Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 5

I finally figured out how to get the Project Life Tuesday tag to work on my blog.  I'm new to this whole blog thing so it took me awhile but I did it!  Look for it at the end of all my posts.

Day 29- Saturday, 01/29/11
Tax time which means documents must be in order.  At least the taxes are now done and we're getting a nice return.

Day 30- Sunday, 01/30/11
My weekend morning must haves.  Yum!

Day 31- Monday, 01/31/11
Tyler's new basketball shoes get broken in today at his first practice.  He picked them out with his dad's help and is so proud.

Day 32- Tuesday, 02/01/11
My eager to help, cutest ever, monthly marker.

Day 33- Wednesday, 02/02/11
I'm so glad Bella loves the new bed she got for Christmas.  I call it her nest and she uses it all the time.

Day 34- Thursday, 02/03/11
It's the Chinese New Year and John gave the boys red envelopes with crisp new bills.

Day 35- Friday, 02/04/11
Justin is happy to be talking on the phone with his friend Brian to plan a playdate for Saturday afternoon.


  1. Just discovered your blog and your photos are just lovely. So nice to have a little peak into your life. Sending you smiles from Sunny South Africa!! :)

  2. The boys look so happy to be holding those crisp new bills :)