Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 5

I'm so sad the 49ers did not win on Super Bowl Sunday :0(  Oh well, I still love them and look forward to a win next year!  Can you believe we are into February already?  I swear each year zooms by faster and faster.  I could really use a remote control for my life to speed through the bad and slow to enjoy the good.  Wouldn't that be awesome!

Speaking of awesome, check out our last week in pictures:

Day 28- Monday, 1/28/13
Finally! Brandon mastered tying his shoes today.  This used to be a kindergarten standard that they don't really teach anymore which is such a shame because it's a life skill they need to know.  This past weekend I got fed up with having to tie his shoes and decided it was high time he learned.  Luckily he's a quick study and picked it right up.  I should have forced the issue sooner.  He's so proud too and now interested in learning to tie more knots.

Day 29- Tuesday, 1/29/13
We're waiting for Tyler's karate class to end, and Justin forgot his reading book so he decided to entertain us with silly faces.

Day 30- Wednesday, 1/30/13
Tonight was open house at the high school.  This is Tyler's bio-medical sciences class and instead of passing out a syllabus the teacher passed out gloves and let us play with a pig's heart and lungs.  Tyler's really excited about this class and was beaming the whole time we were there.

Day 31- Thursday, 1/31/13
Time to squeeze in a quick workout before heading off to volunteer at the Booster's snack bar.  I must tone this body before summer hits.  Look at the lady on the TV cheering me on and the cat wondering why the camera is going off on it's own.  LOL!  Oh, by the way, he totally monopolizes the dog's bed when she's not around--squatter!

Day 32- Friday, 2/1/12
It's February!  Justin and Brandon are showing some brotherly love for my monthly marker.

Day 33- Saturday, 2/2/12
I made these cute pudding-cup snacks for the boys in honor of Groundhog Day.  Looks like we are in for an early spring.  Bring it on!

Day 34- Sunday, 2/3/12
I was hoping to post a picture of us winning the Super Bowl but that didn't happen so instead here is a tender moment between Justin and Rusty right before the game.  He such a great cuddle cat and the boys are all thrilled when he chooses to cuddle with them.

It was a pretty simple week.  Nothing Earth shattering or super exciting happened--just life but it's our life ;0)  Hope to see you next Tuesday.



  1. eep! Those Groundhog snacks are the cutest!!

  2. I too am sad that the 49ers didn't win!! Boo..but they sure did give it a try in the second half. The brothers look very cute giving brotherly love..so important in life.

  3. That bio-medical class sounds fun, but I don't think my stomach could handle it :) Love the ground hog snacks! Have a great week!

  4. Rusty looks just like our Jack (a female -- don't ask). Such a sweet moment captured.

  5. Such CUTE groundhog day snacks!
    I ♥ the idea of taking a picture of something like learning to tie shoes.
    Such a great idea!
    That bio-medical class looks awesome, and great way to capture that for your PLife spread.
    I would have loved to see a pig's heart and lungs.

  6. Sorry about the 49ers but SF has had some great sports luck the last couple of years so maybe someone else needs a turn? LOL. I LOVE those groundhog's day pudding cups. I pinned them for future reference. Adorable! And your cat's face in your yoga pic is priceless. I miss having a kitty.

  7. I love the exercise photo! The cat cracked me up. :) I also love your month marker chalkboard! I need to steal that idea for sure. :)

  8. Sorry about the 49ers - too bad they didn't show up until AFTER the power outage! You kitty looks exactly like my Pumpkin - lol. Love the brotherly love shot - so cute :)

  9. Awww I love those Groundhog Day pudding snacks you made for your boys! They are so cute! I will definitely have to try making those in the future. And the "February" photo of your younger two is adorable :-)

  10. Those pudding snacks are adorable!! Going to keep that in mind for next year!

  11. Those groundhog snacks are too cute!
    And good for you exercising. I need to get my rear in gear!