Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 10

Welcome and happy Tuesday :0)  What a great spring-like weekend!  Sunday was so nice especially after a rainy week.  Too bad we had one less hour to enjoy it.  Hopefully there will be more to come. Is it spring break?  I'm so ready.

Here's a look at last week:

Day 63- Monday, 3/4/13
These are the last of the winter berries in our backyard.  This bush will bloom out with tiny yellow flowers in a week or two so I figured I'd better snap a shot before the beautiful red is gone.

Day 64- Tuesday, 3/5/13
Brandon was feeling sick after school and laid down for a bit on the floor.  Once he felt better he decided to do some homework and Rusty supervised.

Day 65- Wednesday, 3/6/13
Today was a minimum day so Justin had extra time to squeeze in some reading just for fun.  It's not often he does that, but Brandon got a new book order, and Justin took a liking to one of the books.  It's a character book which is right up his alley.  He loves reading about new characters.

Day 66- Thursday, 3/7/13
I'm waiting to pick Justin up from a field trip.  His 6th grade class went to see a live performance of Beauty and the Beast in Sacramento and didn't get back until after 5 pm.  Once I collected him and immediately dropped him at home, I ran off to snack bar duty for the booster's club. On my way there I passed Tyler getting ride home from swim with one of his friends.  Crazy day!

Day 67- Friday, 3/8/13
LOL!  I found the cat like this, and I'm not sure if he's decided he likes it or not.  The culprit is Brandon.  He's obsessed with wrapping Rusty up in blankets. 

Day 68- Saturday, 3/9/13
He's had a nice long break over winter, but now that spring is almost here Tyler has to resume his lawn mowing and pool sweeping duties.  At least it's a really great day for it.

Day 69- Sunday, 3/10/13
It's another beautiful day and more yard work to do.  I'm finally getting around to finishing my winter pruning.  This electric trimmer sure helps a girl out.  It felt so nice to be out in the sun today with no wind.  I don't really mind yard work when the conditions are right.

That's it!  I'm looking forward to a warm weather week.  We might even see temps in the 80's tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm linking up at the following locations for inspiration.  Check them out.



  1. Well I have to say...Brandon wrapping the cat up in a blanket is so adorable!! This one is a keeper. You go girl with the electric tools!

  2. Goodness, I love red berries. And the cat? Hilarious!

  3. too cute on the cat with the blanket...
    thanks for stopping by my blog...
    I love the berries... prettty

  4. Wow, mowing the lawn and yard work already? We are(hopefully) weeks away from that :) Rusty in the blankets is so cute, and love the winter berries. Hope Brandon gets to feeling better! Have a great week with your spring weather!

  5. That first picture is beautiful. I love those colors. Good luck with that yard work!

  6. Love the berries... We love our electric trimmer too so much easier to do the hedges. Thanks for sharing your week with us.

  7. You look so happy with that electric trimmer in your hands! I love those red berries, too. It's so fun to see a yellow school bus...just like in the movies! Enjoy your nice weather...we're still dreaming of spring over here ;)

  8. Wonderful! photos! as Fiona says you look great! with the electric trimmer. :) Happy spring break!

  9. Lucky you with the warm weather! I am not looking forward to the yard work though. That's good that you have boys to help out with that stuff!

  10. I'm loving the cat- that is hilarious!! Ours will brave the dog pillow if he'snot around but usually get too scared.