Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 18

Welcome back!  Well I survived last week and I'm hoping this week is a bit slower. Can you believe it's May already?!  This month is going to fly by and before you know it I'll have a kid graduating from high school.  Wow!  It still seems so unreal.

Here's a look at last week's craziness:

Day 115- Monday, 4/25/16
Amongst all the kid stuff there is still work.  We're gearing up for new projects during the summer and working hard to keep the lab running.  I actually have 2 full time jobs--you can find me in the lab most mornings and out supporting kid activities most afternoons.  This afternoon it was tennis for Justin on a beautiful sunny day.

Day 116- Tuesday, 4/26/16
Tonight is Senior Night for the high school swim team and Tyler swam his very last backstroke event.  Swim season went fast and now that it's pretty much over he'll be focusing on getting set for life guarding.  He needs that job to help pay for college.

Day 117- Wednesday, 4/27/16
What a crazy weather day.  We had a major thunderstorm with a lot of lightening this afternoon.  Justin said he didn't know whether to watch the lightening strikes or the tennis ball while playing.  I'm thinking he should have come home early.  It was just practice.  There was no swim of course. The pets were a bit unsure and we even had a random dog run into our garage because it was trying to escape the happenings in the sky.  Good times!

Day 118- Thursday, 4/28/16
From one event to another.  What a week for Tyler.  Tonight he was honored with some of his fellow classmates and friends at a dinner for the top 10 seniors out of their class of almost 500. Ms. Cisneros in the yellow dress is the teacher he picked to invite and she spoke on his behave.  It was a very nice evening and we are so proud of what Tyler has accomplished and can't wait to see what his future has in store for him.

Day 119- Friday, 4/29/16
Today is high school swim champs in Woodland.  This is the end--the last day my oldest son will competitively swim.  He swam in the 50 and 100 free and crushed that 50.  The team did great and took home the league championship and just like that I am no longer a swim mom.

Day 120- Saturday, 4/30/16
Yay for slow and lazy Saturdays after a crazy and full week.  Brandon has taken to my bed to do a little reading while the cat naps on his bed.  Me, I'm trying to catch up on everything that was neglected during the week and am just grateful I have some free time to do that. 

Day 121- Sunday, 5/1/16
First off happy May!  My yard is currently between blooms so this is the only flower I could find to pose with for my monthly marker and boy is it bright and warm out!  Secondly, it's National College Decision Day and Tyler has decided to commit to UCLA. He excited and a little nervous and a bit overwhelmed, but will do great.  It really is the best overall fit for him.

Wait!  Time for . . .

April's Family Photo

Taken just before eating dinner on the last day in April.  Had to squeeze it before May showed up.  I would have preferred a shot outside but it was super windy and I hate the wind.

OK!  That is it for now.  Check back next week to see how we do crazy all over again ;0)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 17

Welcome back and happy Tuesday.  We have a super busy week ahead with something going on every evening.  If it's not tennis, it's swim or a board meeting, or work event, or awards ceremony.  The good news is that swim is almost over, tennis won't be long to follow, and school it close to being out for the summer.  One more month!!  Can't wait!

Take a look at the relatively slow week we had last week:

Day 108- Monday, 4/18/16
What!  Nothing going on this afternoon.  Someone pinch me.  This means more time to pester the cat.  He was sitting with me on my lap until I brought out the camera and then he decided he'd rather be in the background ;0) 

Day 109- Tuesday, 4/19/16
Tyler is grabbing a quick snack before heading to swim practice and also super focused on his phone.  Bella is hoping he drops something or maybe even shares. Goldfish crackers are his go to snack right now and Bella approves.

Day 110- Wednesday, 4/20/16
What's for dinner tonight?  Penne pasta in vodka sauce with chicken and jack cheese.  A slower week with less activities means I actually have time to cook.  What a concept!

Day 111- Thursday, 4/21/16
Here we go--now the afternoon activities pick up.  Today it's tennis for Justin.  I haven't seen him play in a real match for awhile.  He's really improved, is more confident, and is working the strategy with his ball placement.  Go Justin!

Day 112- Friday, 4/22/16
Today Tyler is swimming in the rain.  It came down good and hard for a bit but then the clouds parted and we were treated with a beautiful double rainbow.  One more week of swim and then that's it for Tyler's high school sports career.  Wow!  Swim season flew by!

Day 113 Saturday, 4/23/16
What did I say before--free time means more time to torment the cat.  LOL!  Poor thing gets more attention than he probably wants.  I love how his tail is wrapped around Justin's leg.  Justin just got home from tennis practice and is trying to relax with Rusty but Rusty is not ready to relax.  He darted away right after this picture and found a a nice hiding spot.

Day 114- Sunday, 4/24/26
The Warriors are playing in the NBA Championship series over the next couple months.  Brandon asked for a Warriors hat so he could support them and recently had a great report card so John took him out today to find a hat.  He's thrilled and has been wearing it ever since.

That's it. We'll do it again next week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 16

Happy Tuesday!  We have spring weather back and are enjoying it.  I even made it out back this weekend to pull weeds and prune the yard.  It's not a fun job but it is nice to be outside in perfect weather.  It's time to get that yard back in shape so we can enjoy it for the summer. 

Here's a look at other things that happened last week:

Day 101- Monday, 4/11/16
With all the rain we've had so far it's nice to see that the grass most of us lost last summer bounced back and recovered nicely.  We are enjoying the green season while we can and sadly know it may not last.

Day 102- Tuesday, 4/12/16
The pretty plants around the pool are in full bloom and add some nice contrasting color to the blue water in the pool.  I love seeing the yard come alive and it's nice how it does so in stages. On another note poor Brandon is home eating dinner without his brothers most days.  They have sports practice until late and his little tummy just can't wait.  I usually feed him while I'm working in the kitchen to make lunches for the next day so he at least has someone to chat with.  Tonight was taco Tuesday.  He likes the soft ones best and I like our little chats ;0)

Day 103- Wednesday, 4/13/16
Here's my teen all sprawled out on the couch watching the final Warriors game with John and Brandon.  This team made history tonight breaking the record set by the Chicago Bulls for the most wins in one season.  Steph Curry rocks and broke a few records of his own.  On to the playoffs--it never ends people!

Day 104- Thursday, 4/14/16
Time to pick up this nut from tennis practice.  Sometimes he rides home with Tyler but sometimes he gets out early and needs a pick up.  He loves the shorter days because dinner comes sooner and there is more time to get homework done before his favorite TV shows.  He's into comedies these days and is working on becoming a prankster himself.

Day 105- Friday, 4/15/16
After a couple windy and cold days the weather is turning nice again and I've found some new flowers in the side yard.  It's actually a jungle out there and this weekend, since I'll be home, I'm going to tackle all things gone wide.  Wish me luck!

Day 106- Saturday, 4/16/16
These two have been playing basketball a lot on weekends but usually by themselves or with other people.  Today I found them actually playing together which is great to see.  It was pretty warm out so they got hot and tired really quick but still had fun.  Later it was still warm so I opened the screen door to let some fresh air and the evening breeze in.  Rusty who loves sitting by open doors and windows found a new friend.  This blue bird was squawking at him as he watched intently. The poor indoor kitty wants to play with that bird!

Day 107- Sunday, 4/17/16
Garden wars!  I'm not sure who won--me or the plants.  They sure gave me a run for my money but at least the yard is starting to look better. Yep!--not quite done yet.  I got through about 1/2 the back in two days so I'll be back at it next weekend.  Lucky me.  At least after all the hard work there was a great Sunday meal waiting for me.  Love the look on their faces, especially Tyler's--not another picture, mom!  I just want to eat--LOL! 

That's it for now.  I hope to see you all back next week.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 15

Hello and welcome back.  Here we are well into April.  What a week last week was!  More birthdays, more travel, and more rain. I've got to make this quick--meetings, meetings, and more meetings all stacked up for today.

Here's a look at how last week went down:

Day 94- Monday, 4/4/16
It's been warm and sunny and nice enough to open some windows which Rusty appreciates.  He loves taking in the fresh air, listening to the birds, and watching the bugs. Later John and Tyler watched  the college basketball championship game together. It was a nail biter and sadly John's Carolina team lost in the end.

Day 95- Tuesday, 4/5/16
I'm loving all the new spring flowers.  These were shining in the morning sun as I went to coffee at work. After work Brandon and I hit up Petco to get some birthday presents for Bella.  This is his happy place.  Seriously!  I should shop here for HIS birthday ;0)

Day 96- Wednesday, 4/6/16
Driving into work I noticed my odometer hit 111,111 so I had to pull over and take a picture.  After work there was a swim meet for the Raiders that I timed at.  Tyler is on the opposite side of the pool under a towel protecting himself from the blaring sun as he counts laps for a teammate.   It was a warm one today!

Day 97- Thursday, 4/7/16
Happy Birthday to John and Bella!  Interestingly enough they both turn 49 today--him in people years and her in dog years.  How cool is that?!

Day 98- Friday, 4/8/16
Here we go on another college tour trip.  We flew out early this morning and spent most the day at UC Irive, home of the Anteaters, and then made our way to UCLA, home of the Bruins.  As you can see it's rained on and off which is not what you expect visiting LA but we were prepared so it was all good.

Day 99- Saturday, 4/9/16
Today was all about UCLA.  The general tours were booked through April so we thought we'd have to self tour, but at the last minute we found an admitted student's tour which was perfect.  The campus is amazing and the school spirit is infectious.  I fell in love with the buildings and Tyler fell in love with Pauley Pavilion ;0)  They have so many great programs too like "Puppies on the Hill".  What?! Yep!  They bring puppies up to the residence hall hill during finals to help the students destress.  Where was that when I was in college?  I could go on and on.  This place is a top contender for sure.  Time to head home.

Day 100- Sunday, 4/10/16
Back at home it's back to regular Sunday happenings- grocery shopping, laundry, car maintenance, and playing outside.  We're all so happy the rain is taking a break now. A couple soggy days is enough in the spring.

That's it!  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.