Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 47

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We're on Thanksgiving break here enjoying every minute of it.  It feels good to have some downtime at home.  Enough relaxing though.   It's time to get busy prepping for the big Turkey day.  I still can't believe we're here already and that December is just around the corner. Where does the time go? 

At least I can rewind a little so we can look back on last week's pictures:

Day 320- Monday 11/16/15
Saved by the Kindle!  Brandon had homework on a book they read in class but there were not enough copies for everyone to bring home.  He thought he could do it without the book but quickly realized he needed to cite page numbers with specific examples in his answers.  Luckily he has a Kindle we could download the book to.  Problem solved!  His citations were in line numbers instead, but hey, it still worked.  And that pencil he's using has seen better days.  I guess the kid is part beaver. *sigh*

Day 321- Tuesday, 11/17/15
Justin is enjoying the extra time he has on this minimum day by spending it annoying the cat ;0)  He's so much happier when he has a short day, but then again, who wouldn't be?

Day 322- Wednesday, 11/18/15
Poor Tyler has his truck in the shop for a new paint job and needs to get rides from his mommy.  I don't mind the extra time with him, but he misses his freedom and can't wait to get his ride back.

Day 323- Thursday, 11/19/15
Only one more week until Thanksgiving!  I still have my house decorated for fall until after the big day and then we'll break out the Christmas stuff to change things up.  The kids are excited for the holidays but don't really want to think about Christmas until the Turkey has had his day.  Good for them.  I'm totally alright with that.

Day 324- Friday, 11//20/15
Brandon has found a book series he loves which is great because it's so hard to find books he needs at his lexile level for reading counts and these work.  He'll be good for the rest of the year just reading this Series of Unfortunate Events set.

Day 325- Saturday, 11/21/15
Date night!  John and I headed to our old college stomping ground in Davis and ate at the Graduate having burgers and Tahiti tea--yum!  Then we took in the new Bond movie with just about everyone else in town.  LOL--totally packed house for sure but good flick and good company.

Day 326- Sunday, 11/22/15
Justin is wrapping up his service project for school by making some 20x20 cat blankets for the animal shelter.  He cut 8 of them out today, and I'll help him sew them together sometime during next week's break.  Then he'll be done and can get his paperwork signed.  Yay!

That's it for now.  Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be sure to save room for pie!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 46

Happy Tuesday!  There's been a lot of sunshine and a lot of rain these past 3 weeks.  It's been a good mix.  It's cold and crisp when sunny so it still feels like fall, and then we also get a couple days of good solid rain.  That is the way we like it- slow and steady to wash this drought out and avoid flooding.  There were even a few ski areas that opened this past weekend which is great.  We all hope it continues and are ready for a wet winter.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 313- Monday, 11/9/15
It was a cold and rainy day so miss Bella enjoyed curling up by the fire after her evening walk.

Day 314- Tuesday, 11/10/15
Today the sun shines and Brandon enjoys being outside in its warmth before hitting the books to do homework after school. We're all happy to be getting rain but it's also nice to see the sun and blue skies in between systems.

Day 315- Wednesday, 11/11/15
Happy Veteran's Day and thank you to those who serve to protect our country.  The boys and I were home for the holiday so we took in a movie.  Snoopy and Charlie Brown never disappoint.

Day 316- Thursday, 11/12/15
The sun may be shinning but it's still super cold out.  This tree in our backyard always gets this speckled look on its leaves in the fall just before they decide to drop.  It's weird and different but also kind of cool.

Day 317- Friday, 11/13/15
Justin had a lot of homework yesterday and is so happy that today is Friday and he can just come home and relax.  That is my spot on the couch he's snagged,  but I'll let him use it until I boot him out to watch a movie later.  Unfortunately later we also heard of the horrible news from Paris and our hearts go out to them.  Sadly I'm sure there will be more terrorist attacks and not just overseas but on home soil as well.  It's frightening what this world has come to.

Day 318- Saturday, 11/14/15
On a happier note--cheers to an otherwise quiet weekend.  John brought home some Angry Orchard for us to enjoy this evening.  I think he was drinking a few other things too because look how happy he is.  LOL!

Day 319- Sunday, 11/15/15
We're spending this rainy Sunday morning at the mall getting family pictures done, and as we wait you can see Tyler is too cool to hang with his family.  At least I was able to get him up, dressed and out the door.  They were all actually troopers and rewarded with a nice lunch afterwards.  We're happy that is done for another year.  Tyler actually thinks he'll get out of it next year since he'll be away at college but of course we'll schedule for a time when he's home during the holidays ;0)

That's it!  See you next week--during Thanksgiving week!  Wow, really?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 45

Welcome back and happy Tuesday. Did we skip fall and go straight to winter?  It's been really cold out and rainy--yes, I said rain!  WooHoo!  It's so nice to have some serious rain fall in these parts.  True to form right after or around Halloween the weather finally decides to change it up and we lose our summer.  We're bundling up, lighting fires in the fireplace, and turning up the heater.  It's about time and actually makes everyone in my family really happy.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 306- Monday, 11/2/15
It was a wet start to the week, and I had to scramble to find my kids some winter clothes that fit.  Brandon out grew last years pj's so now he's sporting new winter jammies Yeti style.  He's always been obsessed with the Yeti so these were perfect for him and he loves how cozy they feel especially right after a shower.

Day 307- Tuesday, 11/3/15
Even the cat has been cold and was happy to see Brandon left his pillow on the floor just for him to nap on ;0)

Day 308- Wednesday, 11/4/15
Here's some fall color for you.  It's wonderful to see this in are neighborhoods.  The sun is shinning today but it's still really cold out especially once that sun goes down.  Theses crazy kids had their polo section game tonight in Modesto and enjoyed one last dinner together as a team.  It was nice of the girl's team to make the trip down to support the boys.  Turn out the lights, the party is over!  This was their final match and it's sad to think the seniors may never pay polo together again.

Day 309- Thursday, 11/5/15
Look who came to dinner!  Now that polo is officially over and there is no more practice Tyler can eat dinner with the rest of us on week nights.  This frees up a lot of time for him which is great because he has college applications to work on.  They are all mostly done except for the personal statements which of course are the hardest and most time consuming.

Day 310- Friday, 11/6/15
It's been awhile since the school has used Buzz Bucks for rewards but they have brought them back and now you can turn them in for a doughnut.  What?!  Brandon was all over that and got his first doughnut reward today.  Way to go buddy.

Day 311- Saturday, 11/7/15
John is making dinner tonight and after a run to Costco so he could stock up on meat he formed these huge burgers to grill for us.  They were great and hit the spot for a perfect Saturday meal.

Day 312- Sunday, 11/8/15
It's another lazy rainy Sunday.  Everyone got off to a slow start and just enjoyed being inside today as it rained and rained outside.  John made us a nice waffle brunch, one of Justin's favorites, and then the boys enjoyed taking in a little of that rain.  Look how green my lawn is again and more snow in the mountains!  Keep it coming.

That's it!  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 44

Welcome to November!  The time change in the mornings is kind of nice because I have light for my early morning drive to work, but the getting dark at 5:30 thing will take some adjusting to.  The pets aren't real happy about a later feed time either.  Obviously they didn't get the memo ;0)  It's college application month so an exciting time here in our house.  Tyler just submitted his first application this past weekend and is working on a few more.  I wonder where he'll end up?  As for the rest of last week we had fun prepping for Halloween and enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend at home together.

Take a look at how it all went down:

Day 299- Monday, 10/26/15
Were at Union Mine High School up in the hills for a polo match against El Dorado.  It's very pleasant out with a hint of fall in the air.  I like the setting of this school.  It reminds me of where I went to high school.  What a great place and time to watch a game, but I do wish they had bleachers and would remove those darn swim blocks.  Go Raiders!

Day 300- Tuesday, 10/27/15
This is my last kid left in Karate.  Justin has turned his focus to tennis conditioning.  Hopefully Brandon will be able to test for his Black Belt in the spring and then we'll all be done for good.  It will be nice to have our Tuesday evenings back.

Day 301- Wednesday, 10/28/15
Here we are right before the last league game of the season and the team just got their wearables order.  I really like the jackets and even though the season is pretty much over I know many of them will continue to wear them all year long.  I didn't take any pictures at the last game because it was too dark, but I did just purchase these shots from MaxPreps taken in last week's game. The photographer got some good ones.  Now on to sections!

Day 302- Thursday, 10/29/15
What's my freshman reading these days?  Looks like a bunch of classics.  He just finished Of Mice and Men and now it's on to The Catcher in the Rye. 

Day 303- Friday, 10/30/15
TGIF!  I'm feeding my cultures, tying up a few projects, and then heading out for the weekend.  We'll all be home and can enjoy being together.  Home sounds like a good place to be.

Day 304- Saturday, 10/31/15
Happy Halloween!  Today we carved pumpkins, ate a good frightful meal, and then enjoyed the ghoulish evening.  Brandon dressed as the Emperor of Evil and had fun at his friend William's house.  Justin dressed as a Plague Doctor and had fun at Christina's party.  John and Tyler played pool while answering the door and passing out candy.  I drove kids around and then relaxed until they all returned because pulling it together today was fun but exhausting :0)

Day 305- Sunday, 11/1/15
Can you believe it's November already?!  Only 3 more weeks before we get a nice long school break.  Everyone is ready.  Justin kindly posed with my monthly marker and then not shortly after it started to rain and rain good which made for a great lazy Sunday.  We're hoping this is the real change in weather we need.  Bring on the rain!  I hear there may even be snow in the mountains soon.  WooHoo!

Wait!  One more-

October's Family Photo

This was taken just before we started carving up the pumpkins.  It was fun to have everyone involved this year and not be pressed for time because we had all day.  Thank goodness Halloween was on a Saturday for a change.

That's it!  I hope everyone else had a good Halloween and got lots of candy.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next week.