Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 3

Happy Tuesday!  I'm so happy it's a short week. We had a great long weekend, and at the end of the week we are headed to the mountains for our annual ski trip at Northstar. Everyone is looking forward to it and can't wait.  I'm also looking forward to a lab meeting this afternoon.  We always celebrate birthdays, and I'm usually the one who brings the cake, but today the cake is for me ;0)  My birthday is Thursday and my boss can't make it then so she baked me a French chocolate cake to celebrate today.  It sounds yummy and will be a great way to end the day.

Until then here's how last week went down:

Day 12- Monday, 1/12/15
Brandon finished punching out all those windows and got his model built.  It's almost bigger than he is, and he's super happy with it.  It's nice and sturdy enough to carry around but can also easily be taken apart and rebuilt at anytime.

Day 13- Tuesday, 1/13/15
John's got the younger boys at karate, and me, I'm out on yet another milk run.  Seems like every time I turn around we need more milk. Three growing boys in this house is blowing our food budget.

Day 14- Wednesday, 1/14/15
Bella is supervising homework and patiently waiting for her boy to finish so they can play. Homework time is torturous to her.

Day 15- Thursday, 1/15/15
They don't make clothes like they used to.  Seems like I'm always mending seams that were never stitched right in the first pace on otherwise perfectly good clothing items.

Day 16- Friday, 1/16/15
Today was a bad day at school for Justin.  He came home in tears and thought his weekend was ruined, but then it started to mist rain, and I  suggested he shoot his new arrow out in the damp weather.  He loves gloomy skies and rain.  He perked right up and it turned into "the best start of the weekend ever."  Thank goodness he's easily redirected.

Day 17- Saturday, 1/17/15
Tyler was lucky enough to spend the weekend in a skills clinic with 4x Olympian Tony Azevedo.  I got to meet the guy on the first day and he was really nice and great with the kids.  Tyler came home sore and tired but mostly inspired.

Day 18- Sunday, 1/18/15
John likes to make us brunch on Sundays.  Today he's making breakfast burritos complete with eggs, bacon, cheese and hash browns.  Tyler is still in the polo clinic so he missed out and his absence was surly felt--we actually had leftovers.  LOL!  That would never happen if he were here.

That's all for this week.  Check back next week to see our mountain fun.

The Mom Creative


  1. Sounds like a good week, glad Justin perked up!!

  2. Poor Justin! That makes me so sad for him, but I'm glad shooting his arrows made him feel better.
    I love that shot of the grocery cart handle, your shoes, and the 3 gallons of milk! You always have such great photography.
    That's cool Tyler got to meet an Olympian! :)

  3. What a treat that your hubby makes brunch on Sundays!! Too bad Tyler missed out, but the polo clinic sounds like it was a great opportunity. I hate that Justin had such a bad day at school. Bless his heart. I'm glad he cheered up quickly though. And you mend clothes, too? You are a supermom. What can't you do?! ;-)

  4. Hope you have a happy birthday! Love Brandon's finished puzzle! Your Sunday brunches sound yummy! Tyler's camp sounds awesome. He is so good at the water polo! Sorry Justin had a bad day. Glad he was able to perk up. I agree about the mending clothes. It seems like you buy something new and there is a whole in the seam. Annoying! Hope you have a great weekend skiing!!! Wish we could go!