Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 23

Welcome back and happy summer!  We are so happy to be done with school and are enjoying our week off to adjust to the new summer schedule.  Thankfully we'll even get a short family trip in at the end of the week which is much needed and might be the only opportunity all summer.  It sure feels like summer too. It's been down right hot! Yesterday was 110!!  At least my kids do water sports and aren't sweating it out on some field somewhere.  

Take a look at how last week went--the school year wrap up:

Day 153- Monday, 6/2/14
I was at the school for outreach today in Justin's science classes and then after school he had the year-end NJHS (National Jr Honor Society) party.  He was asked to give a speech and then received an award for the top 7th grade student.  Sadly, I didn't know parents could attend.  I think he wanted it that way so it's ok.  I'm still very proud and got to read his speech after.

Day 154- Tuesday, 6/3/14
This afternoon we're in Davis doing paper work for Tyler's summer job.  He's never had to fill out so many forms and to make decisions like this before.  It's a good learning experience, and I continue to be impressed with the city of Davis and their efficient system.

Day 155- Wednesday, 6/4/14
John got a new rear tire for his bike and spent most the afternoon in the garage working on that.

Day 156- Thursday, 6/5/14
Last day of school!  My boys all had a great year.  The 2 younger ones celebrated with an Icee right after, and Tyler got to go with his water polo team to Davis and watch the men's national team play Serbia.  They all really enjoyed seeing the best of the best play, but it sure was hot and sunny out.  This guy put his hands up just as I snapped a picture.  At least it makes a cool frame surrounding our group sitting there.

Day 157- Friday, 6/6/14
Today everyone was home so we all relaxed and then took in a movie.   It's been awhile since the whole family went to a movie so that was nice.  We saw the latest X-Men flick.

Day 158- Saturday, 6/7/14
Enough with the relaxation.  It's time for another swim meet this time at an away pool in Fair Oaks.  Here we are waiting for the meet to start so John is reading the paper as the teenagers chill in the background.  When they weren't in the pool they were on this bench-- all day long!  Love these boys, but we're missing Quinn today.  

Day 159- Sunday, 6/8/14
Tyler and I were at a water polo tournament all day so John took the younger boys out shopping for sunglasses.  Brandon starts summer day camp tomorrow where they play outside a lot and needs some new shades to help prevent migraines.  He was happy to find this cool blue pair.  I'm glad he likes them because that means he'll wear them and hopefully they will help.  Intense sun and heat are one of his triggers so the neurologist suggested we try sunglasses for the summer.

That's all for now.  Check back next week to see how our summer is going.

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  1. Happy summer! So glad you are done! Looks like lots of swimming for you this summer! 110 already, that is crazy! congrats to Justin on his award and speech. Enjoy your week and your family get away! Hope Tyler enjoys his summer job. Miss A is working at Dairy Queen for the summer--yum!

  2. Yay for summer! Looks like yours is shaping up nicely so far! 110 degrees though?! Holy moly! And congrats to Justin on his top student award! That is awesome!