Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Week 12

I know you're getting sick of hearing about the rain but it's really dominating our lives lately and we can't seem to escape it.  We had some seriously crazy storms all last week, but I'm happy to report that this coming week has nothing but sunshine and warm temps in the forecast.  WooHoo!  Bring on spring--it is the end of March after all.  I'm ready to break out the capris, short sleeves, and flip flops.

Now for last weeks photos:

Day 78- Saturday, 3/19/11
We discovered the Family Channel had a Harry Potter marathon running which was the perfect thing to watch on this awful rainy day.  We were stuck in the cold, dark house listening to howling wind and pounding rain anyway so we made the best of it by popping some corn and lighting a fire to watch movie after movie of wizarding fun.

Day 79- Sunday, 3/20/11
Thank goodness John left his March Madness trip in Tahoe a day early and got out when the getting was good.  The roads to and from the Sierras were closed most of today so he would have been stuck there otherwise.  We're happy to have him safely home and making us a nice Sunday brunch.

Day 80- Monday, 3/21/11
Here at work I've been doing a lot of gel extractions for gene sequencing on our bugs which means a lot of time spent at this little centrifuge spinning, and spinning, and more spinning.

Day 81- Tuesday, 3/22/11
Today was a very big day for Tyler.  He received his Black Belt in karate and we're so proud.  It has been 5 1/2 years in the making and I think he thought it would never happen.  He's come a long way from the shy, scared, little 2nd grader who cried at the thought of participating in his first class.  He's now in 7th grade and thanks to karate is so much more confident, coordinated, balanced, disciplined and a great leader. This isn't the best picture but it's the only one with his senseis (Mr & Mrs Saxton) so I think it's one of the most important.

Day 82- Wednesday, 3/23/11 
Justin is typing up his mission report.  He's been really good about getting it done without complaining, but it's soooo painful to watch because it can take him up to 30 min just to bang out one paragraph.   I have to really restrain myself from jumping in there and quickly typing it up for him, but I know he'll never learn that way, and we are seeing improvement as he progresses from one paragraph to the next so I just have to let him muddle through it.  Thank goodness it's only a 5 paragraph report!

Day 83- Thursday, 3/24/11
Rain, rain, and more rain!  It's been a terribly stormy week--way more like winter than spring.  We even lost power at work twice today forcing me to head home early.  Aside from this picture showing the heavy spray-like rain hitting my kitchen window at the moment, I also like that it shows the flowering bush outside as a sign that spring really does exist, that it shows how dark the house is during these storms, and that it shows the daily mess that piles up on this built-in desk.  I have the hardest time keeping this one surface clear.

Day 84- Friday, 3/25/11
I had the day off from work for Cesar Chavez Day (he fought for the rights of Calif migrant workers) but the kids still had school so it was the perfect day for me to get some shopping done.  I barely finished in time to pick everyone up at the end of the day and they were quite impressed with my haul ;0)  Unfortunately most of it is for them and not me--new shoes, a shirt and tie, birthday presents, patio cushions, art supplies, and even a little something for the dog.

See you next week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 11

Happy Tuesday!  I was hoping March would bring nicer weather but it's just not going to happen.  We did get a couple days of sun here and there but rain dominated most of our week.  I managed to get a few shots outside recently but it wasn't easy.  At least we won't have to worry about drought conditions this year.  Whoever said it never rains in California lied!

Enough ranting- here are last week's pictures.

Day 71- Saturday, 03/12/11
John taught Tyler to use the lawn mower and this will now be one of his newer chores.  I think he actually enjoyed it but how long will that last?  He'll be the one hoping for more rain on weekends ;0)

Day 72- Sunday, 03/13/11
We were supposed to head to Sonoma to visit a mission for Justin's 4th grade project but the weather did not cooperate so he worked on the report instead and we ran to Michael's for some model building supplies.  I was amazed at how much stuff they had on hand just for this.

Day 73- Monday, 03/14/11
In between thunder clouds I was able to escape the lab and take a walk in the arboretum at UC Davis.  They have an amazing collection of daffodils blooming right now that just warms my soul and proves that spring does exist.

Day 74- Tuesday, 03/15/11
We braved a torrential downpour to make it to Justin's annual visit at the ophthalmologist.  I'm happy to report his eyes are getting better.  He's farsighted so he strains to focus and allows one eye to drift inward without the help of glasses.  He started out at age 5 with a +4 prescription and is now almost age 10 with only a +1.75.  We're hoping that in a couple more years he won't need glasses at all.

Day 75- Wednesday, 03/16/11
Heading home from school.  It's a minimum day so Tyler gets to join us for a few hrs before basketball practice.  On regular school days we don't see him until sometime after 5pm.

Day 76- Thursday, 03/17/11
Look at that blue sky!  Too bad it won't last.  I stayed home today to take care of some domestic stuff.  We had our carpets cleaned in preparation for our sectional delivery next week and I waited on another couch delivery for the boy's playroom upstairs.  Plus I baked a cake for a lab meeting tomorrow, re-potted a plant, and shuttled kids to Tyler's game.  Tomorrow I'm heading back to work to relax!

Day 77- Friday, 03/18/11
I told you the sunshine wouldn't last.  We now have rain forecast for the next 7 days.  It's hard to believe yesterday was so nice and now we have a series of nasty storms lined up to hit us one after the other.  John better make it back from the mountains Sunday.  He's been gone since Wednesday for March Madness and I will not be happy if he ends up being stuck in Tahoe.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you next week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week 10

We did have a nice taste of spring last week (and it was sweet) but here we are stuck in the rain again.  Guess I'll just have to enjoy the sunshine when I can and hope for more soon.  Things are as busy as ever and there is a lot of change going on in our house as we update and come into modern times.  I usually hate change but this all good.

Enjoy last weeks pictures . . .

Day 64- Saturday, 03/05/11
Brandon is making a book about dog adventures.  He's currently on page 4 and is doing a great job with his detailed illustrations and writing.  The orange animals on top of the fence are cats taunting the dogs--too cute!

Day 65- Sunday, 03/06/11
My winter reading list which is quickly becoming my spring reading list.  It's a little slow going as the only time I have to read is while waiting for my kids during appointments or activities and sometimes during lunch.  There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Day 66- Monday, 03/07/11
This is the one chore Brandon actually loves to do.  I never have to ask him twice to feed the dog and she's so appreciative.

Day 67- Tuesday, 03/08/11
Our house lit up at dusk.  Brandon and I were out walking the dog while the rest of the family was at karate and this is the welcome sight we returned to.  I love how inviting our home looks.

Day 68- Wednesday, 03/09/11
Four down and three to go.  Justin is enjoying his time working through the Harry Potter books.  He's a detail freak and enjoys finding all the new tidbits and interesting story lines the movies did not provide.

Day 69- Thursday, 03/10/11
Team huddle before the game.  Tyler is number 26 this week but that's still not his real jersey so who knows what number he'll be next week.

Day 70- Friday, 03/11/11
This is how John unwinds after a long work week.  He cranks up the tunes, pours a drink or two, and gets his happy hour on.

See you next week!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 9

Enough of this rain already--bring on spring!  I'm ready to start taking more pictures outdoors.  We'll see what March has in store.

Day 57- Saturday 02/26/11
Tyler discovered he could buy extra magazines for his Nerf gun and is now ready for war.  We'll have to upgrade the brothers' guns too just to keep it fair.  Oh, and John will be wanting a new one too.  He's such a big kid.

Day 58- Sunday, 02/27/11
The aftermath of a haircut.  Today it was Tyler's turn and the last of three for now.  I'm looking forward to a couple months break.

Day 59- Monday, 02/28/11
Brandon doing his nightly reading.  He loves that he can pick up a book and read to himself without waiting for someone to read to him.  I love how he curls his little toes when he concentrates :0)

Day 60- Tuesday, 03/01/11
Today I have to post two pictures.  Justin kindly posed as my monthly marker and then later that night received his brown belt in karate which is a wonderful accomplishment for him.  He has worked so hard and was so proud.  See the green belt tossed to the side.

Day 61- Wednesday, 03/02/11
Today was a rainy day and school let out early for a minimum day so we decided to bake chocolate-chip peanut-butter cookies.  Brandon was more than happy to help out.  He made perfect criss-cross marks on top.

Day 62- Thursday, 03/03/11
My exit off I-80 commuting home at the end of my work day which is around 2:00 pm so I can pick the kids up from school.  Next week I'll have to post a picture about gas prices-oh my!

Day 63- Friday, 03/05/11
Family movie night watching Megamind with my boys while John is out of town on a ski trip.  We ordered pizza for dinner and then grubbed on popcorn while screening the flick.

See you next week!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 8

Here we are just starting March and it already seems crazy busy.  I'm glad I have these daily pictures to look back on because it all happens so fast and is a blur in the moment. Is it too much to ask for more hours in the day or at least a slower pace so we can enjoy it more?  Maybe come summer.

Day 50- Saturday, 02/19/11
Tyler's a happy boy.  He used money from chores, babysitting, and good grades to buy this D&D book that is out of press.  John helped him find a copy on e-bay, and they were so thrilled when they won the auction.  I probably won't see him all week as he pours over his new treasure.

Day 51- Sunday, 02/20/11
It was a really nice day so the boys and I went for a walk with the dog out on the levee.  We enjoyed the sunshine but not the bugs!

Day 52- Monday, 02/21/11
We're home for President's Day and I got my new washer and dryer delivered.  Love them!  My old set was 18 years old so I was living in the dark ages.  Washers and dryers have come a LONG way in 18 years!

Day 53- Tuesday, 02/22/11
I snapped this shot before filing away paperwork while cleaning today.  All of my boys are doing wonderful in school, but Justin knocked it out of the park receiving all 4 possible awards for 4th grade last week. We are so proud and impressed.  Unfortunately, I missed the awards ceremony because it was the same day as Brandon's surgery, but hopefully I'll catch the next one.

Day 54- Wednesday, 02/23/11
I got to escape the lab and head to San Francisco for an outreach meeting.  This was the view through our conference room window--what a gorgeous day!

Day 55- Thursday, 02/24/11
Tyler's first basketball game of the season.  He's number 24 for now (temporary uniform).  The team did great and works well together.  They won by more than 10 points and were thrilled.  We'll be here pretty much every Thursday in March.

Day 56- Friday, 02/25/11
Preparing a Giemsa stain at work to help read blood smears.  I love the intense blue color of this stain and watching it mix with the water.  It actually ends up staining the smears another amazing color of purple.

Now for February's Family Photo . . .

We all decided it would be fitting to have it taken on our couch which will no longer be with us next month.  This couch has been through it all and is older than our oldest child--not quite as old as the washer and dryer but almost!  I'm so glad our family can stand the test of time even if all our possessions cannot.