Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Week 38

Welcome back to Tuesday.  It was a super busy week last week but also fun to get out and away from home on an adventure with my oldest son.  He's now back in school starting his second year at UCLA and while the drive is long and boring I do love visiting the beautiful campus and the charming Westwood Village. Hopefully this is my last week at home and I'll be able to go back to work soon.  I feel ready but need the doctor to sign off first, and I see her later this week so fingers crossed.

Until then, here are last week's pictures:

Day 260- Sunday, 9/17/17
This morning I found this big green dragonfly on a wall in the front entry which is a cool way to start the day.  Most of the ones around here are blue so it was refreshing to see one of a different color.  Later we had an early birthday celebration for Tyler since he'll be leaving to head back to college before his actual birthday.  That cake is full of 19 candles and pretty much lit on fire ;0)

Day 261- Monday, 9/18/17
We had a couple over-ripe bananas today so right after Brandon got home from school I decided to use them to make banana bread which all the boys loved.  It also made the house smell yummy and felt good to be off the couch and in the kitchen baking.

Day 262- Tuesday, 9/19/17
Speaking of the couch--after hitting up Target to stock the house and get a few last minute things for Tyler's move the cat and I  parked it here to binge watch Big Little Lies on HBO.  It was a much cooler week so Rusty was happy to have a warm blanket and body to curl up with.

Day 263- Wednesday, 9/20/17
Back to Target to find a horses head. You just never know what is next with these kids. Justin texted me this morning from school saying he needed one for a group skit in Spanish tomorrow.  Thank goodness the Halloween costumes are out so I could easily find what he needed.

Day 264- Thursday, 9/21/17
Time to travel south and head to LA with Tyler.  We grabbed a quick drink and hit the road.  Six hours later we checked into the hotel and then spent the evening in Westwood where we had dinner, grabbed a Diddy Riese ice-cream cookie sandwich for dessert and then caught a movie.  We were actually brave enough to see IT. This FOX movie theater reminds me so much of the small town one I grew up with back home.  It was like stepping back in time when I walked in which is perfect because the movie was set in the late 80's when I was growing up there.

Day 265- Friday, 9/22/17
It's Tyler's move in day at UCLA.  He's in a much nicer dorm this year with a much bigger room that has a better view, a better location, air conditioning, and a private bathroom.  Score!  After we got him settled and ate some lunch we made a quick trip to urgent care to have a rash and one of his wisdom tooth wounds checked out before parting ways. Thankfully all is good and I left him happy and ready to take on a new year. 

Day 266- Saturday, 9/23/17
One more visit with this kid.  He's not getting rid of me yet ;0)  Today is Tyler's actual birthday so I had to meet up with him to enjoy a birthday breakfast before hitting the road.  Happy 19th Birthday kiddo!  Of course there was tons of traffic heading out of LA for at least the first 100 miles.  I thought I was never getting out of there, but then it finally cleared and was smooth sailing after the Grapevine.  Driving back alone is no fun so I couldn't wait to get home and see the rest of my family.

Wait!  One more-

September's Family Photo

We made sure to get this one in before Tyler left for school and I hate the thought of missing him in our October shot but I'm also excited for him to continue working on his future goals.

All done!  See you next week hopefully back at work.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Week 37

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  There are so many things happening around here as we prepare to send Tyler back to school.  He's ready and we're ready and it will be a great second year.  He and I spent a good deal of time pulling things together and taking care of last minute details and of course there are still a few more things to cross of the list but we're close and almost ready to leave for LA Thursday. It's been a good summer for him and us.

Here's a peek at last week in pictures:

Day 253- Sunday, 9/10/17
Tyler and John traditionally go out to sushi each time before Tyler heads back to school and this time Justin joined them.  Brandon is still not a fan.  We were also all watching the progress of Irma today as it made it's way through Florida.  Thankfully everyone we know there fared well.  Such a crazy hurricane season this year.

Day 254- Monday, 9/11/17
One nice thing about being home on leave while everyone else is at school or work is that I can actually watch girly movies which is not something I usually do in this house full of boys.  Today I watched Beauty and the Beast and enjoyed every minute of it.

Day 255- Tuesday, 9/12/17
Freedom!  I can now safely drive and it feels great to get out of the house for short periods of time even if it is just to run a small errand or two.  I also took in a polo game this afternoon and was able to catch up with the polo parents I don't really see anymore.

Day 256- Wednesday, 9/13/17
Justin had a cross country meet this afternoon and I'm so thankful for the pictures that others take and share since I haven't been able to go yet.  He's doing well and has made so many good friends on this team.  A group of them are all planning to go to the homecoming dance together including him.  They are bringing him out of his shell which is wonderful to see.

Day 257- Thursday, 9/14/17
You'd never know that this kid had his wisdom teeth pulled out this morning.  He's always smiling.  Obviously it went well.  I was expecting a grump afterwards but he's been very positive all day and even went with me to another polo game this afternoon.  Thank goodness it went well.  I was more nervous than him.

Day 258- Friday, 9/15/17
TGIF!  These two are celebrating with drumsticks for dessert.  It's cloudy ot but overcast so super muggy and still hot.  The ice-cream helps ;0)

Day 259- Saturday, 9/16/17
Back at Target!  This place--I can't get away.  Now that I'm driving again I was here pretty much everyday and not intentionally.  Things just kept coming up and today was no exception.

OK--That's it!  See you next week. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Week 36

Welcome back and happy Tuesday! What a crazy week tracking Erma and anticipating landfall. First many places ruined in Texas from Harvey and now Florida from Erma. Hopefully after Jose passes we'll see no more hurricanes for a good while.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected as they clean up and rebuild. Things are going well here. I'm slowly getting back to normal in terms of range of motion and things I can do.  If I over-do-it even in the slightest my body is quick to let me know so I listen and slow down or rest up. Work and school continues for all others so it's just me and the pets during the day. The good news is that I can start driving this week so I won't always be stuck at home.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 246- Sunday, 9/3/17
It's nice to have a long weekend with everyone home.  Today John made some ribs for dinner and the kids played in the pool.  Justin says he's sunbathing but he's not even in the sun. Crazy kid! He's really soaking up the warmth from the pool deck.  The other two just continued to enjoy the water on yet another super hot day.

Day 247- Monday, 9/4/17
It's Labor Day and the weather actually cooled quite a bit.  We enjoyed more good food including ice cream for dessert and then decided night swim was in order.  It was too cool and windy during the day for the pool but later when the wind died down it was perfect.

Day 248- Tuesday, 9/5/17
Homework is a usual sight again here in the afternoons.  I decided to  keep Brandon company by doing my "homework"--paying bills.  At least it made him feel a little better.  Misery loves company ;0)

Day 249- Wednesday, 9/6/17
Tyler drove me to my one-week post-op appointment today and then we went out to lunch after.  Later a good friend drove me to a Boosters meeting.  It was nice to get out and about for a bit.  I can't wait until it's safe for me to drive again next week.

Day 250- Thursday, 9/7/17
Brandon got these new kicks for his birthday last month but can't wear them to school because he's afraid they'll get ruined in PE so he wears them every other chance he gets. Usually this means when helping to walk the dog.  He's the only kid of mine that really cares about brand names and just had to have these Jordan's.  How much longer before basketball season?

Day 251- Friday, 9/8/17
This spot is where I've been camped out the past week with Bella faithfully by my side.  She keeps an eye on me and keeps me company.  The cat will check in every now and then but he's mostly finding cooler spots to nap alone.  If it were winter he'd be sleeping on my lap for selfish reasons, but it's way too hot for that now.

Day 252- Saturday, 9/9/17
As part of my recovery the only exercise I'm allowed and required to do is walk.  So I take a morning walk on my own and then walk with one of the boys who brings the dog on an evening walk.  Sadly I cannot walk the dog alone.  She pulls way too much, but the kids have been great about offering to walk her for me, and they are happy I'm walking much faster now.

That's it!  See you next week.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week 35

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  I made it through to the other side and I have to say that general anesthesia is a wonderful thing.  It feels like you blink and you're done. That was the easy part--the surgery.  Now I'm dealing with the harder part--the recovery. Wow! My largest obstacle has been the ability to move and I mean move pretty much everything in my lower half but it does get better and better each day.  I'm just an impatient and active person and don't like having to wait and slow down. Enough of that.  I'm afraid this week in pictures is a bit boring since my movement was limited but it is what it is--real life!  The important thing is that my intruder has been removed for good and I will heal and the quality of my life will be better for it.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 239- Sunday, 8/27/17
We're prepping for another record breaking heatwave by spending time in the pool.  I can just see my next PG&E bill going through the roof while our a/c works overtime to cool the house.  Summer's not really over yet--not here anyway.

Day 240- Monday, 8/28/17
As I tried to calm myself and mentally prepare for surgery tomorrow I was blessed with many good signs especially on my evening walk through the park.  There were literally hundreds of these tiny blue dragonflies all over the park grass and many larger ones flying above.  It was amazing to walk amongst them and on top of that we found this pretty blue iridescent feather.  Nature is a good thing--very calming and reassuring 

Day 241- Tuesday, 8/29/17
Surgery day and here I am in pre-op at the crack of dawn.  I'm looking positive and strong on the outside but still really nervous and wanting to bolt for the door on the inside.  The good news is that it all went really well and was over before I knew it.  Now to spend a couple days here in the hospital getting used to the healing process.

Day 242- Wednesday, 8/30/17
It's the next day after surgery and things are better.  I received flowers from my lab group and from John who has been by my side this whole time.  I was told to expect staying 2 nights but thankfully I hit all the requirements needed to go home today and was released around 4pm.  Yay!  The best place for me to heal is at home surrounded by my family who I missed dearly.  They have been great helping out where they can and trying hard to understand my needs.  It's good to be home!

Day 243- Thursday, 8/31/17
At home on the road to recovery I watch movies and try not to move too much.  It hurts to move.  I'm going to go stir crazy pretty quick. At least there is John here to help when needed and the kids to liven things up when they get home.  Justin came home today with his cross country jersey to show me.  His first meet is Saturday which is pretty exciting.

Day 244- Friday, 9/1/17
It's September already!  Seems crazy we are here.  Tyler is our September baby so he posed with my monthly marker.  My kids always want to pose with the dog. Whatever works! Plus they are being extra nice about pictures since they feel sorry for me.  I have to milk it while I can ;0)  It's also Friday and a Friday before a 3-day weekend so Brandon and Bella are having a sleep over together for fun and also to bring her in out of the heat all weekend.  Triple digits are in full force and it's super hot out even at night.

Day 245- Saturday, 9/2/17
It's smokey from wildfires and supposed to be 110 today but the cross country meet is still on.  They started super early (bus left before 6 am) and had reduced miles so they could end by 10 am before it all became too much.  And there were hills, large hills, which our kids aren't used too yet so it was tough but Justin did it and these are his friends and teammates celebrating with him after.  It's a bummer I couldn't be there but I'll hopefully be able to catch the next one.  My recovery is going well and I'm getting stronger and stronger each day with less and less pain.

That's it.  I'll be home on medical leave all of September and can't wait until I can move better and start driving again so I won't be totally homebound.