Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Week 40

It's a beautiful fall Tuesday and welcome!  The mornings here are definitely colder and there is a crispness to the air that I love, but it still heats up and is pretty darn hot in the afternoons.  We're wearing lots of layers to start off with and slowly peeling them off one by one as the day goes on.  I don't mind the cold, but I do hope we can avoid the winds we had last week--so irritating.  The wind has never been my friend and thankfully it did go away so we could enjoy a gorgeous weekend.

Take a look at how our fall is shaping up:

Day 273- Monday, 9/30/13
Here are some happy boys ready to head home from school.  Mondays are our easiest days of the week in terms of afternoon activities.  The rest of week is pretty much a crazy mess just after homework is done or sometimes even before it has a chance to get done.

Day 274- Tuesday, 10/1/13
Happy October!  John brought down the Halloween boxes this weekend so we are slowing decorating, and of course having candy corn around this time of year is a must :0)  Brandon was more than happy to pose for my monthly marker once I told him he could have the candy.  Bribery goes a long ways in this house!

Day 275- Wednesday, 10/2/13
Speaking of bribery--our dog Bella is so food motivated.  If you ever want her to do something just hold a piece of kibble or Cheeze-It in your hand and she's all yours.  It's dinner time and she will sit here and drool all over my kitchen floor until the food in that bowl is hers.

Day 276- Thursday, 10/3/13
We're still working on those decorations.  Target had these window clings in the dollar section which were a fun addition out front.  The boys enjoyed putting them up.  Brandon did this window, and Justin put some pumpkin clings in the other window.

Day 277- Friday, 10/4/13
Tyler's water polo team had a really great win yesterday so the coach gave them the day off from practice this afternoon.  Of course he spent it playing video games mostly on-line with his water polo friends.  LOL!  He's sporting a new headset he received for his birthday.

Day 278- Saturday, 10/5/13
This morning Tyler and I spent some time running errands together (he's so busy during the week that it's hard to find the time).  This is his first trip to the ATM to test out his new debit card we just had activated.  He's growing up way too fast!  Then in the afternoon we got together with good friends for some bowling and a nice dinner.  It was a great day!

Day 279- Sunday, 10/6/13
Time for more Sunday chores.  We had a very windy end to our week and all the debris that got blown around ended up in our pool.  Justin worked hard today to help clean it up.

We're finished with another week.  Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll see you next week.



  1. Looks like you guys had an awesome week. Love the "October" chalkboard sign. I haven't been looking at blogs for a few months now but it seems your son has grown about a foot taller!! I am feeling totally inadequate about my decorations (nothing is up). Thanks for the motivation :)

  2. Candy corn is also a must at our house. We love it mixed with peanuts. Always love your month signs! Looks like a good week at your house! I understand trying to find time with the kids with so many activities! They grow up way too fast! Have a good week!

  3. Oh dear, I haven't seen your blog forever! Nice to see everyone's smiles again.

  4. Happy October to you and your family! I love that you have boxes of Halloween decorations. I have absolutely nothing, but I really want to change that! I've always loved the holiday, but haven't really done much decorating beyond getting a pumpkin. Now that I'm a mom, I think I need to step it up! I'm sure your boys love all the festive decorations. I saw those window clings at Target. I think my daughter would definitely love those, so I'll have to go get some!

  5. That's such a great idea to do the monthly marker photo. You're always so good about doing it, and I want to do it to but always seem to forget... :)

    I LOVE the composition of that photo of Bella & the dog food bowl.
    I also like how you got down on Tyler's level to take that pic of him playing video games.
    You are SO CREATIVE & TALENTED w/ your photos!!!