Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 42

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Only a few more weeks of craziness before we get a break and I can't wait.  We all survived mid-term week at the high school and conferences at the middle school last week but it was stressful and involved a lot of creative scheduling.  Thank goodness I have a flexible job!

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 285- Monday, 10/12/15
It's a water polo jump shot which is rare but it does happen on occasion, and I just happened to be sitting in a spot to catch it.  The boys played Florin today and had a good win.

Day 286- Tuesday, 10/13/15
Time to fill and put out the fall candy dish.  My youngest likes it a little too much and is a master at sneaking bits here and there.

Day 287- Wednesday, 10/14/15
Speaking of the youngest, Brandon tried his costume on today to make sure it fits.  We'll save a picture of the full thing for the big day but here are a few bits.  I'm not even sure exactly what it is he'll be.  Maybe a skeletor count of some sort? Whatever it is he likes the mask and the medallion best.

Day 288- Thursday, 10/15/15
It's always a stressful week when I have hamsters to care for at work.  At least this cute little guy was super nice.  There were 3 and one of the others was pure evil.

Day 289- Friday, 10/16/15
Justin is cutting up and donating hotdogs as part as his service project with the animal shelter.  He'll take them in tomorrow when he puts in a couple hours with the teen group.  They use the hotdog pieces as rewards while behavior training the dogs to be more adoptable.

Day 290- Saturday, 10/17/15
It's a jungle out there!  We noticed this purple flowering plant growing out of control in our side yard.  I don't go to that side of the yard much so I was surprised at how out of control it had gotten.  Obviously it's drought resistant and does not need much water to thrive.  I need more plants like that.  Later today when I took the boys in for haircuts I FINALLY put myself in a chair and had my hair chopped of.  Bam! 6 inches gone just like that and it feels so much better.  It's something I've been meaning to do for months but could just never find the time.

Day 291- Sunday, 10/18/15
Halloween is coming up quick and we need some pumpkins so the younger boys and I ran out to the local patch to pick up a few.  It was super crowded but everyone else was there for other activities and all we needed was the pumpkins so we got in and got out as quick as we could.

That's it!  Short and sweet.  See you next week.


  1. Love your haircut! Your candy dish has my favorite combinations! Always fun to get pumpkins and get ready for Halloween. We still haven't decided costumes here. Love the water polo shot! Good luck next week with the last games and being a water polo mom! Thinking of you as we go through this senior year thing together!

  2. I couldn't resist that candy dish!!
    The hair looks great, good for you for getting some mom time!

  3. Oh man, that candy dish would be empty after a day in my house! Very cool water polo jump shot. That's great that Tyler's team won. LOVE your hair!!

  4. YAY for haircuts. It looks great.
    That's funny that one of the hamsters was "pure evil."
    Have a great week & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!