Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 29

Happy Tuesday!  I have a busy week ahead preparing for Brandon's birthday party Saturday.  It's his turn for a big bash and a swim party seemed fitting given that swim team just ended.  Luckily I've got extra afternoon time to get it all pulled together because no more swim practice! Only 1 more week of karate before we get a break there too.  August is looking pretty sweet!

Now for last week's pictures-

Day 197- Saturday, 7/16/11
This swim meet was a family fun meet with all kinds of crazy events like a twin race, cannon ball or belly flop contest, and ball toss relay.  The kids even got to race against their parents which they seemed to really enjoy.  Here Justin and John are waiting for their race to start.  John swam against both Tyler and Justin.  Brandon was sick :0(  Tyler beat him and Justin almost had him in the end.  He was a good sport.  No way would I even try.

Day 198- Sunday, 7/17/11
Brandon was still sick most the day and took a nice long afternoon nap that seemed to help.  He woke up asking to go outside and play so I let him, but told him not to tease the dog.  A few minutes later I look out the window and see him not teasing her but picking and feeding her strawberries.  Too sweet! She's a happy camper, and I'm glad he's feeling better.

Day 199- Monday, 7/18/11
Watermelon is one of Tyler's favorite summer treats.  It always makes him happy to see some on his plate especially after a long winter without.  I love those little round seedless melons they have now because he and Justin are the only ones that really eat the melons, and they are just the right size.

Day 200- Tuesday, 7/19/11
The older boys are at Karate so Brandon helps me walk the dog.  She loves her evening walks and will start pacing the house around 6:30 in anticipation of the big event.

Day 201- Wednesday, 7/20/11
Those tomatoes I planted a few months ago finally have fruit on the vine and we even have a couple turning red.  John is eager to make some salsa but needs a few more ripe ones first.


Day 202- Thursday, 7/21/11
Today was the last day of swim practice for the season!  Champs are this weekend.  Justin's hair has this really weird reaction to the pool water that none of my other boys have.  It makes his hair all crunchy, stiff, and sticky.  It feels like straw.  His swim coach noticed today during the team pep talk and decided it would be fun to shape it into a Mohawk.  She loved it, and he thought he looked pretty cool.

Day 203- Friday, 7/22/11
No swim practice today so Brandon is chilling in the afternoon breeze and enjoying the extra time to relax (coaches orders).  I must say it was nice not having to run to the pool on a Friday and having our whole family home for dinner.  This is the calm before the storm though because champs start tomorrow and it's a two day event.  There goes the weekend!

That's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. LOVE the mohawk!
    Visiting from Project Life Tuesday.

  2. That last one of Brandon is so cute! Hope he has a wonderful birthday!