Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 6

This month is going to fly by.  There's so much going on at work and home.  I'm not even sure how I'll keep up, but it means a lot of pictures so that's good ;0)

Day 36- Saturday, 02/05/11
How does this even happen?  Boys are so hard on their shoes.  Apparently he's been practicing a lot of kicking at recess.  Someone tell him to kick the ball and not the pavement!

Day 37- Sunday, 02/06/11
It's Superbowl Sunday and John grilled up his famous shrimp and sausage kabobs to take to the party next door.  They were gone minutes after we arrived.

Day 38- Monday, 02/07/11
Sporting a new scarf hand-knitted by one of my grad students, Aieko.  She gave it to me for my birthday and it's been keeping me warm ever since.

Day 39- Tuesday, 02/08/11
Finished!  I think he was a little intimidated by this set because it's over 1000 pieces.  He's had it since Christmas and just now got up the nerve to tackle it.  Once he started, he realized it really wasn't that bad and put it together without any tears--huge for him!

Day 40- Wednesday, 02/09/11
John's out of town so we decided to hit up In-N-Out for dinner.  This is Tyler's first double-double and now I think he's hooked.

Day 41- Thursday, 02/10/11
Brandon FINALLY lost his tooth that's been loose since November and has been causing a lot drama lately as it hung low and bled often.  We're all happy to have it out, and yep, I need to get that boy some chapstick and a haircut!

Day 42- Friday, 02/11/11
This is what a typical weeknight dinner looks like for the boys.  Amazingly enough 2 of them love and beg for broccoli-raw not cooked.


  1. Those kabobs look delicious! WOW! Great pics this week :)

  2. Wow...those were some great pictures. And those kabobs...oh my!!