earned a reward.  He REALLY wanted to see this movie Max so a movie we did.  It was just me and him and the perfect movie for my major dog lover.  As for me, an evening glass of summer wine by the pool was in order to celebrate making it through an entire week on my own.  Only a few more days left.  It won't happen soon enough.  I need my man back.  This single parenting thing is completely draining.

That's it for now.  See you next week in July!  I feel like my summer is slipping away already and I really don't want that to happen so fast.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 25

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Last week was so nice and relaxing.  We had a lot of great family and friend time and now it's back to reality.  Tyler starts an internship in a UC Davis lab, Justin starts tennis club, Brandon starts KIDS camp, I'm trying to figure out bacti protocols at work, and John is in Kentucky on work for 10 days.  A whole bunch of new schedules just thrown our way that we're still trying to figure out, but it's all good things and will be great once we settle into our new summer routine.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 166- Monday, 6/15/15
We're in Santa Cruz!  We stopped off at a Bigfoot Museum on our way which was totally cheesy but also fun.  Then we hit the boardwalk, grabbed some lunch, found our rental house, and checked out the beach.  Most everything is in walking distance from our rental so that is really convenient. There are 4 families staying in this big house and Tyler is super excited to spend some time here with his closest friends.

Day 167- Tuesday, 6/16/15
Santa Cruz day 2!  This morning we went to Natural Bridges State Beach and checked out the tide pools which the younger boys thought were great.  Justin said, "The others totally missed out."  We hardly saw the older kids most of our trip.  They were just happy to hang together alone, and I wish I had taken at least one picture of the 4 of them but totally missed getting that.  Later it was back to the boardwalk and some more of the beach before settling in to watch the NBA finals.  John is super happy his Warriors team became the 2015 NBA Champs breaking a 40 year streak!

Day 168- Wednesday, 6/17/15
Good-bye Santa Cruz.  Today is a travel day.  It's time to head home and work ourselves back into reality.  It was a nice, little trip that wore my kids out.  I wish we could have stayed longer but duty calls.

Day 169- Thursday, 6/18/15
There was no easing back into things.  Today was extremely busy.  I had a ton of stuff to catch up on at work, the air conditioner guy came to check our system for the summer, the dog needed a shot, the kids had swim practice and the list goes on.  It was a total balancing act that didn't exactly balance very well.  Someone take me back to the beach!

Day 170- Friday, 6/19/15
He's smiling on the outside but crying inside.  His phone was hit by a wave and got water logged in Santa Cruz.  We tried the rice and all that but no luck.  He loved that phone and really is not excited to be getting a new one even though its a much better phone.  It took a few days to get used to and for him to get out of his, "I hate the ocean because it ruined my phone," slump, but he finally came around and now sees how much more his new phone has to offer.  The best part for me is that it was free with a mail-in rebate.  Gotta love that.  Next time the phone goes in a ziploc at the beach.

Day 171- Saturday, 6/20/15
We're celebrating Father's Day early with dinner and a movie because John leaves on a business trip at 4 am tomorrow.  After a nice homemade brunch the boys gave John a Warriors jersey, and then we went to see the Jurassic World movie and had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse because John wanted steak.  Thankfully Tyler was not working so we were all able to enjoy the whole day together.

Day 172- Sunday, 6/21/15
Happy Father's Day!  Since John couldn't be here today and actually didn't even have a chance to see the boys before he left, we sent him a special Father's Day message as soon as Tyler returned from work.  John will be gone for 10 days and not back until July!  That's a long time.  We miss him already.

Wait!  One more:

June's Family Photo

Taken during our dinner out to celebrate an early Father's day at Logan's Roadhouse. 

OK!  All done.  Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you next week.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 24

Hello from Santa Cruz!  We are here for a few days with friends on vacation and are enjoying the beach, boardwalk, and cooler temps.  Happy summer to us :0)  I need to make this quick so we can head back out for more fun in the sun.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 159- Monday, 6/8/15
It's hot out.  These scorching temps and once-a-week water restrictions because of the drought are not kind to my lawn or tomato plants.  At least most the flowerbed plants and trees are drought resistant.  It's time to start saving shower water to help the with the lawn and plants that just can't take it.

Day 160- Tuesday, 6/9/15
In the cool of the early morning Justin and I rode to the high school and back to make sure he knew the route.  He'll be riding there for tennis club starting up soon and then for school in the fall.  Later we went out to lunch and hit up the bookstore to get some summer reading books--an annual kickoff to summer trip.

Day 161- Wednesday, 6/10/15
The weather is crazy and it actually rained today quite a bit but was still warm so we made ice-cream.  The boys wanted Neapolitan so we made a batch of each flavor and then combine them.  It turned out great and we got 3 tubs just like this.  Yum!

Day 162- Thursday, 6/11/15
On our last ride it was obvious Justin needed a new bike.  He outgrew the last one and we had a spare from a neighbor that we thought would work but the gears are all messed up so I took him out to find a brand new bike today.  He loves this new bike--the color, the gears, the size.  Score!  We went for another ride to and from the high school and it works great.  He's hard to please so I know it's a keeper when he keeps asking to ride it ;0)

Day 163- Friday, 6/12/15
Another super hot day which meant the community pool was busy and there's my favorite lifeguard keeping watch.  He's been working non-stop all week since Sunday but gets a break tomorrow to take the ACT.

Day 164- Saturday, 6/13/15
We had a break last week but are back at it this weekend with a swim meet.  The team photographer took these photos of Brandon swimming and John doing his DJ thing.  This is actually John's last meet as team DJ.  He'll be out of town for work the next one then doing a wedding for the last one and we're not swimming next year so that's it for him!  

Day 165- Sunday, 6/14/15
Another lazy Sunday where we catch up on housework, relax some, and pack for vacation.  Rusty likes our slow start mornings after he's been fed of course.  He cracks me up how he rests on this step with his little arm all propped to the side.  John found some boogie boards for our trip, we got new beach towels and also found a volleyball and badminton set to take to the beach.  It will be so much fun!

That's it.  Time to head back out to the ocean and maybe explore some tide pools today.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 23

Happy Tuesday!  We're finally on summer break.  WooHoo!  Unfortunately have to work on and off this week while my kids are home in limbo before camps start, but then we get too escape together next week for a few days in Santa Cruz.  That sounds really good right about now since it's so darn hot and the coast is always a good bit cooler.  It will be refreshing and fun.  You can't beat that!

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 152- Monday, 6/1/15
It's June, the pool is open, we are ready for school to end, and excited for summer to begin!  Justin gladly posed with my monthly marker on this warm, sunny day.  Things are heating up around here.

Day 153- Tuesday, 6/2/15
Brandon is spouting up and needed some new summer jammies especially with these warmer nights.  He's wearing a boy's size large now (sniff, sniff).  Can you tell he likes sharks?

Day 154- Wednesday, 6/3/15
This our backyard friend.  If we can't see him on one rock or another we can usually hear him rustling in the leaves under the bushes. The boys enjoy searching for him and wondering where they might find their lizard next.

Day 155- Thursday, 6/4/15
It's the last day of school and Justin graduated from the 8th grade.  He's officially now a high school freshman.  It's crazy to think I'll have 2 high schoolers next year, and Brandon will be all alone at Bridegway starting middle school!  The kids had a nice graduation ceremony, and after John and I took Justin out for lunch at Whitey's for burgers and shakes.  Yum!

Day 156- Friday, 6/5/15
To celebrate the start of summer we cleaned out backpacks and then all went to Big Kahuna for some refreshing frozen yogurt.  Later Tyler and I met some friends to catch the movie San Andreas on IMAX.  Talk about an action packed movie with a subject a little too close to home.  It was still fun though because it was a little unrealistic and a bit cheesy.

Day 157- Saturday, 6/6/15
This is Tyler's new ride.  He bought the truck from our next door neighbors.  It's almost as old as he is but has low miles and is in good shape. It's a great first car and he's thrilled not to have to ask mommy for a ride anymore.  The timing is also perfect since he officially starts his summer job tomorrow.

Day 158- Sunday, 6/7/15
Here we go.  Our lifeguard is grabbing some lunch before heading out on his first shift at the West Sacramento pool.  It officially opened for summer to the general public yesterday and it's super hot out in the mid 90's so it will be crowded.  He'll miss working in Davis but won't miss the commute.  Where's Brandon you ask?  He had a sleepover at a friend's house last night and didn't get much sleep so now he's crashed out on the couch and totally missed lunch.

That's it!  Happy summer, and I'll see you next week posting from Santa Cruz!  It was 103 here yesterday so I'm looking forward to the cooler temps on the coast.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 22

Happy Tuesday!  Only a few more days of school left.  Summer break officially starts Friday!  There are so many last minute things happening though.  It's really hard to keep it all straight, but we'll get through and then take a breath and just relax.  That sounds nice.  I can't wait!  

As for last week, here are the pictures:

Day 145-  Monday, 5/25/15
We had a nice and quiet Memorial Day relaxing and recovering from our Sunday BBQ.  The best part about a big party and BBQ is the leftovers.  Brandon tore through some leftover ribs at dinner tonight.  I know some people who were wishing they had taken a little extra home and would love to be him right now ;0)  Oh, and by the way, he lost another tooth just after this.  That's 3 just in May alone!

Day 146- Tuesday, 5/26/15
Brandon got these no-tie lace bands for Easter in his favorite rainbow colors and is just now getting around to putting them on his shoes.  Things have been so busy we just keep forgetting.  They are pretty cool and work great.  He loves them.  Later the younger kids had karate (John's turn to take them) and Tyler had life-guard training so I had the house to myself and was able to put my feet up for a spell.  Rusty was more than happy to join me.

Day 147- Wednesday, 5/27/15
Awards event #1-Tyler's high school swim team had their awards banquet tonight and Tyler's relay team was surprised they actually got a champ medal for taking 3rd place in the league.  They were told at the meet they were an exhibition team and their time in that race didn't count.  Everyone is so glad the decision was changed and these kids got the credit they deserved.  It was great to see how happy and excited they were to know their race actually counted.

Day 148- Thursday, 5/28/15
It's finally warming up and starting to feel like May.  I love having the cover off the pool and being able to see that pretty blue.  These flowers are left over from the weekend party and still look great.  At lunchtime we had awards event #2 for Brandon's 5th grade class which included a potluck lunch featuring their state foods.

Day 149- Friday, 5/29/15
TGIF!  It's been a full packed week.  Tyler got to bring home the rest of the art projects he's been finishing this semester and made this paper mache, animal, wall trophy he'll hang in his room.  I'm so glad he had a great experience with this class considering his reluctance to take anything related to art.  Later that evening we attended awards event #3.  Justin's NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) club had an end of year celebration where Justin gave a speech and received a couple awards.  This is Ms. Kugler one of his most favorite teachers that he'll truly miss next year.  He's excited to go to high school but sad to be leaving Bridgeway.

Day 150- Saturday, 5/30/15
Yes, lucky us!  We got to end our exhausting week with an all day swim meet.  Boy was a wiped after today, and I didn't even swim.  Justin swam hard and then relaxed in tent city after his races.  Thankfully next week there is an away meet, and we are not going so we get to enjoy our first weekend of summer break quietly at home.

Day 151- Sunday, 5/31/15
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!  Brandon can't get enough of the smell.  It was hot yesterday but cool, windy, and cloudy today so turning the oven on to bake sounded like a good idea, and since I had a couple over-ripe bananas that sealed the deal. This loaf made for a good, warm, and yummy afternoon snack.

Wait!  One more:

May's Family Photo

Before they got a slice of bread I made them sit by the pool for a picture on this last day in May.  It was a tad bit cold but all good ;0)

OK!  That wraps up another month.  We're moving right along, and I can't wait to see what summer has in store.  Bring it!!