Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 50

Happy Tuesday!  It's raining here again but not as bad as last week.  It's shaping up to be a good winter and a good ski season. Hopefully we'll get a quick trip to the mountains over winter break to have some fun in the snow.  Speaking of winter break only 2 more days until it starts. WooHoo!  I'm so ready, and it's less than 10 days until Christmas.  Wow!  I just need to wrap up a major final report on our NSF grant at work, and I'm good to go.

Now for what happened last week:

Day 342- Monday, 12/8/14
We're focusing on trimming the tree this week.  Brandon and Justin started today.  Tyler is at polo practice so his help will have to wait.  It's starting to all come together.

Day 343- Tuesday, 12/9/14
Tyler had a minimum day and has nothing going on this evening so now he can add his ornaments to the tree and we'll be done.  Each kid receives a new ornament every year, and I keep them in their own special box so they can put theirs on the tree.  When they move out they can take the box of ornaments with them all except the baby's 1st Christmas which is mine to keep ;0)

Day 344- Wednesday, 12/10/14
It's Justin's turn to blow out the candle on the advent wreath after dinner tonight.  Tomorrow we can light the second candle because we'll be just 2 weeks from Christmas.

Day 345- Thursday, 12/11/14
Rain, rain, rain!  This was supposed to be a huge rainy and windy day and it did rain A LOT but there really wasn't much wind here in the valley.  Other parts of California got hit really hard, but thankfully it wasn't too bad for us.

Day 346- Friday, 12/12/14
Now that the tree is all decorated it's time to start wrapping presents and sticking them under the tree.  I hate the way a tree looks without any presents there to keep it company.  As usual Amazon has been my best friend for holiday shopping, and I love the free 3-day shipping with Prime.

Day 347- Saturday, 12/13/14
Cheers to the weekend and the holidays!  John threw a "pray for snow" party, and I think it worked.  We are most certainly getting some good snow in the mountains.  I had fun with these lovely ladies sipping on yummy holiday drinks after spending some time freezing poolside at winter polo.  The boys did great though and won their first tournament.

Day 348- Sunday, 12/14/14
Our elf recruited some friends for a fun marshmallow snowball fight.  I think he intends to take Pikachu down.  The kids got a big kick out of this one.

That's it!  I can't wait until my report is done and the week is over.  We have no real plans again, but that's ok.  I'm fine with spending the holidays at home just hanging with my family.

The Mom Creative


  1. Love your ornament tradition - so organized, too!

  2. We have the same ornament tradition. Great minds think alike :) Your tree looks good! Good luck finishing your report and then enjoying your vacation! Hope you get some snow and enjoy skiing!

  3. That is a fantastic ornament tradition, and a great idea to keep them in separate boxes. I've started the tradition of buying one ornament for each kid every year, but haven't been organized enough to keep them separate from the other ornaments. Also, the elf marshmallow snowball fight is epic. What a sight to wake up to!