Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 35

Wow!   With the 3-day weekend Tuesday really crept up on me.  It's been a crazy busy week around here with school back on full force.  Lot's of homework and adjustments and meetings and sporting events and practice and the list goes on, but some how we all still manage.  Thank goodness for 3-day weekends!  I so needed that this past week most of all.  Too bad that's the last one for awhile.  I'm hoping now that we are back into a routine things will run a little more smoothly--one can hope anyway!

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 239- Sunday, 8/26/12
John worked his cooking magic and made these yummy chicken avocado egg rolls.  I'm so glad he likes to cook on Sundays.

Day 240- Monday, 8/27/12
Back to afternoons spent doing homework.  Justin needs a lot of space when he is working.  It's a good thing we have a nice long counter for him to set up at.

Day 241- Tuesday, 8/28/12
I spent a lot of time in my car this week shuttling people around.  Here we are waiting in the heat (see how flushed my face is) to pick up John at the Honda shop where is bike is being serviced.

Day 242- Wednesday, 8/29/12
I see a pounce coming on!  Tonight was back-to-school night which means the kids had a short day at school so I used the extra afternoon time to take pictures of my new baby.  He's so darn cute and the boys are having a blast with him.  He's gotten really bold and is starting to explore more on his own which is fun, but also hard because he's so small that the hiding spots are endless.

Day 243- Thursday, 8/30/12
We had to pick John up at work today because his bike is still in the shop, and I realized I have no pictures of where he works at so I seized the opportunity.  He works for the health care division of Siemens in product manufacturing.

Day 244- Friday, 8/31/12
Had to do the dreaded deed and fill the tank.  You can't see the price/gallon in the picture but it's $4.15 here is California and expected to get worse thanks to a couple recent refinery fires.  Ouch!

Day 245- Saturday, 9/1/12
Tyler and I are at a water polo tournament in Napa on this first day of September.  I wasn't home to take my usual monthly marker photo so I photo shopped the board in on one of the water polo pictures.  This is the very crowded warm up pool.  Tyler is to the right of the board holding one of the balls.  The boys did great.  Our varsity team won the tournament and our JV team came in second.  It was wonderful to see them play--it's the first time I was able to see a game and Tyler even made a goal!

That's it for this week.  Check back in next week for more crazy fun and cute kitten pictures ;0)



  1. Those chicken avocado egg rolls looks delish! That's great that your hubby likes to cook!

  2. Very cool photos. Those egg rolls look yummy!! Love your new kitty!

  3. Have John share his recipe! Those look divine! Yum! I understand busy weeks. I am right there with ya sister! And in the heat too, ugh. So ready for fall. Hope this week has gone smoother and that you have a good weekend!

  4. your new baby is just gorgeous!!! and I love, love egg rolls... they are to big hit in our house but from time to time I like to spoil myself with those !

    Wish my hubby cooked (once a week would be awesome!!!)

  5. Love the one of you in the car- awesome perspective!!!!!!!!!! I hear you on the CA gas prices. We are looking at a trip possibly & thought to budget an additional $150 just to cover the difference between our prices here & how high they are there. Crazy!