Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 21

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  It was so nice to have a long, quiet weekend at home.  It was really hot, but we beat the heat by making good use of our pool.  I could use a few more weekends like this, but we are pretty booked solid through July now so I'm glad we made the best of it when we could.  Only 8 days left of school and I'm hoping it will be over before we know it.

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 139- Monday, 5/19/14
It's Justin's turn to work on a school project.  He has a history booklet to complete before next week and has been working hard.  Look at that binder.  Do you think it will last a couple more weeks?  He says, "Yes! Of course it will," and I say, "I hope so!"

Day 140- Tuesday, 5/20/14
We have our first tomatoes growing out back.  The recent heat has really helped them along.  I just hope I can keep those darn horn worms away.  They're very cool looking creatures but cause a great deal of damage to the plants and fruit.

Day 141- Wednesday, 5/21/14
Tonight was a busy one.  We went to swim practice first, picked up some Subway for dinner, ran to the school for open house where the 4th graders got to show off their missions, and then I had a Booster's meeting right after.  It was fun to see all the wonderful mission creations and interesting to note what sort of building materials the kids used--everything from Legos to Rice Krispies treats!

Day 142- Thursday, 5/22/14
This cat cracks me up.  He's just chilling on the chair hanging over the side like he has not a care in the world.  Must be nice!

Day 143- Friday, 5/23/14
We got some new bedding for our room.  Our old set had seen better days so it was time.  It's pretty much the same colors but has a little different pattern, and this one doesn't need to be dry cleaned like the last one did.

Day 144- Saturday, 5/24/14
This morning we got our house work and yard work done so we could relax and enjoy yourselves the rest of the long weekend.  Our pool is now open for the season, and the boys had a blast just playing.  No sprints, no laps, no passes, and no shots necessary--just plain fun!

Day 145- Sunday, 5/25/14
It was a warm holiday weekend which meant more fun in the pool and then grilling with friends.  John cooked up a feast. The steaks and coconut shrimp were a big hit.

That's all folks.  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Thanks to all those who gave their lives to protect and defend our country. 

The Mom Creative

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 20

Happy Tuesday and welcome back!  Last week was of course super busy and somewhat of an emotional roller coaster but we all made it through ok.  I sure can't wait until May is over.  We're in the home stretch and get to finish with a 3-day weekend.  The shocking part is that we have no plans and nowhere to be which sounds like heaven to me.  I can use a nice, mellow, long break maybe even spent lounging by OUR pool.

Until then, here are last week's pictures:

Day 132- Monday, 5/12/14
I swear I'm here 4-5 times a week or more.  This is a typical after school stop even though I try really hard not to, but someone always needs something!

Day 133- Tuesday, 5/13/14
Justin is saving energy by staying off electronics and playing with other toys.  It's been really hot here lately with temps in the 90's so today is a SmartRate saver day where we are supposed to conserve energy from 2-7pm.  Luckily we have a busy afternoon and evening away from home so that will help and my kids are resourceful about finding other things to do.  Don't let him fool you though.  He looks like he's playing nice with that monkey but he's really beating it up!

Day 134- Wednesday, 5/14/14
All done!  It's almost bigger than him, and now we can have our dining table back.  He's so proud and happy to be done with his Mission Santa Barbara.  It was a lot of work, and yes I helped, but in no way did this for him.  He was every bit a part of the process and came up with some really great ideas to make it all come together.   The model is finished, but he still has to tidy up his written report and prepare cards for a presentation.  It's all due Monday so he's good on time.

Day 135- Thursday, 5/15/14
Persistence pays off!  I'm so proud of this boy for not giving up and totally going out of his comfort zone to make this happen.  Tyler knows no one there, but got the job, and will be life guarding in Davis this summer.  He is sad he can't be with his friends at the pool in West Sac, but he is also super excited to see how this works for him and is thrilled to have his first paying job.

Day 136- Friday, 5/16/14
What a LONG week!  On top of all the home stuff I deal with there is my job, and I have been organizing this huge group meeting that happened today.  I was stuck in this room from 6am-5pm, but it all went off without a hitch and was a very productive day.  TGIF!

Day 137- Saturday, 5/17/14
No rest allowed.  We were up bright and early to be at the pool by 6:45.  Today is the first swim meet of the season.  It's the Blue and White swim trials, and after a super hot week it was actually pretty chilly out.  Go figure!  This is Justin swimming in one of his events.  Go Justy go!

Day 138- Sunday, 5/18/14
Another day, another pool.  At least we had a later start today.  It was good to get these guys back playing polo again.  They have a lot of work to do before the JO qualifier mid June.  Here they're on a short break before starting their 3rd game of the day.  They lost the 1st but won the last 2 and Tyler made 4 goals including a 5 meter shot so he was happy.

That's all for now.  I'm still tired from last week but am looking forward to that lazy 3-day weekend.  Hope to see you next week.

The Mom Creative

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 19

Hello there!  I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  Mine was extra special thanks to my wonderful husband and boys.  They know how to treat me right.  Now back to reality.  I was hoping as we moved through May things would slow down a bit, but no such luck. I'm pretty sure nothing will change until school is out in a few weeks--so many last minute pushes to get projects in and of course my kids are done so keeping them motivated is tricky.  We all need a break!  The worst part is that so much about our summer is up in the air so we don't even know what to expect or how to plan.  I'm a planner and I hate not being able to make plans.  I guess I'll just have to go with the flow and hope that we'll have at least a few lazy days of summer fun in there.

Here's a look at our last week in pictures:

Day 125- Monday, 5/5/14
Our dining table has been taken over by mission building supplies and will not be cleared anytime soon.  Brandon can barely find room to do his other homework and fit in an after-school snack.  How many trips to Michael's does one mission project take?  Apparently 3+.  Ugh!

Day 126- Tuesday, 5/6/14
This week is teacher appreciation week and national pet week.  Justin knew exactly which teacher he wanted to make something for and exactly what he wanted to make.  Bella somehow knew I should at least act like I appreciate her more than I already do ;0)

Day 127- Wednesday, 5/7/14
Time for an afternoon pick-me-up to get me through yet another evening meeting.  When I start my day before sunrise I hit a wall just after 4pm so late meetings or activities really do me in.  Is it Friday yet?

Day 128- Thursday, 5/8/14
Tyler's been interviewing for lifeguard jobs.  Unfortunately he did not get a position at our city pool so today he is trying for a spot in Davis.  This picture screams Davis--huge shade trees and parked bikes.  Not a bad place to spend summer. 

Day 129- Friday, 5/9/14
Those darn snails!  Justin's poor red pepper plant got munched.  It was doing so well too.   I swear it had some nice big leaves just yesterday and now it's been reduced to a sad lonely stick of a stem :0(  We'll have to get another plant and put it in a snail proof container.

Day 130- Saturday, 5/10/14
The mission project is coming together but takes so much time!  Brandon and I worked on his model for about 4 hours today.  I love how he sticks his tongue out while he cuts and how excited he gets when he sees all the pieces come together, but I hate the burn blisters on my fingers from the hot glue gun and all the close calls with the x-acto knife.

Day 131- Sunday, 5/11/14
Happy Mother's Day!  I'm so blessed to be a mom to these three wonderful boys.  They spoiled me and made my day extra special, but of course the best gift of all was getting a good picture of me with them--a Mother's Day tradition.

That's all for this week.  Come back for more craziness next Tuesday.

The Mom Creative

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 18

Hi there.  How is it only Tuesday?  This week is going to be way too long--booked solid at work and after so this will be short and sweet.  Seriously it feels like it should be Thursday already!

Here are last week's picture's:

Day 118- Monday, 4/28/14
Justin's class went on a field trip to the Academy of Science's in San Francisco, and I was able to go with them.  It was a gorgeous day in the city and a fun trip with some great kids.

Day 119- Tuesday, 4/29/14
Brandon finished his book project puppet.  It's a boy named Jack who was part of the California gold rush back in 1849.  I found some baby clothes on clearance he cut up to use.  Now to clear the table and move on to building a mission.  It's a good thing we have another place to eat at!

Day 120- Wednesday, 4/30/14
It's super hot out.  The temps are in the 90's.  Justin had an after school meeting so Brandon came with me to Tyler's swim meet and helped time.

Day 121- Thursday, 5/1/14
Happy May!  Love me some May flowers so I posed with the monthly marker and my pretty yellow roses while Justin took a picture for me.

Day 122- Friday, 5/2/14
Our old built-in grill rusted out so John had a new one installed today.  It's so shiny and clean but it won't stay that way for long.  He has big plans to break it in this weekend.

Day 123- Saturday, 5/3/14
It's finally cooled down so it felt good to be outside and play for a good bit this afternoon.  The younger boys and I rode our bikes to a park outside our neighborhood for a little adventure.

Day 124- Sunday, 5/4/14
I took the boys out for burgers while John was at birthday party in SF's Candlestick Park.  He got to tour the field and locker rooms plus party in a VIP luxury suite.  It's was a good way to say good-bye.  Candlestick is soon to be torn down because a new stadium has been built.  

That's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.

The Mom Creative