Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 45

Happy Tuesday and Veteran's day!  Thanks to all those who work to protect and serve our country. We really do appreciate it.  It's a slow and easy day at home here with the kids out of school and me home from work.  I'm happy to have a day off with no real plans.  There are a few things I need to catch up on around the house and some last minute details I need to take care of for Tyler's travels but otherwise the day is wide open.  Brandon was sick most the night, but if he's feeling better today maybe we can squeeze a little fun in there too.

Speaking of fun, check out last week's pictures:

Day 307- Monday, 11/3/14
Yep! This is really happening.  Tyler got his official  attendance badge for the Medical Congress in the mail today.  I can't believe I'll be sending my son all by himself across the country to Washington DC in just over a week.  I'd be lying if i said I wasn't a little nervous, but he's a smart and responsible kid so I'm sure he'll be fine, and I keep telling myself it's a good life learning experience.

Day 308- Tuesday, 11/4/14
There was a new book release for The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and Brandon has been reading it all afternoon.  I'm pretty sure he'll finish this thing today.  It looks like he's reading upside down, but he's actually using his book to hide from the camera.  He's at that stage where it's no longer fun for mom to take pictures of him.  Well, get over it kid!  It's still going to happen ;0)

Day 309- Wednesday, 11/5/14
I pulled the covers back on our bed so I could wash the sheets, but before I could commit to it completely Rusty had taken over and decided it was the perfect place to nest.  Ah, the life of a cat.

Day 310- Thursday, 11/6/14
Here we are at water polo sections.  Ours boys had the last game of the day, and it was a do or die situation.  It was a super close game, but sadly we lost by 1 point which means the high school water polo season is officially over for us.  No fear--only 3 weeks until winter polo ;0)  It never completely ends, but he loves it so it's all good.  Look at the writing on the ball!  Connie caught this shot of Tyler with the ball perfectly placed to shows it's a section game.  Very cool!  We'll miss Connie next year since her son is a senior.  She does an amazing job getting great pictures of all the boys in the water.

Day 311- Friday, 11/7/14
For our nightly walk we headed to the levee to watch the sunset.  It was a beautiful fall evening but pretty buggy out.  Brandon enjoyed watching Bella explore some new territory.

Day 312- Saturday, 11/8/14
Here we are at our last get together with Lindsay and her mom, Donna, before sending these two off to DC for the Congress.  They will be traveling out separately, meeting up at the event, and traveling back together.  It's been great getting to know them, and I sure hope the kids have a fun time and come back motivated and inspired to change the world.  If anyone can do it these two can.

Day 313- Sunday, 11/9/14
It may be fall, but it's still warm and very pleasant out.  John fired up the grill to make us a yummy steak fajita dinner, and Justin came out to see what's cooking.  John also grilled a bunch of extra meat that we'll be able to use throughout the week.  This makes those rushed weekday dinners so much more manageable. 

That's it!  Enjoy the rest of your week, and we'll see you in the next one.

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  1. I went to that medical congress when I thought i would go that route! Hope he has a great time!!

  2. Hope Tyler's trip goes well! That grilled meat looks yummy! Smart idea to do a bunch at once. Love the cat photo! Sorry water polo is over--for a minute :) Enjoy the short break! Have a great week!

  3. How exciting that Tyler's trip is coming up! It sounds like a great opportunity. That's nice that he was able to get to know a fellow traveler prior to the trip. And I also didn't realize there was winter polo too. At least you get little break before it starts up. I hope Brandon is feeling better!

  4. I ♥ that silhouette shot of Brandon & Bella. That's crazy that Tyler already has his driver's license! I hope he has a great time on his trip. I also love the work shot you took last week. Your photography is inspiring. :)