Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 36

Welcome back!  We're still trying to get back into the swing of things with juggling work, school, and sports schedules. There's not a lot of time for just being home which is what I miss most about summer, and it seems like when we are home we're rushing to get the homework done before it gets too late for bedtime.  Hopefully it will all click and seem like the new normal soon.  I have a feeling we'll blink and September will be gone.

Take a look at how we kicked it all off in last week's pictures:

Day 244- Monday, 9/1/14
Yay for Labor Day!  After starting school last month it's nice to have a long weekend to reconnect.  On this first day in September we grilled, we made more fresh ice-cream, and we swam.  Too bad this marks the end of summer.

Day 245- Tuesday, 9/2/14
Brandon's reading like crazy trying to get through this 400 page book for a "Reading Counts" test on Friday.  He didn't realize he had less than 2 weeks before the test when he selected the book. Next time it will have to be something much shorter.  The sad thing is he was really excited to read this one and happy it was at his level but is now frustrated he has to rush through it.  I'm so not a fan of the Reading Counts program.  My kids love to read but this makes it more of a chore than a treat and quite honestly turns them off from it.

Day 246- Wednesday, 9/3/14
We picked up Justin's new glasses today and he's thrilled because they have green on the side and also some hints of green that show up in the metal around the eyes when you look at them just right.  As you can tell green is his favorite color and wearing it makes him happy.  Thank goodness the glasses are tastefully green and not too "in your face" like the green on the bands of his braces ;0)

Day 247- Thursday, 9/4/14
On our walk today we found some signs of fall.  I do hope in spite of this drought we actually get to see some color falling and not just a bunch of brown, dead leaves.

Day 248- Friday, 9/5/14
Day 1 of the Sierra Shootout water polo tournament.  Luckily I was able to get the day off from work and could be there to watch all 3 games.  We'll be back tomorrow for 2 more.  Sadly this team is going through some growing pains and needs some work.  We all hope this weekend helps.

Day 249- Saturday, 9/6/14
Day 2 in water polo world.  It's super sunny and hot out there so the team finds places like Starbucks with air conditioning to chill between games.  I love that this place has a huge table for all of them.  The last game of the day was a nail biter going into double overtime.  They fought hard and played better in the end than they did most the weekend but it just wasn't enough.  They've got a couple scrimmages and another tournament before the league games start so they'll keep at it and hopefully pull it together for some wins.

Day 250- Sunday, 9/7/14
Tyler's trying to catch up on homework before the season-opener between the 49ers and the Cowboys.  He has so much work to do especially after missing an entire day of school for polo Friday.  I'm sure after the game he'll be right back here plugging at it again.

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll see you again next week.

The Mom Creative

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 35

Welcome back and here we are in September already.  August seemed like a really long month. Maybe it was because there was so much going on.  I just wish September didn't mean the end of summer.  I do love fall, but I'm not quite ready for summer to be over yet which why we are still trying to pack as many summer activities in as we can. 

Here's the last week in pictures to prove it :

Day 237- Monday, 8/25/14
It's back to afternoon homework for the boys.  Brandon has his snacks and a homework buddy to help although I'm not sure if she's really helping or distracting.

Day 238- Tuesday, 8/26/14
The new high-school water-polo season is now underway, and today was the first home game.  It was just a scrimage but still a game none-the-less and much needed practice.  We need to get these boys working as a team again. They're lucky they play a water sport and get to be in the pool instead of running around on some field in this heat.  It still feels very much like summer with temps close to 100 expected all week.

Day 239- Wednesday, 8/27/14
Here are just a few of Tyler's books for the 1st semester of his junior year.  He has a full load and a couple of really demanding classes.  I have a feeling he'll be spending a great deal of the next few months with his nose in a book and when he's not there he'll be in the water with the polo team.  Such a busy kid!

Day 240- Thursday, 8/28/14
The sky was so pretty and amazing today.  The first shot was at sunrise in Davis up on the 5th floor in our lab building, and the second shot was at sunset in West Sacramento out the back of our house.

Day 241- Friday, 8/29/14
TGIF!  Justin is happy to be done with school for the week and is looking forward to a long holiday weekend so he can spend more time playing with Rusty.  We're still waiting on his new glasses.  These ones are so bent out of shape and done.  Hopefully new ones will come in next week.

Day 242- Saturday, 8/30/14
I've been meaning to drag out the ice-cream maker all summer and just never got around to it, so since we're all home this long weekend and it's super hot out ice-cream it is!  Brandon helped me make the first batch--fresh strawberry.  Yum!  We also made a batch of s'mores ice-cream and York peppermint patty ice-cream.  I bought more heavy whipping cream than I needed so we still have to make one more batch and cookies and cream has been requested.

Day 243- Sunday, 8/31/14

We're squeezing in as many bike rides as we can get before the weather changes.  I love it when there is a 3-day weekend and Sunday feels more like a Saturday.  Today we had time to ride bikes, BBQ, night swim, and gather around the fire pit to make s'mores.  Summer's going out with a bang!

That's it!  Have fun wrapping up your summer and hopefully I'll see you next week.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 34

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We're trying to get back into a school schedule here.  It's coming along slowly but surely.  I can tell my quiet afternoons will be gone for awhile.  There are so many different schedules and events swirling around in my head it might just explode! I am looking forward to some water polo this afternoon though, and was pleasantly surprised when my Booster's snack bar shift got cancelled yesterday so it's all good.

Here are last week's pictures:

Day 230- Monday, 8/18/14
We're still squeezing in appointments before the start of school. Justin had his eyes checked and his one eye that crosses has greatly improved so no need for surgery in the future. He has the same prescription to correct his slight far-sightedness so he's set.  We'll just get him a new pair of frames for the new school year.  They should be available the middle of next week, and he can't wait because he's excited about the ones he chose.

Day 231- Tuesday, 8/19/14
Here we are on the very last day of summer so I took the boys out for some frozen yogurt.  Oh the choices!  It can be so hard to decided sometimes, and Brandon ended up with quite an interesting mix to top his treat off ;0)

Day 232- Wednesday, 8/20/14
It's the first day of school!  The backpacks are bigger and weigh more than the kids these days.  My younger two are still at the same school for one more year, and Tyler is on his own at the high school again until Justin joins him next year.

Day 233- Thursday, 8/21/14
Now that the kids are back in school I can spend more time at work and continue to plug through my 5000+ horse samples.  We're just over the half way mark.  I have all those slides in the trays to read today and the the samples in the tubes behind the trays to set up.  It's actually turning out to be a great epidemiology study so I'm excited to see the end results and get them out to the horse world.

Day 234- Friday, 8/22/14
Tyler helped me pick up dinner at Whitey's tonight.  We had burgers and shakes to celebrate the end of our first week at school, and then later I was surprised to have these beautiful roses delivered to me from John who is in New York for work.  Today is our 22nd wedding anniversary.  Thankfully he'll be home tomorrow so we can celebrate together then.

Day 235- Saturday, 8/23/14
He's back! I think he got in just after 1 am this morning, and after a long day of water polo we were able to escape and have a wonderful dinner at Morton's.  They printed us our own special menu and took this super cute picture.  John was happy they were having a full lobster special, and I very much enjoyed my steak and chocolate mousse dessert.  It was a great place to celebrate.

Day 236- Sunday, 8/24/14
Today got off to a rocky start with a 6.1 earth quake near Napa that we very much felt here in the Sacramento area.  It was an interesting way to start the day but otherwise ended up being a beautiful Sunday.  It was a bike riding day--my version of riding and then John's version of riding.  The boys rode with me around the neighborhood and John rode out to Bogle to pick up our wine club release.  It was a great day for a ride no matter how you chose to do it ;0)

That wraps up the first week of school.  Now let's see how we all fair after a full week.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.

The Mom Creative

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 33

Welcome back!  We're starting school this week--tomorrow in fact!!  It's so hard to believe summer is over already, and I still have a few last minute things to take care of. I'm running out of time.  At least I managed to get my jury duty deferred.  Talk about bad timing.  I was supposed to report Monday which I could have done, but then they changed it to Wednesday--the first day of school, the day John leaves for another business trip, and the day my oldest has another lesson with the driving school.  At least the court was very understanding and will call me again in a few months. For today I need to think of something fun to do on this last day of summer.  Too bad Tyler has to work.

We'll find something to do I'm sure and until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 223- Monday, 8/11/14
Yep, he's a big sucker alright.   Justin was enjoying this very blue lollipop today, and the blue tongue with the green braces was just too much--total photo op.

Day 224- Tuesday, 8/12/14
Summer sports camp ended last week so for this week Brandon's going to a day camp at the Bounce Spot and it sure wears him out.  He comes home all sweaty from jumping and pretty much needs a nap to recover.  This is how you know it's a good camp.  Sports camp never made him this tired.

Day 225- Wednesday, 8/13/14
Tyler and I met Lindsay and her mom today.  They are from Elk Grove and she will be attending a Medical Congress in Washington DC with Tyler this fall.  Both these kids were the one student chosen to represent their respective schools at this amazing event.  It's so great they are able to meet ahead of time and get to know each other before actually attending in November, and it looks like they'll also get to travel together for at least part of the trip.

Day 226- Thursday, 8/14/14
I finally found a Coke to share with Tyler ;0)   I was in Davis picking up a few things after work and wasn't even really looking.  I just happened to glance over and see his name out front in a small group of drinks near the deli section. Score!

Day 227- Friday, 8/15/14
These past few weeks after Teen Heros ended  Justin went back to tennis, and today is his last day before heading back to school.  Thankfully we have wonderful friends and neighbors that have helped him get there and back while I'm at work.  Those middle of the morning activities are the hardest for me to help with, and he really wanted to do this so I'm glad it all worked out.

Day 228- Saturday, 8/16/14
After spending most of the week working on kid stuff and prepping for the new school year it's time for some adult activities.  The Wong family came over so the kids could hang out and the adults could wine taste.  We went down the road to the Old Sugar Mill which is like a wine mall ;0)  I needed to restock my wine collection and wanted to have fun doing it--mission accomplished!

Day 229- Sunday, 8/17/14
Here's a sad sign of the times.  This is at our local park, but you also see them all over town.  I'm glad our city is doing something to help out, but I wish it hadn't come to this.  I'm hoping this next rain season is sooo much better and can get us out of this drought.  Some are saying it may be an el nino year and that would be great because it means lots of rain.

Wait!  One more:

August's Family Photo

We got this month's photo done early.  It's best to get it in before the craziness of the new school year consumes us.  There is nothing like enjoying a pleasant summer evening with the family around our fire pit.  It's a great way to connect and sum up our day or week although I think the boys enjoy burning up marshmallows or making s'mores more than the company ;0)

OK, all done!  See you next week.

The Mom Creative

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 32

Welcome back!  Only 1 week left before the boys head back to school.  Summer is almost gone for good.  I could really use another couple weeks.  We had a super full summer but missed doing some of the things we usually always do like going to the state fair and camping.  Maybe we'll just pitch a tent in the backyard one weekend to help make up for it. We can't give up on summer yet.  I need more fun!

Speaking of fun, here are last week's pictures:

Day 216- Monday, 8/4/14
It's a Lego building day.  Brandon has a lot of birthday sets to put together before school starts and Justin scored this Guardians of the Galaxy set by using some gifts cards he earned this summer.  They were happy to be building together.

Day 217- Tuesday, 8/5/14
Share a Coke with my boys.  I found 2 out the 3 names we needed.  Not sure there is a Tyler out there.  I saw Taylor but not Tyler.  I'll have to check the website and see if he even made the cut.  Until then he'll have to deal with the large "Friends" Coke.  What we really need is one that says "Brothers" ;0)

Day 218- Wednesday, 8/6/14
John is traveling for work this week so it's made juggling work for me and kid drop offs interesting.  Tyler had to hang out at my work for a few hrs before his work shift started, but it gave him some good free time to wrap up those summer assignments.

Day 219- Thursday, 8/7/14
Remember this poor pepper plant that was striped to the stem by a snail right after Justin planted it this spring?  I was going to pull it the next day but luckily life got in the way and I didn't get around to it.  We were happy to discover a couple weeks later that it made an amazing come back and now is thriving like crazy producing lots of these green beauties.  Justin is so proud and has even used a few on his sandwich creations.

Day 220- Friday, 8/8/14
TGIF!  It's been a long week and the boys have helped a lot so I treated them to dinner and a movie.  We saw the Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D and it was actually a really fun movie--much better than I expected and also more emotional than I could have imagined.  Geesh!  I can't believe I cried a few times during a Marvel movie.

Day 221- Saturday, 8/9/14
I'm not sure why I'm smiling here.  This was an ugly chore that had to be done.  It took me 4 hrs to go through all 3 boy's closets.  These two were the worst.  Once I got through all the clothes in the upper part digging through the collection of junk down below was quite interesting.  My younger two must think the deep, dark depths of the closet are for stashing trash.  It's all good now.  We can see the floor in everyone's closet, and I know what sort of clothes I need to buy for the new school year.

Day 222- Sunday, 8/10/14
I finally got my husband back and in true fashion he's made me a cocktail.  It's good to have him back and this was the perfect way to end an exhausting week.  I'll do the single parent thing again the week school starts on top of jury duty--joy!

That sums up another summer week.  Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll see you next week.

The Mom Creative