Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 15

We're officially on spring break so everyone gets to breathe a little easier and life can slow down a bit.  We still have swim practice but we're getting used to that and have a system down that seems to work well.  No huge plans for our break just some fun here and there with a bunch of downtime which is fine by all of us.

Enjoy last week's pictures-

Day 99- Saturday, 4/9/11
John picked up some fillet mignon and is prepping them for the grill by wrapping in bacon.  Yum!  We'll eat good tonight!

Day 100- Sunday, 4/10/11
It's a relaxing Sunday morning on the couch with the paper and my little guy.  He's checking out toy ads just to see what's new.

Day 101- Monday, 4/11/11
I made a run to Big 5 sporting goods store to pick up some new goggles for my new swimmers.  The chlorine in the practice pool is really strong and bothers their eyes so good fitting goggles are a must.

Day 102- Tuesday, 4/12/11
Brandon has an easy homework week.  Every night all he has to do is play a game with his family and tonight he chose Toy Story 3 Operation.  Too bad after he heard the buzzer a couple times he got scared and was done.  Justin used to be terrified of this game's buzz noise too but finally got overt it and helped Brandon realize it isn't so bad.

Day 103- Wednesday, 4/13/11
Just hanging out at work.  Bench 14 is where all the action happens for me.  I set up serology tests here, work in the fume hood here, and my desk is at the end of the bench here.

Day 104- Thursday, 4/14/11
My littlest fish.  I think he's enjoying swim team the most right now.  His practices are only 1/2 hr because of his age while the older two practice for a full hr at a time and they are still getting used to how much work it really is.

Day 105- Friday, 4/15/11
The ladybug larvae have really grown and soon should be turning into pupa before they transform into ladybugs.  Brandon loves to check on them multiple times a day.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you next week.


  1. Oh my, those were fun. I enjoyed them all. Love the one in the pool!

    And your hubby cooking, priceless.

    So, what do you do in the lab?

    Great shots♥

  2. Great photos again this week!! So glad the boys are enjoying their swimming. We are looking forward to an 11 day break starting on Thursday, can't wait too!! Enjoy the rest of your week, see you next Tuesday ;)