Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 48

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  Last week was a wonderful week with everyone home for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It was so nice to have the whole family back together again.  This week we try to regroup and focus on getting back to our normal routine so we can get things done and be ready for winter break in a few weeks.  Time is flying by!  The new year is right around the corner and I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that but it will come.

Now for last week's pictures:

Day 326- Monday, 11/21/16
It's so nice to just be home.  There is not a whole lot going on today besides a doctor's appointment that has already happened so why no bake cookies?  The boys were totally on board with that idea, and Tyler will be happy to enjoy some homemade cookies when he returns tomorrow.

Day 327- Tuesday, 11/22/16
What a busy and eventful day!  Tyler flew home from college so we picked him up at the airport and it was great to see my 3 boys together again.  Then Brandon tested for his Black Belt in Karate.  All 3 boys are now done and have all been taught by Mr. and Mrs. Saxton over the past 12 years!  They were thrilled to see Tyler and Justin there tonight supporting their younger brother.  We'll miss them but wish them well in their retirement.  Finally, we went out for ice-cream treats to celebrate such an amazing day.

Day 328- Wednesday, 11/23/16
Today was Thanksgiving prep day.  I prepped the turkey brine, made the cornbread for stuffing, finished up the last minute shopping and then Justin helped me make pies.  It smells amazing in here.

Day 329- Thursday, 11/24/16
Happy Thanksgiving!  We started the day with cranberry orange muffins for breakfast, had some light snacks for lunch, grubbed on turkey and ham with all the fixings for dinner, and then ended with pie for dessert.  It was a great feasting day that had us all stuffed and happy by the end.

Day 330- Friday, 11/25/16
We spent most of the day with the Wong family in Rocklin at TopGolf.  Our families both wanted to try the games and food at this new place.  It was fun and we all enjoyed the experience once we figure the system out and got our food orders right.

Day 331- Saturday, 11/26/16
Time for more family fun.  It was a wet and dreary day which made it a perfect day to see a movie.  We saw Fantastics Beasts which was a fun, wonderful, and very creative movie.  Speaking of fantasic beasts Bella is Tyler's favorite and he's so happy to be home spending time with us and her and also enjoying the privacy of his OWN room.  Three to a room in dorm space in not his favorite part of college but he's loving the rest of it.

Day 332- Sunday, 11/27/16
It's time to send Tyler back and we're sad to see him go but he'll be home again in 2 short weeks after the 1st quarter's final and yes, he wore that sweatshirt religiously all week.  It's much colder here than it has been in LA so he needed it.  Safe travels Tyler!  After we saw Tyler off it was time to take Brandon in to get his first phone.  Big day for him!  He's been wanting one for a couple years now and I promised we'd get him one once he turned 13 OR after he received his Black Belt.  Lucky he tested 6 months before his 13th birthday so here ya go--enjoy buddy!

Wait!  One more-

November's Family Photo

Here we all are on Thanksgiving Day very thankful to be together and have our family complete again.

That's it! Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday too.


  1. How fun to have Tyler home! Justin grew a ton too!
    Congrats on the black belt to Brandon (and the phone!). Glad you enjoyed your time together. We saw the movie and loved it too!

  2. So good to see all your family together! Those cranberry muffins look yum! Did you make them or buy? Share the recipe if you made them. Looks like lots of family fun, and that ice cream looks amazing!!!