Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 38

Last week was a fun week scheming and plotting to prepare for Tyler's birthday surprise.  It was also really hot, and we kept thinking isn't it almost fall?  I'm so ready for fall and luckily this past weekend we got a good taste of it.  It was 102 on Friday but got really windy and cloudy Saturday and dropped to the 70's!  Huge change and then it rained Sunday.  Careful what you wish for!  Not sure it will last though.  This week we'll be back in the 90's.  Mother nature needs to make up her mind!

Onto last week's pictures-

Day 260- Saturday, 9/17/11
Out to dinner with friends at Fuji's Sushi in Elk Grove, CA.  This was my first sushi experience, and I'm not a big fan mostly because I don't do seafood, but there were plenty of other things there I could eat so all was good.  I pretty much went for the company and not the food.

Day 261- Sunday, 9/18/11
Justin was into "creating" his own burger tonight complete with lettuce, onion, mustard, cheese and pickle.  He said, "This is the burger I was born to make!" But when it actually came down to eating it he wasn't too impressed.  LOL!  I think he'll stick to his usual plain burger next time.

Day 262- Monday, 9/19/11
This is exactly how I felt after my Monday too.  Poor kid was all tuckered out and had to fight to stay awake.  Really?  How hard could second grade be?!  I wonder if he would trade places with me.

Day 263- Tuesday, 9/20/11
This is more like it!--a rare event these days.  Tyler caught a ride to water polo and John took the younger kids to karate so I had the house to myself for a good hour.  It was just me and the dog who was also enjoying the peace.  I think Tuesday evenings are going to be my favorite this fall.

Day 264- Wednesday, 9/21/11
Brandon helped me sort out the colors of M&Ms we need for Tyler's 49er birthday cake and as a treat he got to eat some of the colors we didn't need.  I love that these are also fall colors given his birthday is on the first day of fall.

Day 265- Thursday, 9/22/11
I'm baking Tyler's birthday cake and of course the kids are hovering waiting to lick the mixing beaters.  This is the best part of baking a cake or so they think.  They're even willing to help if they get first crack at the goods.

Day 266- Friday, 9/23/11
Happy Birthday Tyler!  He turned the big 13 today and was expecting a small family party but got surprised by his friends being here to help him celebrate when he came home.  They are a great bunch of friends that did a super job making his day extra special.  He was in total shock and extremely thrilled.

Wait!  One more . . .

September's Family Photo

This was taken in our home Sunday afternoon.  We just got back from the neighbor's rainy birthday party and were stuck inside so we decided to snap a shot.  Bella also joined us this month although she would rather look at her peeps than the camera ;0)

OK, we're done!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 37

I think we're finally getting into a routine and it feels better.  Life is still crazy busy but we're getting used to it and know what to expect which helps a lot.  The only thing with being overly busy is that time flies and the weeks pass before you even know what hits you.  I miss those slower days of summer.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 253- Saturday, 9/10/11
We've escaped our domestic duties and headed to the wine country for a girl's weekend.  It was gorgeous out and we had a fabulous time touring some small wineries just north of Santa Rosa, Ca.

Day 254- Sunday, 9/11/11
Day 2 of wine tasting.  Today we went to Francis Ford Coppola's winery which was a big contrast to the smaller wineries we saw yesterday.  They all have such good wine!  Of course while we were enjoying ourselves we were also remembering the tragedy that happened on this day 10 years ago.  It's hard to believe it's been 10 years.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

Day 255- Monday, 9/12/11
 All my kids and my husband missed me and were happy for my return but I think Bella missed me the most.  She would not let me out of her sight today.  Everywhere I went, she went.  As soon as I sat down she'd lay right next to me and watch me like a hawk, and then when I'd get up she'd be right on my tail.  Poor thing does not like it when one of her family members is gone, especially mom!

Day 256- Tuesday, 9/13/11
I had to take a picture of my weekend loot before I put it all away and watch it disappear one by one.  I got a good mix of reds and whites, some chocolate, and a couple bottle stoppers.

  Day 257- Wednesday, 9/14/11
Justin finds the weirdest positions to do his homework in.  I guess this is more comfortable than sitting in the chair, and hey, whatever works!

Day 258- Thursday, 9/15/11
Yesterday I let Brandon play Angry Birds for the first time on my phone while we waited for Tyler at the dentist, and today at work someone brought in cake pops made up like Angry Bird characters.  I would not have known what they were if we had not just played the game the day before.  Of course the kids love the game and were thrilled when I brought home a cake pop character for each of them.  

Day 259- Friday, 9/14/11
Daddy's home!  And now the party can get started.  TGIF!  This is typical John work attire--dress shirt, slacks, shiny shoes, ID badge, shoulder bag, and lunch cooler.  He can't wait to change into something more comfortable and relax either.  Welcome home babe!

That sums this week up.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 36

Last week was really crazy with all the kids' extracurricular activities starting up  again, but we survived and will get into a routine that will make it seem not so bad--or at least I hope!  The best part was ending with a girl's weekend to the wine country.  We had the best time, and it was the perfect escape to unwind.  How am I going to top that this weekend?  Maybe a fun family outing.

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 246- Saturday, 9/3/11
Brandon was being really quiet playing upstairs so I went to check on him and found that he had set up a "picnic" with his blankies and friends.

Day 247- Sunday, 9/4/11
It's a really hot weekend so we spent a lot of time in the pool.  The boys are playing "monkey in the middle" with some new water bombs I found in the Target $1 section.  Get it Justin! 

Day 248- Monday, 9/5/11
Happy Labor Day!  It's a perfect day for more swimming and some BBQ.  John is grilling chicken for dinner.  It was such a pleasant evening that we ate outside on the patio enjoying the Delta breeze.

Day 249- Tuesday, 9/6/11
After a months break karate started back up, and this time Brandon is joining the group.  It's his first ever class, and he's so proud and excited.  I even found Tyler's old Gi for him to wear which fit perfectly.  I couldn't go to the class because I was taking Tyler to Davis, but I'll see Brandon in action soon enough.

Day 250- Wednesday, 9/7/11
I've been collecting these box tops all summer and figured it was time to have one of the kids take them in to school.  My eye is trained to spot them a mile away, and nope, I don't cut them all nice and neat or even at all because I just don't have the time!

Day 251- Thursday, 9/8/11
Clearly our summer is not over--still a lot of water sports going on.  Tyler is now doing water polo in Davis on Tuesday and Thursday along with fall swim Monday and Wednesday.  This is his second practice with the new team, and he really seems to like it.  It's a lot of work treading water an hour and a half but also a lot of fun playing the game.

 Day 252- Friday, 9/9/11
It's dragonfly season.  We have these little blue dragonflies all over the place in large numbers especially near the grass.  I've also seen some nice large ones of different colors.  They make me smile.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 35

Last week exhausted me.  It was the first full week back to school for the boys and  back to work for me so by Friday I was spent, but it ended with a 3-day weekend which was just what we all needed.  This week the extra curricular activities start back up-- karate, water polo and fall swim.  Lord help me!  At least it's a short week, and I have a girl's weekend in the wine country to look forward to ;0)

Enough chit-chat.  Here are last week's pictures:

Day 239- Saturday, 8/27/11
John had a big fight-night party (MMA) to celebrate the end of summer.  The girls could care less about the fight so we hung out by the pool instead.

Day 240- Sunday, 8/28/11
After much unnecessary nonsense from AT&T (long story), I finally got a smart phone today. It's an Android driven Samsung Infuse and was an anniversary present from my sweet husband. I love it but need more time to figure it all out.

Day 241- Monday, 8/29/11
Milk, milk and more milk!  I'm always running to the store to buy milk.  I guess I should be glad they prefer to drink it over soda and juice but, geesh, there's never enough.  I need a fridge stocked like this in my house.

Day 242- Tuesday, 8/30/11
Finally the Amazon package with Brandon's new book came.  He really enjoys the Magic Tree House series and the latest release is about dogs (his favorite subject) so he couldn't wait.  I pre-ordered it but along with another pre-order and since they sent them together his book came after we had already seen them in the stores so he was getting a little antsy.  It's wonderful how excited he is about receiving a new book.  This package made his day. 

Day 243- Wednesday, 8/31/11
Today was a minimum day at school so after I promised Tyler we would head to Jamba Juice where he could use his gift card.  He received it from one of his teachers for helping out in classrooms to set up for the new school year and for passing our schedules to the middle school kids just before school started. He wasn't expecting anything in return so was pleasantly surprised by the reward.

Day 244- Thursday, 9/1/11
Tyler gets the honor of being my monthly marker since September is his birthday month and he has the most impressive stack of school books at home.  Apparently the English books are on order and haven't arrived in time for the start of school or he'd have one more.

Day 245- Friday, 9/2/11
I'm out making one last trip to the store for, you guessed it, milk! It's almost 7pm and still 100 degrees.  We're heading into a triple digit weekend so I guess our plans will be to spend the next 3 days in the pool. 

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See you next Tuesday.