Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2

I've got some catching up to do in posting.  I'll try to have each week's post up by the following Tuesday so I should now be on track.

Day 8- Saturday, 01/08/11
Justin's favorite dinner--burgers grilled by daddy.

Day 9- Sunday, 01/09/11
Trying out a macro shot on Bella's paw.

Day 10- Monday, 01/10/11
Justin gives homework a thumbs down while Brandon's in the background messing around. 

Day 11- Tuesday, 01/11/11
Brandon schools me on the workings of his Ben-10 watch while the other boys are at karate.

Day 12- Wednesday, 01/12/11
Deep freezing some parasites at work.  Cryogenics facinates me.

Day 13- Thursday, 01/13/11
Spent the better part of the day looking for snow boots so my boys can play in the snow next week.

Day 14- Friday, 01/14/11
My list maker.  He'll spend hours doing this.


  1. Great photos! I absolutely love the picture of you deep freezing parasites.

  2. Some really great photos! I love that your son is a list maker too!!