Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 48

Welcome back and happy December!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We all enjoyed our week long break and are getting used to a normal work and school schedule again.  The good news is that there are only 3 weeks before the next break and that will be a long 2 week break.  Yay!  Time to switch gears from fall to winter and prep for Christmas.  At least it is cold enough to feel like winter and raining again.  Hopefully it's a trend for us this year.  I do kind of wish it wasn't so cold right now though because our hot water heater is dead.  It broke Sunday and won't be replaced until later today so we've been dealing with super cold showers.  Brrrr!  I'm looking forward to a nice hot one tonight.

Until then take a look at how we spent Thanksgiving break:

Day 327- Monday, 11/23/15
These boys helped me haul off a huge load to Goodwill and were rewarded with donuts.  I think they are hoping I have a couple more loads to take sometime soon.  What a great way to start our holiday.  Shortly after Tyler got his UC applications submitted.  It's nice to have that out of the way and not hanging over his head all break.  Next up are private school apps mostly due in January.  Then we wait and see where it will be. 

Day 328- Tuesday, 11/24/15
Movie tickets are discounted on Tuesdays at the downtown theater so we seized the opportunity and enjoyed watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.  It must have been a good idea because we saw so many of our fellow West Sac peeps there as well.

Day 329- Wednesday, 11/25/15
It's time to start prepping for the big day.  I made the cornbread for the stuffing, boiled the brine, made a loaf of pumpkin bread, finished shopping, and helped Justin bake a pie.  Next year I think he'll be able to handle that part on his own.

Day 330- Thursday, 11/26/15
Happy Thanksgiving!  We enjoyed a nice low key day together and had a wonderful feast staring both turkey and ham.  It was just us so we had a ton of leftovers which is great, but I can tell you with 3 growing boys most of those leftovers are already gone.

Day 331- Friday, 11/27/15
Tyler is wrapping up the last of his service hours for the Red Cross by doing another blood donation.  The holidays are always a good time to donate blood.  More is needed and less is given so if you have some time consider donating yourself between now and New Years.

Day 332- Saturday, 11/28/15
It's a gorgeous day in San Francisco and we are here to visit friends.  It may be sunny and clear out but still super cold.  Regardless we went on a short hike at Land's End before enjoying food and drinks together.  Good food, good friends, good fun.

Day 333- Sunday, 11/29/15
Now Justin is wrapping up his service hours.  He helped me stitch those cat mats we cut out last week and delivered them to the Front Street Shelter today. We ended up making 8 mats which will make 8 cats very happy.  Even our cat was eyeing them as we worked to get them done.  And the cats who get a mat can take them to their forever homes when they leave the shelter.  That grey kitten on Justin's shoulder is Graham and he's ready for adoption if anyone is interested--super cute and supper fluffy ;0)

Wait!  One more-

November's Family Photo

Of course we had to get a shot on Thanksgiving day.  We're all so thankful to have each other and to be able to spend some quality time together as a family.

Ok, all done.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you next week.


  1. I love how easily boys can be bribed with food. Those donuts look delicious! I'm glad you all had a great Thanksgiving! Looks like you had a nice spread! I've always got to have both turkey and ham, too. Love November's family photo!! Happy December!

  2. What a great week you had! Your feast looks so delicious!

  3. What a bummer that your hot water heater went out. That's happened to us and it's MISERABLE. It makes us more thankful for those little things we take for granted (like hot showers).

    Congrats to Tyler on getting his college application submitted! It looks like y'all had a GREAT Thanksgiving. What a wonderful family picture for this month. Now bring on December! ;)

  4. Donuts always make a great reward! Lucky that you got the whole week off! How nice! Looks like a great Thanksgiving. We really do have so much to be thankful for, and here is hoping you got your hot water fixed so you can be very grateful for hot showers! Have a great week!

  5. We've had a Thanksgiving without heated water before. Many years ago, but I remember every detail of that three day episode. Went out on the evening before Thanksgiving. No place to buy a replacement on Thanksgiving... Plus my dad wanted to move it to the outside of the house. He kept my husband, brother & brother-in-law busy building a new cabinet, which included pouring a concrete slab that had to dry. Whew! Sorry about your dilemma... Probably good you had a nice quiet dinner of five!!!