Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 20

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  I'm headed out on a field trip with my youngest today to Mercer Caverns so I have to make this quick.  Sadly, I'm not sure how many more field trips I'll get to go on.  My kids are growing up way too fast so I'll enjoy as many as I can in these last few years.  At least they are still ok with me tagging along.  One more week before crazy really starts to hit.  It will be a busier week than it has been but still not too bad.  What is really helping right now is no more swim and no more tennis but next week watch out.  The end of the school year craziness kicks in and of course the boys will be itching for it all to just be over so they will be squirrely and I'll have to keep them focused.  Lucky me.

Here's a look at last week's pictures:

Day 130- Monday, 5/9/16
My Mother's Day flowers are looking good by the front door in the afternoon sun and then later in the evening sun I'm loving how Rusty's ears light up as he watches the birds play during sunset.

Day 131- Tuesday, 5/10/16
Tyler finally brought home a print copy of the huge sports banner that hangs outside their high school gym.  He was selected to be in the picture to represent water polo this fall and is posed just under the start of the large R.

Day 132- Wednesday, 5/11/16
It's the end-of-year open house at Brandon's school and we took advantage of the food trucks there for dinner before heading to his class rooms to see what projects he's been working on.  The game board his team created in math was pretty cool and the Pandora's boxes the kids made in English were very creative.

Day 133- Thursday, 5/12/16
Justin's archery club officially started today and he's happy to have his friend Minh-tri there as well.  It was a good start and a nice change of pace now that tennis is officially over.  Their tennis team finished yesterday as league champions.

Day 134- Friday, 5/13/16
This guy has taken to playing basketball in the evenings with friends.  It's a great way for him to de-stress and end his day especially now that he's not swimming.

Day 135- Saturday, 5/14/16
Time for dinner out with the Wongs.  It was a beautiful evening and we went to a couple different places for drinks, appetizers, and good eats.  What a fun weekend night!

Day 136- Sunday, 5/15/16
Garden wars continue.  The struggle is real people!  There was blood, sweat, and tears but I tamed the jungle and am officially done with the entire yard.  At least it was a really nice day so I didn't mind being outside.  I just wish some of those plants were a little smaller, didn't require a ladder, and didn't have thorns.  In the process I did discover that the neighbor's tree which hangs into our yard is now full of beautifully red cherries.

Ok that's it.  Check back next week to see our our cavern's trip went.

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  1. What a great week!! So cool Tyler is featured on the poster! Hope the field trip was great.