Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 48

Welcome back and welcome to December.  Wow! Really?!  It's another Tuesday and another month already.  I knew I would blink and November would be gone.  At least we were able to slow things down in the last week and have some fun just hanging out.  It's always nice to have a week off to chill with no real plans, and in only a short 3 weeks there will be more of the same.  Yay!

Take a look at how we spent our last week in November just relaxing and having some fun with family and friends:

Day 328- Monday, 11/24/14
This morning Brandon used his free time to finish up a Lego set he hasn't really had time for since school started.  A couple hours later we headed out to lunch and then caught an afternoon showing of the Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1.  It was a good way to start our break.

Day 329- Tuesday, 11/25/14
Tyler finished up his service project this morning, got his papers signed, and was able to tour the labs where all the blood is processed from the donation sites he's been working at.  That was pretty interesting to see.  They have a nice set up and wonderful facilities.  Then later in the evening the younger boys had karate class and testing.  They both did great, and the streak of blurred white on the mat there is Brandon practicing a roll ;0)

Day 330- Wednesday, 11/26/14
Turkey or ham?  They can't decide so we'll do both! Today was a food prep day.  We made pies, cornbread for stuffing, and brine for the turkey.  The house already smells like Thanksgiving. 

Tyler spent the day riding along on ambulance calls.  Sorry no picture, but so excited for him that he got to do that and grateful that his friend Lindsay was able to set it up for him.

Day 331- Thursday, 11/27/14
Happy Thanksgiving!  We had a great low key day feasting on a lot of delicious food and keeping to no particular schedule at all.  You gotta love low-stress, quiet holidays just chilling with the family.

Day 332- Friday, 11/28/14
Time for some Korean bbq with friends.  Oz is one of those places where you grill your own meat and the kids got a kick out of that.  It was a fun night with the Wong family and at least 2 out of my 3 boys loved the food.

Day 333- Saturday, 11/29/14
It may be raining out, but that won't stop us from meeting a college friend for a little wine tasting.  Deb and Doug were coming up or way to taste at the Old Sugar Mill and meet with another UCD alum so we joined them.  Many of the wineries there were having a "Small Business Saturday" sale so we stocked up for the holidays.

Day 334- Sunday, 11/30/13
We went to the mall early to have our annual family pictures taken and then had lunch at BJ's right after.  Once we got home John brought down the Christmas boxes from the attic and Brandon was super excited to dig into them.  He's been wearing this Santa hat on and off ever since.

Wait! One more:  

November's Family Photo

Just before sitting down at our Thanksgiving feast I convinced the group to sit for a picture.  Thankfully the fog lifted, the clouds parted, and the sun peaked out for some good natural light.  It was meant to be!

Ok, that's a wrap for November.  Let's see what December brings.  We'll be counting down the days until our next break, and we're super happy it's not that far away.  The boys are giddy with excitement in anticipation of Christmas and are grateful we'll be home for the holidays this year.  

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  1. That's so great that you got to have a while week off to enjoy time with your boys. I'm glad you all had a great Thanksgiving. Brandon looks so cute and festive in his Santa hat. Great November family photo, too!

  2. How nice to have the week together! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving and your pie looks perfect!

  3. Your Thanksgiving feast looks yum! Tyler has sure been busy! Glad you were able to enjoy the week and relax! Love Brandon in the Santa hat! Have as great week!

  4. I'm so glad y'all had a nice Thanksgiving break.
    It sounds like it was just the right amount of busy balanced w/ the right amount of relaxation.
    I agree with you ... I'm so excited we get to repeat that again in 3 weeks with Christmas. :)