Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 49

Welcome to Tuesday! Can you believe there are only a few more Tuesdays left in the year?!  It's always a crazy but fun finish with so much happening in December.  Boy has it been freezing out with a cold snap in effect.  It most certainly feels like winter now, and I'm happy to hear there has been snow in the mountains.  Ski season is just around the corner and we need a good base.  It's always great for them to get snow just before Christmas too since it's one of their busiest times of the year.  We won't be heading to the hills though, we'll be going tropical and heading towards warmer temps.  Can't wait!  Until then . . .

Take a look at how we started December:

Day 336- Monday, 12/2/13
Scout, our Elf on the Shelf, has been making himself right at home.  The boys are loving his crazy antics and having fun finding him every morning.

Day 337- Tuesday, 12/3/13
It's time to walk the dog and the wind is howling as the temperatures start to drop for a cold snap.  I was more than happy to bundle up in my long, sleeping bag like jacket for the job.

Day 338- Wednesday, 12/4/13
Tonight was the High School Water Polo banquet.  The boys had a fantastic season and are sorry to see it end.  The next day they found out only 1 of the 5 boys that tried for ODP made the first cut.  We wish him well in the next tryout and hope he makes the second cut too.  For the rest there is always next year and in the meantime the city's winter polo league starts soon.  Brrr!

Day 339- Thursday, 12/5/13
Brandon looks forward to opening the windows on his advent calendar every day for a little chocolate treat.

Day 340- Friday, 12/6/13
The boys came home early from tennis because it started to rain--it's so cold out we're hoping for possible snow tonight or first thing tomorrow.  Justin is unwinding from his week by watching old episodes of his favorite shows on the computer.  This is one of his favorite Friday night things to do.

Day 341- Saturday, 12/7/13
No snow, but we did have a fun party to attend.  The MIND Institute had their annual thank you party for the kids, and they always go big to throw the best parties.  It was a space theme this year with fun slides and bounce houses outside plus rooms with space-themed games inside and lots of good food, door prizes, and gift bags.

Day 342- Sunday, 12/8/13
What's better than chicken wings and a football game on a Sunday?  The boys suited up to watch the Niners beat their biggest rival, the Seahawks, while I locked myself away to start wrapping presents.  A tree without presents under it bothers me so I've been unsettled all week and now I can relax a bit ;0)  

That's all folks!  Only 3 weeks of the year left!  Hope to see for the rest of them.



  1. Yes, I agree...a tree without presents...say it isn't so☺ I laughed so hard seeing you all bundled up in your winter coat or should I say your "Snuggie"♥

  2. I love the elf popping out of the cereal box idea! I'll definitely have to use that one in the future. I also love the photo of all your guys in their jerseys watching the game. That's so cute that they can all enjoy that together.

  3. Great pictures this week! Love the Elf shot! So cute! Your boys in their red is cute too. Way to go getting your presents wrapped. Love your long blanket coat! My kids also love those chocolate Christmas countdowns! Have a good week!

  4. I like your guys lined up in their jerseys!