Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 27

Happy Tuesday!  I feel like summer is slipping away from me.  We had a nice 4th of July weekend traveling to Oregon and back to see the in-laws.  It's beautiful up there and cooler than here.  The break from the heat was just what we needed and the opportunity to re-connect with nature was wonderful hence a few extra pictures this week.  Of course I have so many more!  Their property is just amazing.  It's back to the grind now with more work, water polo, and swimming lined up to round out the rest of July.  I'm hoping we can squeeze a trip to the State Fair in there somewhere but I'm just not sure how. 

Take a look at last week:

Day 182- Monday, 7/1/13
Brandon is super excited it's July 1st and was more than happy to pose with my monthly marker since it all means his birthday is coming up.

Day 183- Tuesday, 7/2/13
Tonight at karate Brandon earned another stripe on his green belt.  One more and he can test to advance to brown belt.

Day 184- Wednesday, 7/3/13
We were supposed to be traveling to Oregon today but our big truck ended up needing new brakes and was in the shop all day.  In the meantime the boys beat the heat playing around in our pool.  It was 105 today so some pool time was surely the way to go.

Day 185- Thursday, 7/4/13
Happy 4th!  We spent the day on the road and made it to my in-law's Packham Ranch just before dinner.  The boys took no time at all making themselves at home.

Day 186- Friday, 7/5/13
What a fun filled day!  Justin got to feed the steers out front, Tyler got to drive a 4 wheeler around the property, and Brandon helped his grandfather pick cherries off a tree for dessert.

Day 187- Saturday, 7/6/13
On our last day in Oregon we went into the town of Roseburg for a bit (more car trouble) and then checked out the vista point at Colliding Rivers.  Back at the ranch we let Bella run while we took a small hike up behind the house and then listened as Brandon learned to play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the piano.  He actually picked it up pretty quick just before we sat down to our yummy steak dinner.

Day 188- Sunday, 7/7/13
This morning we headed out early for the long drive home and someone was happy to see us return.  He's been pretty much under foot ever since.

That is it for now.  I'm heading to Santa Cruz this weekend for more Water Polo--the last summer tournament before HS practice starts in August but not the last of my summer travels.  Next summer I think I want more down time at home and less time in the car.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.



  1. What great pictures from your inlaw's house! You are right...their home & property are stunning. What neat memories. :)

    I like your idea of taking a "monthly marker" picture to document the beginning of each month.

  2. What beautiful pictures from your trip to Oregon! Looks like a lot of fun! Hope the water polo tournament goes well this weekend! Have a great week!

  3. Gorgeous trip pictures!! Where in Oregon is the ranch? My sister lives in Portland!

  4. Wow, your in-laws' place in Oregon looks so nice! What a beautiful part of the country! Glad you guys had a good 4th :-)

  5. Oregon just looks heavenly!!! I am going to have to put this on my bucket list.