Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 26

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  This past week was filled with long days since I'm doing double duty.  It's hard being a single parent.  We are missing John and looking forward to his return Thursday just in time for the long 4th of July weekend.  Now if I can just make it through the next few days.

Take a look at last week:

Day 173- Monday, 6/22/15
Off to the university dairy for more test samples.  This was the best part of my day.  It's beautiful out and the cows are so curious and friendly.  You can't help but smile around them.  We even managed to see a calf being born as we left.  Unfortunately, the rest of the day was not so kind.  Poor Justin was all ready for his first day of tennis club, but his bike chain came off less than a block from home, and I was at work in Davis so I couldn't help.  He had to miss the first day which was totally disappointing to him, and now he has to ride my bike until John returns.  It should be an easy fix but I can't get the chain guard removed because of a stripped screw so my attempts to fix it after work were for not.  I've got the greased up fingers to prove that I tried though.  These things always happen when John is out of town.  Go figure!

Day 174- Tuesday, 6/23/15
Justin is so happy and excited to be doing tennis club this summer to occupy his time.  On Tuesdays they have matches with other city clubs and today was his first match event.  He was nervous and didn't really want to do a match.  He doesn't mind practicing or playing for fun but he's not big on competing. Thankfully they play doubles and he had two good partners so he ended up winning both his matches which really helped his confidence.  He's also sporting new sunglasses (another casualty of Santa Cruz).  I tell ya this kid has the worst luck.  He did make it to practice this morning and the match this afternoon on my bike without incident though so thank you for that!

Day 175- Wednesday, 6/24/15
He's so cute!  Brandon is modeling the hat that just came in for John so we could send a picture of one of his Father's Day gifts that was on order.  I bet he can't wait to come home and try it on himself.

Day 176- Thursday, 6/25/15
It's super hot again this week breaking 100 over several days which of course makes you feel lazy and not wanting to do anything, but we still must get out there and walk this beast or she'll go stir crazy especially since she's missing her master.

Day 177- Friday, 6/26/15
John's last gift came in today and Justin modeled it for his dad this time.  At least we can send him happy mail pictures and he's liking what he sees.  We were also able to facetime here and there which is an added bonus.

Day 178- Saturday, 6/2715
Awe the California life!  We are here for a swim meet today in the lap pool and Tyler just so happens to be working a shift at the kiddie pool.  It's probably the most I saw of him all week.  He's such a busy guy and is having a great summer tooling around in his truck.

Day 179- Sunday, 6/28/15
Brandon has been working hard on summer worksheets that he didn't want to do from the start but has stepped up and earned a reward.  He REALLY wanted to see this movie Max so a movie we did.  It was just me and him and the perfect movie for my major dog lover.  As for me, an evening glass of summer wine by the pool was in order to celebrate making it through an entire week on my own.  Only a few more days left.  It won't happen soon enough.  I need my man back.  This single parenting thing is completely draining.

That's it for now.  See you next week in July!  I feel like my summer is slipping away already and I really don't want that to happen so fast.


  1. Wow! You definitely deserved that glass of wine! I go crazy whenever my hubby goes out of town. Good thing it doesn't happen too often. I know you'll be happy when John gets back, and I'm sure he'll love coming home to all those gifts.

  2. Sounds like a very busy week!! Hope all the boys are enjoying their summer endeavors!

  3. Hope John made it back safely and you can enjoy "normal" life again. Single parenting is really hard especially with busy kids! Glad you got to see a movie and relax a little too, in addition to all the running around and work you had to do! Have a great 4th!