Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 23

Welcome back and happy Tuesday!  This is the week Tyler comes home for the summer.  I'm driving down tomorrow to help move him out and then we're heading home Thursday.  Yay!  I'm not looking forward to the drive but will be happy to have him home.  

Until then here are last week's pictures:

Day 155- Sunday, 6/4/17
It's a beautiful day out and after spending time working in the house sitting poolside this afternoon was the perfect way to relax.  Then these two watched some basketball together and are hoping the Warriors can win it all this year.

Day 156- Monday, 6/5/17
They're all set with their summer reading books.  Justin's are mostly for classes at school (AP classes give summer homework) and Brandon's is just for fun.

Day 157- Tuesday, 6/6/17
It's clouding up out there but this flower is still reaching for what little sun it can find.

Day 158- Wednesday, 6/7/17
.   .  .  and here comes the rain!  We woke up to a full on rain storm this morning and it's cold out like winter cold.  It is June, right?  Rusty took his weather anger out on the dog's toy.  He gets frisky when the weather is like this and poor Brandon gets a migraine :0(

Day 159- Thursday, 6/8/17
Today the weather has improved and this kid is feeling much better.  Look at those pretty new shoes.  He likes them because they are Warriors colors, but how can he be wearing that size?  They look huge. He's a growing boy and now at age 12 wears the same size shoe as his dad! Where did my baby go?

Day 160- Friday, 6/9/17
Cheers to the weekend.  It's been a long and busy work week.  One more until our vacation though so bring it on.

Day 161- Saturday, 6/10/17
Here's an exciting group.  We just got back from a fun but busy graduation party so they are all decompressing while the dog sits there patiently waiting for one of them to muster up enough energy  to walk her ;0)

That's all for now.  John and I are super excited about our French Polynesian trip coming up and can't hardly wait.  See you next week.


  1. Way to go Warriors!! Enjoy summer (:

  2. So glad you get to have Tyler home! Exciting about your trip coming up! I am excited to see all your pictures! Looks like a great week! love the flower photo and the rain. Those are big shoes for Brandon! They just grow up too fast! Enjoy having everyone home!!