Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 34

Hello!  I'm posting a bit early because Tuesday morning I'm headed into surgery.  It's time to have a large fibroid that's taken over my uterus and been messing with me for the past 3 years removed.  I'm not excited about the procedure or the recovery process, but I am happy to completely get rid of this thing for good. Positive thoughts and prayers please!  I've never had surgery before so it's a bit unnerving.  Last week was pretty insane trying to prep for this in terms of work and home plus dealing with back-to-school craziness, but I made it through.

Take a look at how it all went down:

Day 232- Sunday, 8/20/17
Sunday night family steak dinner with all present.  Love it!

Day 233- Monday, 8/21/17
Did you see the eclipse?  Sadly I was the only one in my family that did.  I was here at work testing slides that oddly enough look like the eclipse but was able to briefly step out to the break room on our 5th floor where people were sharing glasses and take a peek.  I didn't even have to go outside and it was pretty cool.  I wish our schools would have done more with the kids.  My boys missed out :0(

Day 234- Tuesday, 8/22/17
Happy 25th Anniversary to us!  It's our silver anniversary and we snapped this picture in the seconds between him coming home and me running off to back-to-school night #1.  This one was at the middle school for Brandon.  At least John and I were able to enjoy some dessert together after I returned.

Day 235- Wednesday, 8/23/17
Back-to-school night #2 at the high school for Justin.  It makes for a crazy week, but I am glad they were not on the same night for the first time ever.  I left Justin home with his homework and went by myself to meet all his teachers.  The new tunnel our Booster's club helped purchase just arrived and was up in it's full glory which was cool to see.  We've been trying to make this happen for the past few years and now it's here just in time for the start of school and football season.

Day 236- Thursday, 8/24/17
Brandon doesn't have too much homework this year.  More and more of his teacher are trying to cut back which is great, and I wish the high school would do the same.  He does however miss his pup during the day and appreciates the extra time to spend with her when he gets home.  Where am I running off to tonight?  Snack bar duty for football.  I'm working the freshman game now so I can actually have my Friday night off tomorrow.

Day 237- Friday, 8/25/17
We are blessed with kind and giving people in our circle.  One of my graduate students gave me this healing bamboo plant today as a symbol of good fortune to help me get through my surgery and recovery.  And then Tyler just finished his EMT classes so a co-worker at life-guarding gave him a stethoscope to support and encourage his future goals in medicine.  He had fun trying it out on the dog.  LOL!  Both wonderful and thoughtful gifts from great people.

Day 238- Saturday, 8/26/17
Today we escape for a much needed break.  John and I headed to Tahoe which is where we honeymooned 25 years ago.  This was a much better way to celebrate our anniversary.  It was a quick overnight trip but still a great time in a beautiful place for just the two of us.  The fresh mountain air and slower pace did us both some good.

Whew!  That's it for now.  Next week will slow down for sure and be all about recovery and healing.  I'm hoping it will be easier than it sounds.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

week 33

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Last week wasn't too bad with the start of school since we had a mini vacation first and then a short school week to ease in, but this week they are hitting us hard with lots of homework, sports practice, snack-bar duty, back-to-school nights and endless forms to fill out. Not to mention my work schedule is insane right now and I have a couple dr. appointments lined up to prepare for medical leave.  I can't wait for this current week to be over.  

Before that can happen though let's take a look at last week:

Day 226- Sunday, 8/13/17
Today we rode roller coasters all day at Six Flags in Vallejo and then made our way through the wine country towards Santa Rosa to Safari West where we stayed the night.

Day 227- Monday, 8/14/17
What a packed full day!  We started our morning with a safari jeep tour which was pretty amazing-- so many African range animals to see and it's a conservation breeding place too which means lots of babies.   Next was a college tour at Sonoma State for Justin who is checking out his options before applying next year, and lastly, not far from there, was the Charles Schultz museum which was a fun place to check out.  He lived in Santa Rosa and his wife went to Sonoma State.  Justin in particular is a huge Peanuts fan but, then again, who isn't?

Day 228- Tuesday, 8/15/17
We're back in West Sac and have one day left before school starts.  I wonder how much longer these beauties will be green.  School may be starting but fall isn't here just yet.  I think they have at least another month before they turn their golden fall color.

Day 229- Wednesday, 8/16/17
Here we go!  Back to school it is for these two.  Justin is a junior in high school and Brandon is in 8th grade.  Time to crack open those books and learn some new skills.

Day 230- Thursday 8/17/17
This is what John has been doing with our tomatoes.  He's made at least 5 batches of salsa so far and they are a hit.  We really only have a few tomatoes left on the vine so that may be it for this season.  Later, after Tyler's ride along for EMT school, he went out with his friends and their coach from years past.  This is the last time they'll all be together before some start heading back to school.  I harvested this picture from Instagram.  Such a good group of guys!

Day 231- Friday, 8/18/17
TGIF and cheers to the weekend!  Don't ask me why we're in the garage but, hey, whatever works ;0)

Day 231- Saturday, 8/19/17
Dinner plans quickly changed from steak to pizza when John messaged to say he was held up at work and not to wait on him for dinner.  These two didn't seem to mind and our steak dinner was a better fit the next day when everyone including Tyler was home.  At least we could still squeeze in some s'mores as a family which was a nice treat.

Wait one more! 

August's Family Photo

We had such a fun time on our Safari tour and didn't even have to go to Africa.  It's so crazy this place is so close to home but feels a million miles away.

That's it for now.  See you next week. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Week 32

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We had a very full, adventurous weekend and just got back late yesterday so this will be quick.  School starts Wednesday (tomorrow!) which is why we escaped for some fun before the craziness.  I think we're ready but still not excited about it.  

Regardless, take a look at last week's pictures:

Day 218- Sunday, 8/6/17
I actually got the back-to-school shopping done early since I knew we'd be away the weekend right before school starts.  Also as the kids get older they require less stuff so it wasn't too bad this year.

Day 219- Monday, 8/7/17
These two have been working hard the past couple days to fill sand in the base of a new basketball hoop Brandon got for his birthday.  They are so close and hopefully almost done.

Day 220- Tuesday, 8/8/17
I was trying to get a picture with Bella when Justin accidentally photo bombed and distracted her in the process.  Opportunity gone! Yep- totally sums up my crazy life right about now.

Day 221- Wednesday, 8/9/17
The boys are dishing up dunner and Bella is ready to clean up any possible dropping mess.  She knows them well.

Day 223- Thursday, 8/10/17
Field trip with my work crew to Bodega Bay for some oyster sampling.  It was refreshing to head to the coast and get out of the lab for a bit.

Day 224- Friday, 8/11/17
What a busy Friday for this kid!  Justin got his schedule and ID for the new year, had a dr appointment, and then went to a cross country kick-off bbq.  These kids are his cross cross country friends that he had a blast spending summer with. 

Day 225- Saturday, 8/12/17
It's like pulling teeth to get Justin to drive.  He just doesn't like it, but it's a life skill so he must learn.  Today he conquered the freeway and did a really good job without complaining or flat out refusing so I rewarded him with a cool treat which was a surprise that he was super happy about.  Maybe the freeway won't seem so bad after all.

That's it for now.  See you next week.  Goodbye summer!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 31

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  This is our last week of freedom before the kids return to school.  We will finally escape a bit this weekend to go out with a bang and then it's time to hit the books and return to an intense schedule.  We need to really enjoy these last few days and someone also needs to get those summer assignments done!

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 211- Sunday, 7/30/17
 Apparently it's National Chicken Wing Day so John made up a big batch for dinner which made the boys happy.

Day 212- Monday, 7/31/17
 Brandon celebrates his 13th Birthday today.  We now have a house full of teenage boys, and he's so ready not to be a kid anymore, but he'll always be our baby.

Day 213- Tuesday, 8/1/17 
Justin posed with Bella and my monthly marker.  I promised them both a treat after ;0)  I'm so not ready for August.  Where did July go?  That seemed super fast.

Day 214- Wednesday, 8/2/17
The evenings on these hot summer days have been pleasant and cooler so I've been enjoying my walks with the dog.  There is this tree in the park with these really interesting feathery flowers that always catches my eye.

Day 215- Thursday, 8/3/17
Brandon's been enjoying playing with his birthday presents and this is one of his favorites.  Later, on another evening walk, we were noticing how many garden spiders are out with their impressive webs. They are everywhere and look very creepy but are harmless and help catch the biting bugs like gnats and mosquitoes.

Day 216- Friday, 8/4/17
TGIF!  Time for an afternoon slushy to kick off the weekend.  Our new AM/PM used to have 25cent slushies on Friday, but I guess that promotion is over so we got 2 for 1 instead.  Still way cheaper than Starbucks!

Day 217- Saturday, 8/5/17
Tyler is working (always working) and John is riding at the track so the younger boys and I headed out to pick up Brandon's new bike (much needed for the new school year) and to see one last movie for the summer. I still can't believe summers almost over.  Blah!

That's it!  See you next week as we work on getting used to a new normal.  At least we can ease in with a short week since school starts on a Wednesday.