Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 51

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  It's Christmas week and I'm still not ready yet.  I am super close to getting there but also stressing about what still needs to be done.  At least I'm off this week so hopefully I bang it all out quickly and just enjoy the rest of my holiday with the family.  The kids are all out of school now too so we are feeling happy and excited for some good family fun.

Take a look at how we spent last week:

Day 347- Monday, 12/12/16
One of Brandon's favorite parts of the day during this time of year is blowing out the advent candles after dinner.  Two weeks down and two to go.

Day 348- Tuesday, 12/13/16
I have a work Christmas party tomorrow.  The department is providing lunch and we're supposed to bring dessert so I'm baking some brownies to take because they are quick and simple.

Day 349- Wednesday, 12/14/16
My Survivor fans are watching the finale together tonight.  Tyler missed most the season while away at school but caught up over Thanksgiving break and now gets to see how it all ends.  He's a crazy LA kid wearing shorts while it's freezing here in West Sac.

Day 350- Thursday, 12/15/16
Rain, rain, rain!  The rain was super heavy and non-stop today.  I even had my wipers on the fastest high speed driving Brandon home from school and he was laughing because he'd never seen them move like that before.  It's been awhile and the river is looking full and there is snow in the mountains.  We may kick this drought yet.

Day 351- Friday, 12/16/16
After yesterday we are all happy to see the sun shine bright today.  The sun may be out but it's still really cold.  It's nice to see though.  It looks inviting and lifts the spirits even in the cold.

Day 352- Saturday, 12/17/16
Tick-tock--running out of time!  I spent the majority of the day sorting through ordered gifts and wrapping presents to put under the tree.  Most of these are from my parents and sister who send money for me to buy for the family.  Next week we'll have the boys wrap their brother gifts and gifts from them to us.  It's so nice to see what a difference a few wrapped presents makes to the the look of a tree.

Day 353- Sunday, 12/18/16
Cheers to the holidays.  We had Mexican for dinner so we enjoyed some Margaritas to go with that.

That's i.t See you next week after Christmas and just before the new year!  Have a blessed holiday everyone.


  1. Your tree looks great! Hope you enjoy the holidays with everyone home! Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!!!

  2. So glad you're getting the rain you need! Enjoy the festive season!