Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Week 9

Enough of this rain already--bring on spring!  I'm ready to start taking more pictures outdoors.  We'll see what March has in store.

Day 57- Saturday 02/26/11
Tyler discovered he could buy extra magazines for his Nerf gun and is now ready for war.  We'll have to upgrade the brothers' guns too just to keep it fair.  Oh, and John will be wanting a new one too.  He's such a big kid.

Day 58- Sunday, 02/27/11
The aftermath of a haircut.  Today it was Tyler's turn and the last of three for now.  I'm looking forward to a couple months break.

Day 59- Monday, 02/28/11
Brandon doing his nightly reading.  He loves that he can pick up a book and read to himself without waiting for someone to read to him.  I love how he curls his little toes when he concentrates :0)

Day 60- Tuesday, 03/01/11
Today I have to post two pictures.  Justin kindly posed as my monthly marker and then later that night received his brown belt in karate which is a wonderful accomplishment for him.  He has worked so hard and was so proud.  See the green belt tossed to the side.

Day 61- Wednesday, 03/02/11
Today was a rainy day and school let out early for a minimum day so we decided to bake chocolate-chip peanut-butter cookies.  Brandon was more than happy to help out.  He made perfect criss-cross marks on top.

Day 62- Thursday, 03/03/11
My exit off I-80 commuting home at the end of my work day which is around 2:00 pm so I can pick the kids up from school.  Next week I'll have to post a picture about gas prices-oh my!

Day 63- Friday, 03/05/11
Family movie night watching Megamind with my boys while John is out of town on a ski trip.  We ordered pizza for dinner and then grubbed on popcorn while screening the flick.

See you next week!

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