Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 11

Well I didn't get to "escape" to Yosemite this past weekend :0(  Blasted weather did not cooperate.  There was a big winter storm with lots of rain and even snow and hail so we had to cancel.  I bet Yosemite is gorgeous covered in snow, but it would have been too cold and we would have been cooped up not able to enjoy it--not my idea of a good escape.  I'll have to find some where else to escape to with my kids over spring break in just a couple weeks.  Not sure where yet, but we'll find something.

Now for what we did get to do last week:

Day 71- Sunday, 3/11/12
I crack up every time I see this in the pantry.  Obviously Justin could have used a little help getting into this box of cereal.  Guess he couldn't wait.  It looks like a bear or some kind of wild animal tried to rip it open.  LOL!

Day 72- Monday, 3/12/12
Tyler's class was selling school shirts to make money for their class trip and the order came in today.  I set them on the chair so I could cut the tags and wash them a little later but then found them in a pile on top of an adventurous little boy ;0)  Not sure what he was doing but he was having fun and thought he was cute.

Day 73- Tuesday, 3/13/12
This is Tyler's karate class for teens and adults.  They focus more on self defense and sparring than the younger class.  He actually got promoted tonight and looks great in his new gee that is a perfect fit.  The one we just replaced was lost on him.  His arms and legs stuck out about 4 in., and it was way too short in the torso--he's growing so fast these days.  They ordered him one they thought would be a couple sizes too big and told me I'd have to hem it, but no hemming required--it's just right!  Now how long will it last?

Day 74- Wednesday, 3/14/12
It's Survivor night and it's a cold and rainy night so we have the fire on.  Bella knows exactly where to lay.  We really haven't used it much this winter until now.  Crazy!  This type of weather should have come in January not March.

Day 75- Thursday, 3/15/12 
John is out of town for March Madness so I have morning duty which I usually miss starting work at 6am.  Here are the boys on their bunks.  Justin looks down below to Brandon as they banter back and forth.  They both say they want their own room but can't sleep alone when one or the other is gone.  I think it will be awhile before they actually separate.

Day 76- Friday, 3/16/12
Yep--still raining!  I just picked up the boys from school and dropped them off before heading to the store to stock up on food so we can hunker down and hibernate all weekend.  What happened to spring?  This is exactly why we did not go to Yosemite.

Day 77- Saturday, 3/17/12
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  It may be cold and rainy out but it's never too cold for a shamrock shake on St. Patty's day.  We needed to get out of the house for a bit and this seemed like as good a reason as any. It was the first time my boys tried the shake and they all loved it even Brandon who is not a fan of mint--go figure!

That's wraps up another week.  Thanks for stopping by.  See you next Tuesday!

Naptime Momtog


  1. I adore the green shakes & I have few in this house that do similar things to the boxes in the pantry. One would think I had bears living here :)

  2. We love Honey Bunches 'O Oats and our cereal boxes look JUST LIKE THAT when the kids attempt to get into them. Great picture!

  3. Love the pic of the cereal box! Looks like many of the boxes in our pantry. Great pictures!


  4. the picture of the boys on the bunk bed!


  5. The shake picture is so cute! We haven't tried those yet, aren't real big McD fans here. Love the bunkbed picture, and we totally get the rain--have had it all week! Hopefully you can get a good escape soon!

  6. Your house looks so warm and cozy...and like lots of fun ;) Great set of photos! Sorry about your trip ;(

  7. You must live near us. We had a "bad" winter storm {San Diego style}, rainy and cold all weekend. We took advantage and brought the kiddos to the mountains to see the snow. Snow one day, sunshine the next. Crazy weather! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, you made my day!

  8. Another set of great photos!!! The karake shot is great, and your lounge looks so cozy with that fire going. I love the rain, we really don't get enough of it here in South Africa, it's been a really dry Summer for us this year. We normally get most of our rain (in the form of afternoon thunderstorms)in Summer, so our farmers are all crying for some rain. You can send it our way if you want! :) Yummy milkshakes too!

  9. boo no Yosemite. the weather does look icky, oh but how I love a fire. we are having unusual summer temps here and I want spring. meh. hoping the weather changes your way soon :)

  10. Great shots. Love that last shot and your living room is gorgeous.

  11. I always see cereal boxes in my pantry like that, lol. Congrats on your son's promotion, I know he must be excited!

  12. Love your boys bunk bed ! Thinkin about getting one in the future for our kids. My daughter loves cereal as well. She would eat it all day!