Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 18

Welcome back and Happy Tuesday.  Here we are in May!  I like May.  It's the last full month of school, swim practice times are much better, and the month ends with a 3 day weekend.  We can't wait to work our way through May and head into summer break.  We have a beach trip and camping trip planned so far.  I wonder what else we'll do this summer?  Until then . . .

Take a look at last week's pictures:

Day 117- Monday, 4/27/15
The hot weather is upon us.  This week started out nice and toasty and continued to heat up through the week.  I walked Bella this afternoon in that heat and as soon as we got home she sacked out on the cool kitchen floor.  Love those worn and worked paws.  They've been around the block a few times ;0)

Day 118- Tuesday, 4/28/15
Brandon lost another molar.  You can see the upper blank space on his right side.  The tooth fairy left him 2 gold coins this time around and he was impressed.  She better take it easy though because he still has a couple more loose ones.  They seem to never end!

Day 119- Wednesday, 4/29/15
Rusty can see birds and bugs flying around in our front entry from the landing on the stairs, and he likes to perch here to watch all the activity especially when the birds seem to get stuck and make all kinds of racket trying to escape. 

Day 120- Thursday, 4/30/15
LOL!  He was squinting so I told him to open his eyes but he couldn't do it without making his smile even bigger than it already is.  It's hot out again and were waiting for Tyler's turn at US HealthWorks for his summer job's drug test.  The wait is 1 1/2 hrs and there were no seats left inside so we decided to wait down the street at Starbucks.   Two hours later the test was finally done and we could go home.  Crazy!  A place like that should really take appointments.

Day 121- Friday, 5/1/15
Happy May day!  My roses are really taking off and filling the yard with a lot of great color for the start of May.  I spent the rest of the day with the swim team at the high school league championship meet in Yuba City.  These crazy kids did it.  Both the girls and boys took first place and became league champs.  Great job River City!

Day 122- Saturday, 5/2/15
Justin had tennis this morning and even though the wind picked up it was still hot and wore him out.  He dramatically hit the floor as soon as we got home and said he needed to stay there until he recovered.  Yeah whatever! He better get used to playing in the heat because he'll be doing tennis a lot this summer to help prep for the high school team.  Later John and I went to a fight night party.  The fight was a dud but the party was fun.  It was great to see and catch up with everyone.

Day 123- Sunday, 5/3/15
John is happy the Golden State Warriors are doing so well in basketball this year and are favored in the playoffs.  He grew up supporting this team, and they were great back in the day but have pretty much done nothing for the past 20 years.  He's thrilled to see the comeback.  After watching the game he made a great Sunday dinner with steak and shrimp.  It was a yummy way to end our weekend and the perfect send-off dinner for Justin who leaves tomorrow morning with his class on their 8th grade trip. 

Ok that's it!  Happy Cinco de Mayo.  I'll have to track down some Mexican food for dinner tonight.  Wish we didn't have karate starting back up so we could enjoy it without rushing.


  1. You cram so much into your weeks! Love how your boys are always smiling (-:

  2. What a busy week! Love the photo of your cat.

  3. Yeah on the swim champions!!! That is awesome! Your weather looks beautiful and so do your roses! The Sunday dinner looks divine! Is Tyler going to lifeguard again this summer? Hope you have a great week!

    1. Yes, he'll be a lifeguard again but this time in our home time which will make things so much easier.

  4. I love how there is never a boring day in your family! Congrats to Tyler's swim team on taking first place! I love the May photo with all your pretty flowers. And that steak and shrimp dinner sounds amazing. You guys know how to enjoy the weekend!

  5. Just wanted to say have a Happy Mother's Day this weekend! You deserve it!

    1. Thanks so much Jen. Hope you have a great Mother's Day too.