Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 25

We're back from out wonderful trip and I'm still sorting through tons of pictures but can share at least a few here from the days of each week we were gone.

Here are the pictures from week 25 which was 2 weeks ago just as we were getting ready to head out to the South Pacific:

Day 169- Sunday, 6/18/17
What a great family day!  We all celebrated John for Father's Day by serving a breakfast cooked by the boys, seeing the latest Pirate's movie, enjoying homemade pizza for dinner and dishing up brownie sundaes for dessert.

Day 170- Monday, 6/19/17
My mom and dad flew in from Texas today so they can help hold down the fort and keep an eye on the boys and pets while John and I are away.  Justin is excited to have them here and my dad has his same prankster sense of humor.

Day 171- Tuesday, 6/20/17
It's a big travel day.  We started off with a delayed flight out of Sacramento but that was ok because it gave us time for celebratory drinks to kick off our big trip to the French Polynesian islands.  Then we flew to the LAX airport and boarded an overnight flight to Tahiti (the largest of the islands).  We're so excited but also having a terrible time sleeping on this plane.

Day 172- Wednesday, 6/21/17
We made it to Tahiti really early in the morning and then caught a ferry to our first island destination--Moorea--which is kind of shaped like a bat.  It's so green here with many high mountain peaks. We're staying at the InterContinental resort on the upper left side of the island by the town of Papetoai.  The second over-water bungalow from the right is ours and it has an amazing deck with a wonderful view.

Day 173- Thursday, 6/22/17
Today we explore the land part of the island on a 4x4 tour heading up into the mountains to get all the best views.  The guide was great and we learned and saw a lot about the land and local life.  Pineapple is the main crop but many other exotic fruits are found here too.  Afterwards we had a few hours before dinner so we hit the pool for a refreshing drink at their swim up bar.  This is the life!

Day 174- Friday, 6/23/17
This time we explore by sea on a lagoon tour with snorkeling and an authentic Polynesian lunch on a private island.  We actually got to snorkel with reef sharks and stingrays which was a great experience.  It was a little unnerving at first but then you get used to them circling you. LOL! You can't touch the sharks but you can touch the stingrays and I even kissed one! The water was nice and warm on this windy, cool day and is only about waste deep even far out away from shore.  The bottom is pretty much all white sand with patches of coral.  That combined with the shallowness is what gives the water that pretty light blue color.  Another amazing and educational day!

Day 175- Saturday, 6/24/17
This morning we pack up and take some time to say goodbye to our bungalow.  These huts are so nice.  I could seriously live in one for good.  Next stop is Bora Bora.  We traveled there by plane and then took a water taxi to another Intercontinental resort with an even better bungalow.  There was even chilled champagne waiting for us upon our late arrival.  I'm glad to be here but hate that it's already after dark.  It gets dark at 5:30 pm here and we are used to it not getting dark until almost 9:00 pm back home. I guess the exploring will have to wait until tomorrow.

That's it for this full and wonderful week.  Check back Tuesday for more island fun in last week's photo's posted on their usual day if I can get them pulled together on time ;0)


  1. WOW!! That looks like a slice of heaven!!!

  2. What an amazing trip! So beautiful! So glad you got to go! Looking forward to more pictures!