Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's get this party started!

Here we go--round two.  Last year went well and I'm looking forward to seeing what this year brings.
A new year means new goals:
1) Blogging instead of facebook.
2) Weekly updates instead of monthly (daily is just not going to happen).
3) No more kitchen pig as the monthly marker, instead rotating family members. 
4) At least one picture of each family member including pets in every month.
5) Monthly family portraits using camera's timer--I'm looking forward to this one.
6) Explore camera options and avoid auto settings.
7) Have fun and enjoy the process.

Week 1

Day 1- Saturday, 1/1/11
Bring on 2011!

Day 2- Sunday, 1/2/11
My attempt at a storage solution for built Legos.

Day 3- Monday, 1/3/11
Back to work after a long 2 week break.

Day 4- Tuesday, 1/4/11
The neighbor's lemons are ripe and ready for picking.

Day 5- Wednesday, 1/5/11
Tyler retreats to his room escaping his annoying brothers while doing homework.

Day 6- Thursday 1/6/11
Brandon is inspired after building Lego sets from Christmas to create his own model of a pirate ship.

Day 7- Friday, 1/7/11
A bedtime dart-gun battle--Tyler & Justin against Brandon & John.

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