Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 9

After March coming in like a lion with a winter storm in full force we're now enjoying some wonderful spring weather.  This past weekend was amazingly beautiful.  It's a bit windy and cloudy today so it didn't last but should be nice again by the end of the week.  As long as I can have nice weekends I'm good.  Work has been crazy busy and home isn't much better.  I'm not sure how I'm managing these days, but somehow I make it through and just keep plugging along.  Only one month until spring break and then 2 more until schools out for the summer--can't wait!

Enough day dreaming of slower days.  Here's the blur from last week:

Day 57- Sunday, 2/26/12
John was kind enough to change the oil in my car as well as his.  It's great he can save us some money by doing this himself.  Love that he's handy that way.

Day 58- Monday, 2/27/12
It warms my soul to see the first signs of spring.  These are blooms that just popped up on the tree out front.  There are many other trees in the neighborhood with the same pink flowers and more with pretty white ones.  It's a welcome sight!

Day 59- Tuesday, 2/28/12
It's Tuesday which means it must be karate night.  Justin is getting some one-on-one time with Sensei as Brandon practices his kata in the background.  Tyler's class is up next.

Day 60- Wednesday, 2/29/12
OK, this is a totally fun picture.  Happy leap day!  I had the boys leap for me, and it was funny to see each one's interpretation.  LOL!  Next leap year Tyler will be a senior in high school, Justin will be wrapping up middle school, and Brandon will be looking forward to 6th grade!  Crazy to even think about.

Day 61- Thursday, 3/1/12
Here's my hoopster ready and dressed for his next game.  Seems only fitting for him to hold my monthly marker since March means basketball with March Madness playing a big role this month.

Day 62- Friday, 3/2/12
Just another sign of my busy week.  I had a really LONG day at work and came home to dirty dishes left from last night because there was no time to get them done.  The dishwasher is also full of clean dishes and needs to be emptied before this mess can be dealt with.  Ugh!  I just want to relax and do nothing except nurse my headache.  At least the doorbell rang later delivering a wine-club shipment so I eventually did get to relax and unwind with a great glass of wine.  TGIF!

Day 63- Saturday, 3/3/12
Another tennis ball bites the dust.  This dog is hard on her toys, but at least its her toys and not our shoes or furniture or anything else too important.  Good thing her birthday is coming up so we can replenish all the Christmas toys she's now rendered obsolete.

That's all folks.  Thanks for stopping by and
see you next Tuesday!


Naptime Momtog


  1. Do things ever slow down? I keep thinking they will, but it never happens--maybe when we retire :) Love the pink blossom picture! So pretty! Ours are not out yet--hopefully soon! Hope your next week is a little slower paced :)

  2. Great pictures! I also wish things would slow down a bit. The photo of the pink blooms on your tree is gorgeous!! Also love the leap day picture.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I love that we have both been capturing the blossoms. Cool dog crate too- I need to do something like that for when our's is outside. I hate having to drag the indoor one out there.

  4. Beautiful blooms! And I love that jumping shot. What a great week ;)

  5. Great photos. I love that second shot.

  6. Love love love that leap day shot! So great. Wish I would have done something fun like that. Great week in pics!