Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 42

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  We're finally getting our house back in order after replacing windows.  That seemed like a bigger ordeal than I was expecting, but it's over now, and I don't have to squint to look through the film between the panes of my glass windows anymore.  My favorite part about the new windows is that they can be opened in either direction which comes in handy for different areas of the house.  With fall and winter upon us we should also be able to save some energy by losing less heat through structurally sound windows and frames.  Bring it on!  As of now it's still pretty warm so we'll enjoy the windows being open to let in that fresh autumn air.

Take a look at last week's pictures:

Day 286- Monday, 10/13/14
We tried a new fruit for snack today.  I'd seen star fruit on cooking shows and heard of people using it but hadn't seen it in stores until this past weekend.  Of course I had to pick one up, and the kids were super intrigued.  They couldn't wait for me to cut it open.  Sadly it got mixed reviews and actually looks much cooler than it tastes.  Oh well, we tried!

Day 287- Tuesday, 10/14/14
They started replacing our windows today.  It was strange to be in the house when all the windows were removed especially upstairs.  It was like I had vertigo or something.  This will be a two day job, and in the meantime my house is in shambles with pictures off walls, no blinds, and furniture scattered about.  I can't wait until it's over because it's really hard to relax and feel at home when the place is a wreck.

Day 288- Wednesday, 10/15/14
We're still dealing with the window replacement at home, but I escaped for a few hours to run into work and read some slides.  I've been spending a lot of time on this microscope lately.  We have about 3,500 horse samples tested and read out but still have another 2,000 to go.  The goal is to be done by the new year.  It actually felt good to get away from the chaos at home and get back to a normal routine and unaltered surroundings even if it was work.

Day 289- Thursday, 10/16/14
Study hard Tyler.  It's midterm time at the high school and at least he has his room somewhat back to normal so he can focus.  There's a new window there giving him lots of natural light.  Sometime this weekend we'll find the time and energy to get the blinds back up.

Day 290- Friday, 10/17/14
It's not truly fall until there are pumpkins near my entry.  These are a few of them we picked up at the pumpkin patch over the past weekend.  The window workers moved them aside to keep them safe, and today I put them back where they belong.

Day 291- Saturday, 10/18/14
Tyler and I went with some of the water polo boys to UC Berkeley so we could watch the PAC-12 game between Cal Berkeley and UCLA which was a fun experience.  It's great for them to see how the college level kids play.  After the game we grabbed some lunch and then walked around campus a bit.  It was a gorgeous fall day.

Day 292- Sunday, 10/19/14
We found this green hat for Justin's Riddler costume at the Spirit store last week, but it was missing a small but important detail so I found some purple felt and decked it out the proper way.  Justin loves it and can't wait for Halloween.

That's all for now.  Hope to see you next Tuesday.

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  1. Glad the new windows are in, that is exciting! Hope Tyler's midterms go well!

  2. New windows are a pain but so nice when they are done! We did ours a few years ago. I have never tried star fruit. It does look cool! Glad things are back to normal. Your college water polo game sounds fun! Have a great week!!

  3. YAY for new windows!!!
    My parents had theirs redone last year & they found a big sluffed off snake skin under the window pane between the outside & inside walls of the house!!!

    I love that unique angle of the microscope picture ... very cool!

  4. I know you're happy to have those windows done! Good job on Justin's Riddler hat -- it looks awesome! That star fruit looks really interesting. Just might have to try one with my daughter. I hope Tyler's midterms go well!