Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 5

Happy Tuesday and welcome back!  We did mange to have a few days of wet weather last week which was nice but now it's back to bright sunshine and warm temps. Hopefully we'll get some more rain and colder temps again soon. Nature is so confused with trees blooming, bugs out in full force, and bears not hibernating--so crazy wrong for January.

Here's a look at how last week went:

Day 27- Monday, 1/27/14
My boys fight over who's going to get the mail.  Brandon won out today and our box was quite full.  We didn't have time to check it over the weekend with us being out of town.

Day 28- Tuesday, 1/28/14
I got a pretty new bike for my birthday, and John was kind enough to move my name plate from my old bike to this one.  It's hard to believe I had my last bike for over 20 years!  I got it to ride on campus in college.  This name plate came from my very first 2-wheel bike at age 8 so it's over 30 years old, and my new bike is the very same color as that first bike.  Talk about full circle.  Sadly I've had no time to take this beauty for spin but hopefully soon.  The boys can't wait for us to all ride together.

Day 29- Wednesday, 1/29/14
Bella had her annual visit at the UC Davis community practice and Brandon was giddy with excitement to come along and lend some support.  Bella doesn't mind the veterinary visits because they mean car rides and cookies, but even so she's more than happy to have her boy tag along.

Day 30- Thursday, 1/30/14
Tyler just got home from school, hit the pantry for a snack, and sat down to devour his crackers.  Bella is hoping he'll drop a crumb or two so she can quickly clean it up.  These two are both very food motivated!

Day 31- Friday, 1/31/14
We did get some rain the past couple days but not as much as we were hoping for or needed and then today as I was walking back from my coffee break on campus I noticed that the ornamental pear trees are starting to leaf out and flower--in January!  It's a couple months too soon.  Spring really needs to wait.

Day 32- Saturday, 2/1/14
Happy February!  I spent my day with Tyler at a winter polo tournament so I made him pose with me for our monthly marker.  He had 3 games and came home totally exhausted.  They really had to fight and play hard in that last game.  I think he also got a little too much sun.  It was gorgeous out.  That's it for the polo season until summer.  High school swim starts in a couple weeks and then life-guard training over spring break.  I swear this kid is going to grow fins and gills if he hasn't already.

Day 33- Sunday, 2/2/14
Rain, rain, rain!  I took the boys in for haircuts and we got caught in a down pour.  It was a wonderfully grey and wet day.  It kind of ruined my plans for gardening and bike riding but that's OK.  We lit a fire at home, made some warm drinks, and enjoyed the dreary, winter-like weather for a change. 

That's all I've got for now!  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you here again next week.

The Mom Creative


  1. I LOVE that you have your name plate from your very first bike. How cool is that!?!? I also love that you took a pic of it and documented the story that goes along with it.

    Super cute pic of you & Tyler for your monthly marker! :)

  2. Also love your new bike and the name plate. That is a cool story and great that you have a picture! Glad you got some rain! Hope some more come. That is crazy the trees are starting to bloom. We are getting a huge snow storm today. Love the water polo shot. That boy is amazing in the water!

  3. I love your new bike, and that's so cool that you still have your name plate from when you were little!

    Yay for rain! That's crazy you're already seeing signs of spring though!

  4. How in the world do you still have your name plate? I throw way too much out in my life...sigh☺Great pics..really enjoyed the water polo team pic.

  5. wonderful pictures!! and love the name plate!