Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 47

Welcome to Tuesday!  I'm glad to see you, and I'm glad it's a holiday week.  There is no work for me and no school for the boys so we're happy to hang at home.  Maybe we'll go see Catching Fire today before we have to start prepping for the big feast on Thursday. It's time to start digging out our favorite recipes.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Until then, here are last week's pictures:

Day 322- Monday, 11/18/13
Brandon and I are hanging out after school waiting on Justin.  He has one class that always lets him out late so we wait and wait.

Day 323- Tuesday, 11/19/13
Today was a wet and rainy day and the first day this fall we've needed to turn on the heat and could enjoy warming up by the fire. 

Day 324- Wednesday, 11/20/13
I'm here, before sunrise, at my building with a warm mocha ready to start work on another rainy and cold day.

Day 325- Thursday, 11/21/13
They younger boys have discovered they can pull up a stool and help themselves to a cookie or two after dinner.

Day 326- Friday, 11/22/13
It's time to change out the pictures in all my frames.  The last of the school and sports pictures came in this week.  I also have my "Doors of Italy" poster printed and ready to frame.  Hopefully this is all something I can get done over Thanksgiving break.

Day 327- Saturday, 11/23/13
Finally a beautiful weather day.  No more rain and no more wind.  It's nice and sunny and warm--the perfect day to check out the Mandarin Festival in Auburn with friends.  John and Richie were kind enough the carry our haul.

Day 328- Sunday, 11/24/13
Tyler and I spent the day in Stockton so he could tryout for the water polo ODP.  There were over 70 boys competing for about 35 spots.  It was a long hard day with him spending 6 hours in the water.  He was beat! We're not sure how well any of our boys did. They'll find out sometime next week.  Even if he didn't make it, it was a great experience that will help improve his chances next year.

That's it!  Only one more month until Christmas and just a few days until turkey :0)  Have a great Thanksgiving all.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 46

Here we go again.  It's another Tuesday and it's a wet one with the first winter storm of the season. Last week was nice and short thanks to the long weekend. We need more of those.  At least Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. The boys and I have the whole week off with no real plans.  I can't wait!  Now to get through the rest of this week.  I have a lot of things to tie up at work before I can take time off, but at least that will make the week fly by or so I hope.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 315-  Monday, 11/11/13
On this Veteran's Day the water polo team had their last game for the high school season.  Here they are before and after the game.  Sadly they lost in a very close match, but they went out fighting and most certainly didn't make it easy for the other team.  Look at those bleach blonde boys--such a great group of guys that did us proud.

Day 316- Tuesday, 11/12/13
It's getting colder here in the afternoons so when I get home from work this kitty boy want to curl up in my lap and share some body heat.  I'm not sure how comfortable this position is, but he stayed here and slept for a bit until I had to move.

Day 317- Wednesday, 11/13/13
Spaghetti!--that's what's for dinner and also a little wine ;0)  I like the words of wisdom printed on the cork of this one.

Day 318- Thursday, 11/14/13
When we get home from school the younger boys take turns unlocking the door.  Justin has it down, but Brandon still struggles with the proper way to orient the key and which way to turn for the different locks. He'll be a pro in no time though.

Day 319- Friday, 11/15/13
Time for an early evening walk during the "golden hour".  The sun feels so good on this chilly day and look at all those fall leaves!  It won't be long before the trees are completely bare at this rate.

Day 320- Saturday, 11/16/13
Ugh!  Some of those trees loosing leaves also have really big thorns they are dropping.  The thorns are seriously like thumb tacks and are ruining Tyler's bike tires.  He came home Friday with one flat tire and by this morning the second one had deflated too.  3 thorns were pulled out of the first tire and 2 out of the second which means a repair today.

Day 321- Sunday, 11/17/13
It's time for our annual family pictures so we spent a good chunk of our day here at the mall.  So glad that's done for another year.

Wait!  One more--

November's Family Photo

Here's one of the fun shots we took during our photo session.  It's not the one I'll put up on the mantle, but I still had to get a copy because we all had a blast posing for it, and I love that you can see that in the kid's faces.

Now we're done--at least until next week ;0)  Hope to see you then.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 45

Happy Tuesday!  It was nice having yesterday off for Veteran's Day, but it felt more like water polo day with early morning practice and a second game for sections.  The boys played hard and strong but still ended up losing 11 to 9--so close!  Our high school season is now done.  Next up ODP (Olympic development team) and winter polo after a short break which will be nice.

Now let's rewind to last week:

Day 308- Monday, 11/4/13
I've started my Christmas shopping--thanks Amazon!  and even bought a small pre-lit tree for under $20 since we can't have a real one this year.  All of this will collect in the office space and pretty much take over for the next month.  Also, Brandon made his own Ben 10 Omnitrix yesterday and added a couple revisions finishing it up today.  When I asked him what he was up to he said, "Just a little craft."  LOL!  Love his creativity.  At first I thought it was something he printed off the computer to cut and put together, but he totally made it all on is own.

Day 309- Tuesday, 11/5/13
Justin helped out at the planting event for the school's new habitat project.  It was fun and there was a great turn out.  Brandon got to put a plant in the ground too.  It will be fun for them years from now to come back and say, "Hey that's the plant I started."

Day 310- Wednesday, 11/6/13
We're at middle school conferences waiting and waiting for our turn.  There is always a lot of waiting when you have multiple teachers to see, but all is good.  Justin is having a great year so far.  I know he looks a little down in this shot but he's just bored and tired and ready to go home.   I second that!

Day 311- Thursday, 11/7/13
Shocking!  Tyler just walked in the door like this.  The water polo team decided to represent at school tomorrow and for the next week at sections by bleaching their hair.  Oh my!  They sure know how to make a statement.

Day 312- Friday, 11/8/13
I'm working on a new project at work that involves purifying proteins in the fridge.  It's nice to have a great built-in cooler but it's also very cold doing this kind of work.  Good thing I don't have to stay in there for long at any one point in time.  Brrr!

Day 313- Saturday, 11/9/13
John came home from his business trip late last night so this morning was the first the boys got to see him all week.  They missed him a lot.  Justin always gives him the best hugs when he returns.  Later today Tyler and his water polo team (all with their blonde heads) competed in the first round of the section tournament and won their game which means they move on to the top 8 and play Monday for spot in the final 4.  Go River City Raiders!

Day 314- Sunday, 11/10/13
It's another relaxing Sunday--I could get used to this.  The kids are playing upstairs and I'm running laundry up to put away while John works in the garage.  Bella is not allowed upstairs so she likes to lay where she can see us.

That's another week.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again next week.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 44

Welcome back and Happy Tuesday.  Last week was a super fun week with Halloween and all.  This week it's back to business.  John is in New York and the younger boys have minimum days all week for conferences.  I'm going to blink and it will all be over but that's ok because we have a 3-day weekend coming up.  It will be a much needed treat.

Until then here are last week's pictures:
Day 301- Monday, 10/28/13
We're set for Halloween!  Brandon's hat came last week but Justin's was on backorder and we weren't sure it would make it in time, but it came today so all is good.

Day 302- Tuesday, 10/29/13
Time to work the Boosters' snack bar at a volleyball game.  This shift completes my 10 hrs for fall semester. 10 more hrs to clock spring semester--joy!

Day 303- Wednesday, 10/30/13
Thank goodness today was a minimum day so we could get pumpkins carved for tomorrow.  Poor Tyler was the only one who didn't have time.  I also received a huge package of carving supplies from Pumpkin Masters this afternoon that I won from Gina at kleinworthco.com--perfect timing and wonderful tools to help with our creations.

Day 304- Thursday, 10/31/13
Happy Halloween!  The boys went treating with a friend while I was at Tyler's water polo game and John manned the house.  It was a busy but fun and fruitful night.

Day 305- Friday, 11/1/13
Justin was kind enough to pose with my monthly marker--welcome to November!  And I had to get a picture of Tyler with his mummy dogs.  I've been making these for dinner on Halloween since he was little, but he missed out yesterday with his game and all.  I didn't think he'd mind, but he almost didn't go to his friend's house after the game because he wanted his mummy dog--melts my heart that at 15 he still looks forward to this even when he's outgrown so much else.  Luckily I had the reserves to make more and surprised him tonight with his own mummy dog dinner--yet another food motivated shot ;0)

Day 306- Saturday, 11/2/13
I was walking upstairs tonight and caught the sight of my shadow on the wall and thought it looked pretty cool so since I had my phone in hand I snapped a shot.  It was a pretty boring day otherwise devoted to cleaning house.

Day 307- Sunday, 11/3/13
Today is day-light savings so we gained an hour and this over-committed boy took full advantage enjoying the extra time to relax.  What a nice lazy Sunday.  It's almost noon and he's the last to get dressed which never happens.

Another week come and gone.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.