Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 42

We survived last week with John being out of town but barely.  It seemed like everything that could go wrong did and more, but we made it to the end and have enjoyed having him back home where he belongs for the past few days.  Fall hit hard starting yesterday with wind and lots of rain.  We had nice warm temps in the 90s last week and now it seems like winter is here.  That's OK--we need the rain to clear the air.  It's been awfully dusty and hazy out with the harvest season in full force.  The fresh clean air smells and feels good.

Here's how last week went:

Day 288- Sunday, 10/14/12
Today I ran a bunch of errands and Brandon was my buddy.  He likes to go out and shop.  The other two would rather stay home.  After we finished stimulating the economy I needed to fill up the tank before heading home and decided the car needed a good wash.  My kids love the drive through wash.  Brandon says it's like Spongebob being under the sea.  LOL!

  Day 289- Monday, 10/15/12
Oops!  There goes Tyler's freedom and his transportation to and from school.  Not the best Monday morning.  Thankfully one of our good friends helped give him a ride this morning since I was already on my way to work before the flat was discovered and John's was in Chicago.  It won't be getting fixed anytime soon :0(

Day 290- Tuesday, 10/16/12
Brandon earned his green belt in Karate today.  He was so proud.  They told him we was not ready to test the week before so he worked really hard to prove them wrong and then rocked it on testing day.

Day 291- Wednesday, 10/17/12
It's picture day at school which means no uniform.  Justin is dressed and ready to go in plenty of time so he reads on the Kindle we won at school.  He's learning to enjoy it more than he thought even if it doesn't do apps.  You can also see his wrapped finger.  He jammed it playing football in PE and later went to the Dr. and then to an x-ray all while Brandon was throwing up from a migraine but couldn't be left at home because I had no back up.  Ack!  Turned out the finger is just jammed and not broken and Brandon is fine but geesh--what a long day!  Thank you to all of Tyler's friends who helped get him to and from school and practice since I was unavailable.  The poor kid also had to make himself dinner.  Thank goodness he's pretty independent.

  Day 292- Thursday, 10/18/12
Tyler is studying for his Spanish final.  It's been a stressful week for him too.  Not only is it the end of term with exams but he also had some kid cheat off of him.  The boy used his phone to take a picture of Tyler's work while he stepped away from his desk and then was later caught using the photo to do his own work. At first Tyler was accused for cheating too by letting the kid take the picture but then it came out that he had no idea there was even a picture taken so he was not punished but still felt very upset and violated.  This evening I also had to work the school snack bar so Tyler helped watch his brothers and fed them all dinner for me.  He's been a big help all week.  Oh--and the pool guy was here and left our gate unlatched so the dog got out.  Luckily our neighbors across the street found her and brought her home.  It takes a village people!

  Day 293- Friday, 10/19/12
Thank goodness it's Friday and it was a good low key day for a change.  Tyler's water polo practice after school got canceled so we decided to head to the local pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins.  We all needed a little fun and it was the perfect time to go because there was hardly anyone there.  I know on Saturday it will be packed!

  Day 294- Saturday, 10/20/12
Rusty is getting more adventurous and creative about the places he explores.  He thinks this is a good place to stay safe from the dog.  He likes to be at her nose level so he can swipe at her and strike where it counts when she won't leave him alone.

And here is where John was all week-- in beautiful Chicago!  He was lucky enough to have plenty of free time to explore and see the city in addition to attending the meetings at a work conference.

Did I say how happy I am to have my hubby home?  What a week--a total comedy of errors and at least I can look back and laugh at it now.

Thanks for stopping by and see you next Tuesday.



  1. What a crazy week! Bless your heart! Funny about the car wash. My little boy hates them, used to cry and cry when I would go in one. Crazy about the cheating thing. Glad it got worked out. Love the pumpkin patch! We try every year to grow our own, but the bugs always get them. Hope you have a better and less crazy week with John home!

  2. Such a crazy week! So many things going wrong when you were solo! Congratulations on the green belt, and that's just awful that someone was cheating from your son. Hopefully next week will be so much better!

  3. What an up and down week ! My hubby's just got back from being away too and we had our home phone and Internet stop working the entire time he was away.

    Well done for keeping up with everything photo wise and just getting through the week. I was so glad when my hubby was back too, great to have that partnership.

  4. Wow, you really did have the week from H-E-double tooth picks!
    Poor Tyler w/ the flat tire and the cheating scandal.
    That's what I ♥ about Project Life...we can document the good w/ the bad.
    It helps me to feel more thankful/grateful when times are good.
    That's cool that you included pics of your husband's trip, too.
    Hope this week is better for you! :)

  5. Phew. What a crazy week. Congrats on making it!
    Congrats on the green belt too, that's fantastic!

  6. WOW- what a week!!!!!!!!!!!! It sure was a busy one for you!

  7. Oh my, that was some week! I bet you are happy to have the hubby home!~

    You look adorable in that pumpkin patch, by the way ;)

    And hooray for your green belt!!

  8. Great shots. Love the Chicago photos. How fun.